the ground is a rock
but a sponge
on which I bounce,
along strings of rubber
faint elasticity
dragged between seconds
this silent planet
my lone soul

the flowers are on the grave
the whispers of the living
black scarfs
feathered hats,
the shadows of hate
standing around your halo
in black coats and long dresses
watching the fall of the sun

Their tongues hymn empathy,
but spit darts of poison
with their feigned smiles,
the scent of your soul
the blood from your heart,
clotted within their nails
so I know,
that before the next sunrise,

shall they come after me
with shinning scythes,
under a hollow moon,
like grey hounds,
their beastly nails tearing the ground beneath
to face this heart of a dark soul
blackened by rage

the monster I have become
with every breath from my lungs
the power in my blood
the fall of a star,
into an abyss of vengeance
with the sun still after a twilight
casting a shadow of death,
over their foul faces

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7 days ago

You chase me with a word
like a bratty brother
chases a fearful sister
with a cricket
holding the legs of intimidation
near my ear
as you have done
many times before -
sometimes with a cricket of inferiority
or a cricket of slavery
and always a cricket of judgement
you portend to have the power
to put it on me
until the tear in my eye
becomes enough....  

My teeth gnash
wrapping around the finger that dangled
the last cricket of taunting,     
a pest of manipulation,
held with your insect-filled arrogance    
and I chew defiantly
masticating your ability
to ever chase me again.
You choose
swallow or spit
it's irrelevant -
your threats are dead.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is snap.

When you pushed me away I really felt it.

I felt like I couldn't breathe.

You were nice to everyone else but me.

I couldn't understand!

How could you be mad at me for being myself?

I'm asexual and aromantic.

You're sexual and romantic.

How can we be together?

Easy, we just weren't

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I'm not only asexual, but I’m also aromantic.

I don't do romance, but yet here I am with you.

You were angry at me for not being affectionate enough.

You said I barely gave you any attention.

I hated giving people my attention so much.

It was exhausting to me.

You said I was the worst girlfriend ever.

I tried to brush it off, and make it seem like I didn't care.

But inside I really did.

You hurt me,

Even more when I forced myself to be affectionate towards you and you just pushed me away.

I started to hate you.

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#love   #anger   #hate   #betrayal   #up   #break   #letter   #revenge   #asexual   #aromantic  

my dark waters stir
turning the moon's placid reflection
into a chaotic dance of broken light
echoes of churning
deep water
and raise your foreboding laughter
up and over the old well's lips
but you will not awaken me
to burn this nightmare into my core
rather I shall sleep into dawn
awaken to a silent Sun
you once held my heart below these waters
but unlike all those that followed
I survived you
you may impose fear in the heart
of a wayward toad
or other spineless woodland creatures
but I sleep well
immune to your frozen tears

inspired by the song 'Poltergeist' by Banks

It is so cold and dark as gloom
I'm on the floor hog-tied and bound
The door is locked to my new room
I don't know if I will be found

I'm on the far side of the moon
Deep silence I can't hear a sound
I really thought I was immune
Even though no one was around

I think maybe it was about noon
I saw you two and my heart drowned
You were hand in hand love abloom
How on Earth could I have been clowned

My hand to my hip then the boom
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom
Grief and misery both abound

Tour song of love was out of tune
I weigh treachery by the pound
My heart break to you I impugn
My once kind smiling face has frowned

Horrid deeds drop me in a swoon
The gravity does me astound
You will be buried this afternoon
A grave and tomb will you impound

The green-eyed monster sealed my doom
But why, why did you so confound
A love, a life so opportune
My feelings for you so profound

A cuckold pathetic buffoon
Alas no peace have I found
Here on the far side of the moon
Here on the floor hogtied and bound
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom

This is sort of a Tom Dooley and Barbra Allen thrown in the blender.
#moon   #jealousy   #murder   #tragedy   #revenge   #cuckold  

There was this kid in college
pursuing his growth with knowledge
Towards elders he payed his homage
although troubled inside ;

Everyday after classes
fraternities caught em slackin
They told em he should be packin
he should not hold no pride ;

He questioned why they aint like em
they beat em and tried to sike em
Quit often at school he's frightened
out his mind he would go ;

After he called his master
jehovah many don't know off
The holy among the holies  
he would cry for his help ;

Why do you let them do this
they ruthless
Beating me toothless
he knew this but he said nothing
It was all in his plan ;

Walking from class and thinking
he saw em tried to avoid em
They followed to leave em hollow
he was angry inside ;

They smacked em
about the action
One had a bat and swung it
they took his bag and they flung it
He type wanted to die ;

Now months had passed he was enduring the stress
grades declining
Sorrow climbing
wasn't doin his best

Oh how could he achieve
soar and reach for his dreams
When these fuckers kept him under
forced a trick up his sleeve ;

It was sunny-
he was bummy as he usually was
He approached em after class
they where they usually was
They had laughed in his face ;
called em broke and a faggot
Wasn't laughing for long
since he pulled out the matic ;

Sporadic they started movin
the fear in they faces soothin
He told em you try to run
im puttin lead in you all ;
One pushes his homie forward
while falling hes contemplating
Debating why they had caused this
bullets fly out the gun ;
He wet up the one who fell
they others had tried to scatter
A marksmen right at that moment
he had aimed for they heads ;

Laughing while he had killed em
four out of the five had fallen
The last of em slowly crawling
he walked up to him fast ;
Crouching he looked right at em
he pleaded we were just joking
Fun poking he said he's sorry
Jacob laughed in his face

Last of the fallen bullies
was crying as he was dieing
Delighted the bummy murderer put two in his brain ;

He said look at you now
i will not be destroyed
By the likes of you all
the police had been called ;

The sirens he heard em comin
he figured no sense in runnin
Since god had never responded
fuck this life aint my own ;

His eyes had looked upward gazing
he felt his sorrow degrading
Visions of success fading as he let himself go ;

With the gun to his head
tried to finish himself
Heard it click several times
their were no bullets left ;

Now the cops are arriving
his heart was dropping and diving
His bravery was comprising of the bullets he had ;
figured jail was no option
They'd rape em
he couldn't stop em
So thinking quickly decided he would die by the ops ;

Their screaming telling him freeze
no time for buckling knees
He bolted headfirst at cruisers screaming top of his lungs ;

The officers open fire
fulfilling desperate desires
His soul would have raised higher had he tried something else ;

Now wet up he couldn't get up
but happy free from his burdens
His parents died long ago so he had no real regrets ;

DMT danced inside him
it took him to early childhood
Remembered when his parents had been loving him so ;

Toward fire he was descending
escaping is now pretending
While burning he saw the bullies he had sent to this place ;

While tortured they chained together
their skin was hanging and tethered
No laughing no getting over what his life had become ;

No resolve but the truth  
their was no going back
If your seeking revenge
you should prolly relax..

probably the longest shit iv written on here, gomen.
#life   #revenge  
Mar 5

haven't they warned you
not to play with fire?
Haven't they told you
I'm the atomic bomb?

#poem   #poetry   #fire   #hurt   #fun   #soul   #revenge   #explosion   #atomicbomb  
Mar 1

do rich people own chocolate fountains?
is it the best quality of chocolate?
is it sweet or bitter?
what if it's  both?
how does it feel to be rich?
do most rich people take revenge on those who said, 'you'll never get anywhere in life?'
do they buy all the weed they want so they can be as high as a kite?
or is it alcohol?
do they try to escape from themselves with the  drugs?
is that why they get so high?
what's the point of being rich if you're just going to be sad?
what's up with this whole 'get money or die trying' thing?
why can't you just be happy without money?
why is the world surrounded by money?

oi! so i did a thingy. i went onto a random  word generator site and picked three random words to make a poem out of.  those three words are  fountain,  revenge, and high. i hope you like it!
#poem   #words   #high   #revenge   #random   #challenge   #fountain  
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