Blosomi Blue
Blosomi Blue
8 hours ago

i was wrong
i am sorry
the thing i have done
can you forget?
i am dying, love
i love you deeply
i miss you gravely
i ask for your consideration to accept my heart's apology
as i am down on my trembling knees i reach out to your soft hands
can you please look into my pouring eyes?
i am asking you for mercy
will you give me grace?
my mouth dries as i continue to beg to you
for you but your ears are shut
open your broken heart for me once again, love
i kiss your now cold fingertips then the red that lined your wrists
forgive me, love
forgive me
i did this to you
they look at me with pity and disgust in their eyes
i did not care
how can i not when you are here in front of me?
with your eyes closed?
if only i could turn back time
i would never commit the sin i did
but you are gone now
i am but too late
should i close my eyes too?
if somehow they opened will you be there waiting for me?
in the afterlife i will surely find you
and ask you this
will you take me back?
i wonder what your answer will be
but until then, love
hang in there
wait for me
i will leave you for a moment
i am on my way home
i held the same thing you used to decorate your wrist with red
how did you do it?
i went in the tub and ran the water
these red lines hurt love
did you undergo the same pain?
i am sorry
i did not know it hurt this much
did the lights also blurred, love?
surely the lights here are dimming
i smile to myself, love
i smile widely
soon, love
i will see you
will you wait for me?
for one last time
with your smile in my mind
i love you

im feeling shitty. cant finish my lab report. im stuck on writing conclusion. damn
#love   #heartbreak   #suicide   #sad   #romance   #angst  
BE McComb
BE McComb
10 hours ago

suicide is painless
but injustice isn't

it's not fair
it's not fair

i've had a migraine
and a song to match
stuck in my head
for two days

and now
i'm crying

it's not fair
it's not fair

and oh but every war
is in color blazing
bright calfornia sun
soundstage color

he was so close
so damn close

but i don't think it
was the war's fault

you see some people
just aren't destined
for happy endings
and that's not war's fault

wars are needed
to keep things
too much calm
leaves mundane
trenches in us

but it's still
not fair

not fair he had
to die and not fair
that had he died
another way
it would have
been painless

take or leave it
but do i take
or leave it?

he didn't get that choice

suicide is painless
but death still hurts

i've never been this upset by a show before.
Copyright 2/26/17 by B. E. McComb
#suicide   #war   #pain   #death   #loss   #mash   #wordvomit  

Why can't you just be normal?
That doesn't make any sense.
You can't be serious. Your life really isn't that bad.
Okay, well what would you like me to do?
You don't need medication, the doctors are just trying to push it on you to make money.
Okay, well then I'll get counseling.
That costs money too, how are you going to pay for it?
They have free stuff at the college-
Only poor people go there, they won't actually care about talking to you.

Why are you mad?
Why are you crying?
Why are you ruining dinner?
What the fuck, Ella?
You're not your mom, Ella.
You're so fucking stupid, do you know that?
Huh, do you?
They're just trying to use you.

You're paying, and I'm taking you home.
You're fucking crazy, you know that?

-E (c) 2017

I shouldn't have told him about my doctor's appointment in a public place. Or am I victim blaming?

My Inner White Man
Took an overdose of pills,
And fell unconscious on the Floor.
The Inner Rainbow Man
Chuckled and laughed.
He always knew that the  Inner White Man
Had suicidal tendencies.
He was just waiting for him
To take the final Prescription of Death.

#suicide   #hate   #death   #curse   #stupidity   #racism   #trump  

I feel like I'm alone,
Lost in this world,
Without no where to go.
I'm like,
Forget this world.
I'm gone.

How can I have,
My friends and family around,
Yet  feel so cold,
Still have this hole.
I feel so lost.

Oh Lord save me.
These lonely nights,
Are making me hate me.
Didn't you say you,
Made me.
Changed me.
Saved me.
Lord don't forsake me.

My heart's telling me,
You got me.
But my mind feels,
Like you don't want me.
I feel so lost.
But in God, I trust.
Lord save me.

#suicide   #broken   #sad   #pain   #depressed   #lost   #dark  
Lee Morrison
Lee Morrison
1 day ago

Melancholic thoughts of
An alcoholic lost
Contemplating if it's worth the cost.
I don't deserve another breath?
I'm feeling so depressed.
Pour another so for a moment
Just one moment those
Feelings are suppressed.

#suicide   #sad   #alcohol  
Lee Morrison
Lee Morrison
1 day ago

Some days I'm okay
Others I have nothing to say
Some I don't even whine
Others I just lie and say I'm fine.
Broken thoughts of a damaged mind
A crumpled heart caused by loves that left me behind
The soul that seems to have left.

Not sure of what to say or think
Numbing the pain with another drink
An ashtray full of suicidal thoughts I'm trying to sink.
They come to the surface and are pushing me to the brink.

Some days,
I just want to live my life, a couple kids and a wife
Others I dream of the afterlife ..

#suicide   #broken   #sad   #lonely   #death   #romance   #afterlife   #heartache  

The unhealthy bed sees desolate sorrows
grow a fateful plague. I dread life, rehearsing
cries to pillows alone: hidden hope worsens
any future – I won't try for tomorrow.

And my nightdress hasn't felt
romance or pleasure; it lays drenched
by faint fantasies from beneath your belt.
Above the absentee's knees, calm flowers cut
by your teeth plea your disbelief to the Marquis...
He corrupts innocence as eyes are forced shut.
Patience, my dear - it is not time to melt
tears. Resist and fail. Our hands clenched
bail the crime (ignore the welt).

And I'm only miserable once in a while,
typically pretending smiles are immobile.
Descending to my grave doesn't seem that hostile -
besides, I plan on being just bones by the time
my friends are old. The pavements prepare for my climb ---
or maybe I will fall for echoing train lines.

Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry
1 day ago

If you touch her, even softly, you might cause her to break;
for she is porcelain, made of hopelessness, despair and heartache.
Her soul is destroyed, her bones are heavy and her determination is crushed;
the fire in her eyes has been extinguished and even her quietest whisper has been hushed.
There are explosions of blue, green and purple that litter her legs and thighs
and crimson slits that lace her skin; all of which she makes while she sits and cries.
She’s exhausted in a way that cannot be fixed by sleep,
for the darkness that smothers her is in her veins and runs far too deep.

Mark Robins
Mark Robins
1 day ago

She whips me down
And drags me round
She roars like thunder
And my freedom is plunder
She spits and seethes
And still nothing pleases

And so I’ll leave
For she will not relieve
The torrid strain I am under
In this oh so monstrous dismal blunder
I’ll succumb to a sweet sleep
And I know you won’t weep
As I end my stay
Besides, who could dismay?

#love   #suicide   #freedom   #depression   #life   #pain   #death   #loss   #help   #agony  
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