Why it took me so long to grow up?
While you were pouring yourself over beds
I was fighting demons with my head...

And if I find myself at a crossroad,
no one to turn to, no man's land
I still have my friend's hand
I still have the heat of those
who never go far
I'll go back...oh no, I will never go back!

I do love you, I do love you
but I cannot fight my life
And your insistence
makes my heart pound
but not in a good way

And if I find myself at a crossroad,
without you, without him,
I don't have time to cry, because, oh,
this is life....

And if I find myself alone again
I've been here before
I've got a crutch, prosthetic legs
I've learnt a lot, that never wanes.

And if I find myself again alone
I won't spend my time in the Tinders of the world.
And if the cloth's about to tear,
let it tear down, tear us down
and go on, go on...

I'm prepared for the worst
and I'm standing strong

Feeling of dread as I fall in bed, as I squeeze my soft pillow to my head.
I feel loneliness growing within my chest.
The cold thoughts of woman within my past, stocking my dreams till I wake up in a scream.
My hopes that my dreams will be confined to the past so I can move on from my dreadful task of trying to find love within this lonely time of mine.
My heart has fallen on hard times.

Feeling a little down.
Copyright 2017 Michael Robert Triska
#love   #feelings   #sad   #lonely   #heart   #loneliness   #hardtimes  
Phoenix Risen
Phoenix Risen
4 hours ago

My magic is fading
As the darkness falls
The hours pass slowly
As the ice takes me

My heart loses its rhythm
In the dimming world
Words lose their meaning
As dreams become reality

In the suns light
I cast no shadow
The cold wind
Passes through me

Look upon me now
Watch me fall
Into the arms of sorrow
Feel me no more

Let me walk among the ghosts
A silent memory that soon fades
My heart is empty
My tongue blackened

In you I found myself
Without you I am lost
Untethered from this world
I am no more

#love   #sadness   #loss   #loneliness  
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
1 day ago

It is called 'The Painting'
& begins with a line
containing the word

which made me think of charcoal,
which then led to the drawings
composed by students
when I modeled
in art school,

& then the poem goes on
to speak of
'a delicate lock of blond hair'

& I picture the fair-haired girl
who I never spoke to
but whose shy & inviting smile
haunts me now,

& I wonder how it might have been,
our friendship.

Julia Mae
Julia Mae
2 days ago

all of those lonely times where i crept down to the couch to sleep,
though you were lying in bed next to me
yet you weren't actually there
and i couldn't sleep
next to a body that no longer wanted me

title taken from "swim down" by moose blood.
#love   #lonely   #pain   #alone   #sleep   #hurt   #you   #sleeping   #loneliness   #unwanted  
2 days ago

We all need an injection of company, but nobody likes needles

Inspired by poet Denise Huddleston

If my psychi were a body of its own
My melancholy would be the eyes
running like a broken faucet
a stream of confused
My anger would be the heart
beating deep in my chest
harder and harder as if trying to
My lonliness would be the belly
deep with hunger that seems
My ambitions would be the bowels
a canal of waste moving downward
a perpetual flow of filth
I sift through my own feces in hopes of finding something
worth keeping
Something worth doing until
The Inevitable punchline
to a bad, fucking, joke.

In a similar vein to my previous poem, "Steve Austin" which isn't about the wrestler by the way.  Naming conventions are fun to play around with haha
#anger   #bad   #mind   #escape   #emotion   #body   #loneliness   #inevitable   #mentality   #ambiton  
Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
6 days ago

‪is a contagion‬
‪of the mind‬
‪fueled by propaganda‬
‪from toxic allies‬
‪Believe it or not‬
‪we live and breathe‬
‪succeed and fail‬

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