precious joy
precious joy
6 days ago

so now tell me,
which shines brighter?
the sight of the city lights
or the sparks we share
in each other's eyes?

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Bella M
Feb 10

Like stars the lights arrange themselves
visible through the small airplane window
I watch as they pass by

Hundreds and hundreds of glows
speeding from underneath me
mere whisks across the earth's dark canvas at night

Each light a home or building
belonging to tens of different lives and stories
imaginable from my place in the sky

Just like the turn of a page
a fleeting flash of thousands of experiences
racing across my glass every moment

Behind every light could be a family or business
someone trying to make their way
all with different fears and worries and aspirations

It is easy to concur when you are not soaring over cities
your issues are the only one's recognizable in the pitch black
all others a mere dim fading away behind your blinding light

An unlikely expectation to look beyond your own illumination
with both feet planted on the ground
bounded to a small view of the world

But when you are pressed up against a cold airplane window
the glass almost as small as the width of your hand
yet you feel as if you can grasp entire city blocks in your clutches

When in just instances you can witness thousands of lives and stories
sparkle through just a single gleam of building lights
rushing by you by the hundreds

You come to a profound realization

Maybe my existence is not as daunting as I thought
perhaps my life encompassing all of my heartbreaks and devastation
isn't the only one in the world

At night, after having paid
Money coins we just had made,
We enter the gates of fun;
Playing games of the arcade.

We're covered under neon,
Until the bright times of dawn,
Surrounded by beeps and peeps,
Playing games of the arcade.

How beautiful is this night!
Where each thing glitters at sight,
Fueled by the gushing coins while
Playing games of the arcade.

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Im so heavy
With my own thoughts
Yet I feel so empty
My mind so drought
I'm just like a ship
Letting all the water in
While I have several drinks
Making me see pretty
Fluorescent lights
Just above the dead sea
That it even comes alive

#metaphor   #sad   #depressed   #dead   #alive   #water   #ocean   #sea   #ship   #lights  
T      A
Jan 28

Bigger than the buildings;
Light up the sky in lights red.
And now
(If we're allowed out when it's dark)
Let's not ignore them
We'll count them;
As other stars instead.

#stars   #night   #lights  
Jan 26

moments are ephemeral
so i hold on tightly
to the closeness of you.
our arms linked together,
you keep bumping into me
and i keep colliding into
it's as if we are stars,
and we make our own
little boom
in this sky.

we're almost a firework, honey.
we're almost-

long haired sweetheart,
golden boy of no where,
your halo is skewed,
but i bet you'd taste like lights.
you're the brightest
type of shine.
sure, you glow in the dark,
but you're glowing in the light too.
and they say,
you're brighter with me,
they say you are
just as smitten
as i am.

maybe we can make this work, honey.
maybe we can-

what if i was to paint you in indigo,
sew patches of
a blank night sky
onto your dimples,
and hang stars from your
butterfly lashes?
would you
let me sit on your lap like
it's a throne,
make me your
so that i can say i've made
the human form of night time
my lover.
king of hearts, conqueror of the day.

we hold on, because it heals our tired hurt, honey.
we hold on-




lasting for a very short time.
#love   #teen   #boy   #stars   #space   #cute   #crush   #night   #him   #lights  
Jan 25

Let's leave these city lights behind
and live like the world is ours --
After all,
what good is a clear night sky
if we can't sleep under the stars?

#sleep   #nature   #stars   #night   #sky   #lights  

Below the mountains I shall live,
where the intoxicated souls of hounds are within.
As they forget their values,
I remain staring at the lights.
Not able to move.

The ideas for this short poem came to mine whilst I was standing outside looking over the gorgeous mountains; wondering how it would be to ascend above the mountains.
As I was in a dark place of my mentality, I felt an urge to write about how it is to live below and surrounded by the mountains in Bergen's society.
#below   #souls   #live   #within   #intoxicated   #shall   #lights   #values   #hound   #hounds  

In the dark night I was prevented from my satisfying slumber,
as I was troubled by my rooms dark corner.
Though my eyes were soon to be sealed,
may my dreamcatcher cure me from this dreadful darkness to be revealed.

Thankfully, the dreamcatcher protected me through this night,
as I was navigated to an existence so bright.
I was floating above the sea as I saw the lights
of thousand beaconing lighthouses from these ongoing heights.

Keenly guided from all insecurities,
I now clearly see the seas of opportunities.

This was a poem I wrote to a friend of mine, as I was inspired by a drawing I drew on the front of her christmas card. The drawing contained a dreamcatcher which navigated a way to an open sea of thousand lighthouses.
Jan 15

each solitary shell encasing each glowing miniature bulb
embodies a memory
a feeling
a blur of seasonal rememberance associated with someone whose face you can't quite put your finger on
blue : sadness
red : anger
green : jealousy
yellow : happiness
concocted and connected through a dense cord the colour of coal we neglect to remember holds each lights hand and ties their souls together
Reflecting shadows on shards of broken glass baubels and the cheek of an ornate angel too delicate to cry
Their colour coded combination presenting a haze of neon and cheap affordable replicas of essential festive decor
But deflect your attention from detail and analysis
Caress the sight as a whole and take care not to delve too deeply into the secret each dull glowing ember might wish to divulge to you through whispers in a dark room left empty for too long
Before the dimming is inevitable
the loss is unnoticeable
it's secrets
At least it faded before the power went out

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