Angie S
Angie S
14 hours ago

the walls and floor were blue
in the long standing home of jazz.
i sat in that room on a wednesday afternoon
and felt that color
travelling in my veins.
i imagined the room was filled not with
sunlight and the chatter of teenagers but with
moonlight and music in that melodic silence.
i tried to absorb the aura of
that room to have for myself and breathed deeply
so i would remember the taste of blue. i imagined
myself boldly uncovering the piano on that stage and
imagined the names and legends embedded in its keys.
i heard the music of times gone now,
resounding against the walls and coloring the
wild yellow audience to subtle periwinkle and
deep sapphire and even wilder blue and
suddenly i realized why the sky is that hue;
God Himself must have taken a seat there, in that
modest blue room on
18th and vine
and it made perfect sense.
this beautiful revelation i found on
a sunny wednesday afternoon
is dyed in blue.

i visited the jazz museum in KCMO. if you want an address, it's in the poem.
i wonder if, sitting in that room and just thinking, i found a miracle or if i found a little bit of God. or music
#god   #sun   #music   #blue   #night   #sky   #melody   #color   #jazz  
Kendra Mack
Kendra Mack
2 days ago

Green – I am growing.
Must be all-knowing.
Yearning to learn it all.
Needing to read it all.
Running fingers
along book spines,
writing the lines,
filling the pages.
Green are the sages.
I am honors, straight A’s,
now 9-to-5 days.
Got to find ways
to work hard
and with reason.
I am evergreen
In every season.

Part of my spring color series
#short   #green   #rhyming   #color  
Jacqueline Flores
Jacqueline Flores
Feb 12, 2014

the day i fell in love with you
the sky was grey
the water looked grey
everything seemed grey... but me

i should have known that the color
was a warning
telling me to not fall in love with you

now everything
is full of color
     but me


#love   #sad   #pain   #lost   #wrong   #color   #grey  
Crystal Harmony
Crystal Harmony
5 days ago

yellow, fellow
some colors make me happy
bananas are yellow,
rich in potassium
yellow, fellow
maybe my second favorite, currently
graceful like a duck
a taxi in a rainy urban area
the morning omelette
the sponge of my childhood, soaking up my happiness
the sun that grants me some radiance
the corn of the country side, butter n' all

like highlighter on PSSA preps, third grade
"it all must be important"
daffodil, nostalgia
mac n' cheese
                        mac n' cheese
                                                mac n' cheese
banana peppers
                        yellow buttons
the school bus that takes me away
yellow duckie
french fry
              juicy fruit
phone book
      yellow, my fellow

ok but is it dodie yellow?

just kidding but lately ive been enjoying and particularly favoring yellow
it brings a nostalgic happiness
#happy   #art   #nostalgia   #color   #yellow  
6 days ago

There are things in her life she tries to hide,
things set in an off-white color to the otherwise pristine pigment that coats her existence
Things she knows people would look at her differently for
So she laughs along to teasing jokes,
paints herself in all colors,
allows herself to be the butt of jokes,
lets people think what they want
Because behind the layer of forced complacency,
is a dichotomy of love and hate,
the feeling of a world being shattered and rebuilt in a single second
She is wild and chaotic at her core
Black paint mixed with gold and red and fire and brimstone until it’s more than the sum of its parts
Once you know her secrets, she is different
Once you know her secrets, she is gone
You will never see the girl with the pristine coat again

#love   #paint   #life   #hate   #hide   #color   #secrets  

The color blue is all I know now
Your bruised irises leading to your
Tightly wound heart strings
There is music inside your laughter
There are artworks in your smile
I fall asleep on the softness of your lips
I forget trauma in the wake of euphoria
My angels' hymns are all about
Knowing you
Feeling you
I am so elated to have met you
The color blue is my favorite now
Your halo shines like a light through
Stormy dusk and evening tempests
There is no dawn like your "good morning"s
There are no ways to eclipse your "I love you"s
I lay my bones before you
I read the lines in between you and I
My poetry is the way I hold on to you at night
Dreams of you
asleep or awake
Are the best I have ever known

#love   #blue   #color  
Mar 21

I'd give anything
For you
To tell me I'm not crazy.
For you
place your hand
On my thigh,
While looking me in the eye,
And sweetly utter the words
"I NEED you too"
To feel the passionate confirmation
Passing from your lips to mine,
As that last color of my soul
Is shaded in by your
Bravery and truth.
Together we can shine.
Together we can conquer.
Together we belong.

#truth   #crazy   #lips   #soul   #color   #shine   #eye   #passionate   #thigh  
Mar 21

Playing in my waistband
Fingers trickle down
Fascinated with the way the lace moves all around
Your fingers take a dip
They trickle down my back
Warranting a hiss from me, (my) facade starts to crack
The feeling that it leaves me--
With when you're away
Makes me feel the color yellow, bright as summers day
And oranges remind me
Of the way you smell
I catch a whiff and rewind to our game of show and tell
Red is the flight
That I'm catching later on
Reminds me that I'm leaving and makes your touch feel like a con
Green is my mind
When I think of who I'm with
Never with you, far away, you're feeling like a myth
Blue is the sound
Of your lips leaving mine
As they throw away the butterflies and taste like Country time
Indigo is heavy
Weighing down my thighs
I'm feeling dizzy and it's got me caught up and surprised
Violet is ending
Run around us singing 'darling..stand by me'

I clean the puddle up
I throw it in the trash
I hear it hit the metal, rainbow spills and feelings crash

The rainbow keeps on running
The colors start to muddle
I find them every morning in a technicolor puddle.

#love   #feelings   #lust   #rhyme   #color   #rainbow   #requiem   #smh  
Mar 20

Twinkling the sparks
That I see in your eyes
Full of color that you have
In your life

#love   #metaphor   #life   #eyes   #stars   #color   #sparks  

You are
What the world
Sees you as.

Your posture is poor
Neck stooped,
With shoulders hunched.

You are too morose
To see the world
Explode in color behind you

You could be a prince,
Donned in pastel garments,
Yet, you see yourself as a peasant.

And especially lonely.

#love   #self   #depression   #prince   #color   #freestyle   #pastel  
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