Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
1 day ago

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

- LynnAA

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

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Amanda Shelton
Amanda Shelton
2 days ago

Sweet dreams, my love.
May your night drift you
on cloud nine.
As you collide with the stars
may they fall
and awaken your wishes
to all possibilities of coming true.

I blow you a wish
with my true loves kiss.
May your dreams
be sweeter than honey or wine.

Goodnight my love.

© By Amanda D Shelton

" A night to remember, a night of delight, a night for moonlight lovers, traveling on a blanket of stars and the moons light is their covers."

"Lover's collide with stars crossing their sky's."  © By Amanda D Shelton you can find this quote in my poems.
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2 days ago

Ode to Honey

Sticky warm honey straight form the hive
Thick and sweet and ever so nice
A big butter biscuit and a cup of tea
Both go great with a little honey
On hot cakes or a slice of toast
Pour it all over a dinner ham roast
Honey is great in so many ways
So have a little bit, it will sweeten up your day.


fun with words
#fun   #sticky   #sweet   #honey   #bee  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
2 days ago

I promise
I won't ever break your heart again
Take advantage of your devotion
Razors up through my throat
the verses I sweetly lie through
secret smiles, my seething teeth vibrate
The weight of words in pixel and ink
May keep the cold truth freezing
The virulence hiding behind
what once were naive eyes
fed and sleeping in chains

One sweet word,
Is all I have left
If it's even that
#trust   #word   #lies   #broken   #faith   #always   #cheating   #lover   #sweet   #one  
Paul Butters
Paul Butters
4 days ago

They’ll be rockin’ in Heaven
Down St. Peter’s Gate Way.
Chuck Berry passed over,
But he still can play.

True King of Rock,
He’ll live for evermore.
And he’ll keep duck walking,
Along that golden shore.

His guitar keeps twanging,
Wah wah tlang tang tang.
Ya want a Showman?
Chuck’s still yer man.

He died at ninety.
It was very sad.
But now he’s up there,
I’m sure that God is glad.

He’ll love that Rock N Roll Music,
Chuck’s sense of humour too.
A touch of Devil also,
When he sings the blues.

So all you Saints and Angels,
You better move and hurry,
For they all want to dance with
That amazing Chuck Berry.

Paul Butters

For my greatest musical Hero. With echoes of "Sweet Little Sixteen"......
#life   #death   #music   #heaven   #sweet   #rock   #sixteen   #berry   #chuck  
5 days ago

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you,
My soul turning bright, beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun shining through,
Beautiful like a diamond dove’s coo,
Beautiful like you.

The winter brings it’s own gifts,
These miracles, all in the form
Of a tiny snow crystal.
I gather these with love,
Holding your cold hand
In mine.
We through it, pass it,
Like we passed our love.
Our love full of memories.
The memories.

The spring rains,
Kissing you in the rain.
Dancing with you in the rain.
It waters, the flowers bloom,
Like our blossoms of love.
The flowers in your hair,
The sight of that
I would give my own happiness
For that
For this indescribable feeling,
For your inspirational love.

The sun shines down,
Warming our hands,
Our hearts.
The cool water splashing us,
Pulling us together.
Sweetness of growing fruits,
We ate together,
Matches the sweetness of our love,
The sweetness of you.

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you.
And as I hold your delicate hand,
We mark another full round,
In our cycle,
Another year,
With you.

#love   #fall   #romance   #summer   #winter   #sweet   #spring   #autumn   #leaves   #year  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
7 days ago

Some days I just don't have the words
So I ask him to provide for me
All the pros for my failing verse
And unfailingly he does this for me
Because he always simply is
As I will never ever be
Half as clever as my God can be

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i  wish  i could   just  stay
One more night just   lay with you
Never  give up  on  me
I  would take this pain away
Hold your hand never let go
Just  stay with  me

#love   #short   #words   #life   #hear   #sweet   #today  
V Anne
Mar 18

I came into this bar for a drink.
I hope the flowers I gave you smell sweet.
They are white
Like you.

I hope you begin
To view me

As I view you.

Please want me back.

I only came into this bar for a drink.
But it isn't helping me
Like I thought it would.

Please want me back.

#love   #hope   #flowers   #sweet   #drink   #pure   #innocence   #drinking  

Must we hurt ourselves
Diving into the fray?
Must we kill ourselves
Hoping in misery?

Shall we beat ourselves
On being an imbecile?
Shall we treat ourselves
Lower than we feel?

Shall we pick roses
Thorns and bladed leaves
Blood-red colors in corsets
Of Pain and Lust that lives

#love   #pain   #sweet   #masochism   #sticks   #stones   #sour   #sandm  
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