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LockAndKey 1139
16 hours ago


(C) 2017
Ace Sargent
Ace Sargent
20 hours ago

We are not our bodies
despite our bodies being us.
We know the large grand heavens
and our bodies know dirt earth.

As bodies can not hot hold us,
the souls we are will cry.
The mind we hold is different,
but together we are alive

Think it through, i plead to you,
we are not our minds.
They function as a separate being
you just have to see the signs.

Kneel and pray to the lord, dear child
that you will one day see.
Your soul is stuck, trapped even,
within this monster being.

Because it can't be us
and we can not be it,
it pushes in so harshly
that it tears apart our spirit

Kakashi sensei
Kakashi sensei
2 days ago

What is it?,
Gaining information,
But what i see,
Is memorizing textbooks,
Forgetting after exams,
Or that's what happens,
In my country,
This is suffering,
How is this teaching,
How is someone supposed,
To grow and live with this?,
I'm grateful i get education,
I'm fortunate,
But I'm still in a cage,
I'm not yet free,
Burden of studies,
Burden from parents,
Burden from grades,
Why judge someone strongly,
With grades,
Grades, marks, point is assessment,
Of skill,
Not the whole life,
I personally don't understand,
How this world works.

I have realized i can't do anything in my last poem i made, not that its impossible, but there is a huge iron cast gate stopping me!
3 days ago

I lost who I am
In a sea of religion.
As the sharks made
From scriptures
Tore my limbs apart.


#depression   #life   #pain   #religion   #lost   #hurt   #sea   #confusion  
3 days ago

I do not want to feel
but I need it in order to heal
the days seems shorter and my nights longer I search for truth and peace within the world yet I never find it I'm met with lies and pain that causes me to grow colder a bed of tears is all I know and what keeps me comfort I sometimes drown in my own sorrow and scream for help while dying but no one ever seems to hear me...

#love   #pain   #betrayal   #lust   #hurt   #people   #bitter   #confusion   #suck   #agony  
Bethany G Blicq
4 days ago

I want to thank you for your kindness
but I do not know how

I am lost in a sea of despair
one foot in and
one foot deeper
and I cannot find my way out
until I find my way in

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Pat Reyes
Pat Reyes
4 days ago

On the days where we feel so down
And no one can replace our frown
As the night becomes day
Everything seems astray.

Of all the things we've done
And all the things that are gone
I have no clue as to what
I wish to do with that.

A single action made it worse
As it is already coarse
All of the times you spoke
And all of the times you provoked.

Outrage and terrifying experiences
Of whatever that is
Under your command,
Under your simple stand.

All of the things you have done
A thing to be said undone
On the days where we wear masks
On the day where he asks,

What have you done?

i'm new help me
6 days ago

I waited, I waited, I waited,
and I waited a little bit longer.
Someday, somehow,
somebody had to save me.
They had to, they did,
because I never thought that I could save myself.
And you know what?
I didn't have to.

We wait for the one because anything else would be simply embarassing.
But I didn't get one, oh no.
I got three.
The moon.
The stars.
The sun.

Eventually everything stopped making sense.

There was a wolf knocking on my door, and I was begging him to break it down.
Wolves howl at the moon, that's just their nature.
But he never did.
He spent hours and hours just sitting, just staring.
What big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.
Big, brown eyes.

The moon saved me from my past.

The stars shone like jewels that night,
the night that I encountered the troll.
Trolls live under bridges, that's just what they're used to.
He asked me his riddle,
I gave him my answers.
All of the wicked games and aggressive glares followed us.
They followed us all the way back under the bridge.

The stars saved me from my future.

For the first time, I saw the sun.
An existence of wanting and waiting was made that little bit easier by it's bright, nourishing light.
The sun made me forget why I had once cowered in fear,
once shaken with anger.

The sun saved me from my life.

I don't remember when things stopped making sense.
Maybe it was the night I tore my chest apart and screamed below the moon.
Maybe it was the night I spoke to the stars and they spoke back.
Maybe it was the morning that the sun made me forget.

#love   #sun   #moon   #stars   #space   #personal   #confusion  

My compilation of confusion
I don’t know anything anymore,
I’ve lost myself in a life filled with faces,
unknown traces
I’m all around the place….
My heart is hidden, my soul is crushed and my eyes are closed,
My mind is confused of all these unknown feelings and wanting’s…
Who am I? What do I do? Who are you? Do I love you?
I don’t even know if I like you… let alone myself.

I’m lost in a place filled with time,
Just too little of it
I only see the obstacles and not the opportunities…
I feel like a failure, how can I achieve anything?
You can achieve, but I can’t
Too afraid to try, too afraid to fly, too afraid to live,
At the same time afraid to die,
What does this mean?

Nothing makes sense,
We people just walk around here doing what society tells us to do,
I don’t feel happiness, I only feel emptiness and anger
Where is the justice? Little kids are starving and dying,
While we starve to be beautiful
Looks are everything, brains mean nothing
You dress to impress, not to be warm

Sometimes I wish everything could change,
I don’t know to what,
But to something else,
Something better.
Why make things so complicated…
Don’t we have the resources to help?
The resources to change the ways of the world,
What society finds important,
And how people interact?
I just give up, like I always do,
Give up on everything and myself,
But most of all…
I just give up on mankind.

All the cliché Hollywood movies keep reminding me that love doesn't come by that easily. And it's a hard truth for me to accept.

And all through elementary I've always been the crush-er, the person crushing on the good looking person over there!

I've never been the person crushed on. But that aside, I've been filled up with all this love for you. I'm not sure if it's real or not.

You see, I've seen fake love so much that I've convinced myself that this love is also fake...

I won't tell you, "I love you" because I don't want to lie to you. But how can I still feel like I'm not lying? I still feel guilty.

I've never been "in love".

I've loved, and been loved in return, but is this--


I know you're out there, but I'm impatient. But I am willing to wait for love... if it really is real..

I'm sorry for lying.

So where are you?
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