Dougie Simps
Dougie Simps
2 hours ago

She...she sets the mood with her thigh high dress
She...she sets the tone with her mind on sex
But she thinks "resist"... for confusion, confusion sets in when lust becomes stronger than love.. oh, has lust become stronger than us?

For I...
I...have fallen for you
You have become my addiction..oh..
Have my heart in your conviction,
Lock me up...
Throw away the key,
A prisoner in your inconsistency...

For has lust become stronger than love...
Has lust become stronger than us?
I don't know...don't ask me if I care
Addicted to your eyes, please don't stop with your stares
Blood drippin down the stairs, from something shattered.
Buzzed off the mixture - of emotions and disaster.

Alone, alone in my room - oh
Where you set the, set the tone
With your sex, with your mind
Only question is this time...
Did lust become stronger than love?
How did we forget...did we forget about us?

You can't choose who you love - which is true but it doesn't mean that it's good.
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5 hours ago

“I won't drink the tap water, its poison here”
and when she declared that,
I couldn't decipher if she meant here
as in Northside, or here as in America.

We ate sushi at 2am in the city
I was trying not to show my drunkenness
but I was stumbling into an accent
my grandparents carried with them

tucked in the backs of their mouths,
now peering out of mine.
testing the hydrogen
in the beer
in the back of my throat.

I need sleep,
I'm hungover
This poem can wait.

My mind seems to move itself,
spinning somewhat
while I remain stationed
to soft and tattered cushions

At times, not sure who's moving
Mind or body
like parking next to someone
who's leaving the lot

for a moment
you're caught in the standstill
Where nothing really stands,

I need sleep
My head feels fuzzy
This poems not great.

Its much later now,
the world seems
more capacious somehow
When my eyes are fully open.

The last of my confounding
half light musings
dissipate like tendrils,
mist in the rising sun  

and I, I am left behind
in the residue,
The hardened truth
that cannot move.

“This water is poison”
Her words echo through my day
and I wonder if this poison
will ever evaporate from our veins.

C.e.M. 12.15.2016

first draft

my heart is iron,
is it not ironic?
it becomes malleable when susceptible to someone who burns so hot, & transformes into a solid, cold material when you've gone.

d.d. #51
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2 days ago

If there's a space inside,
I'd love if I could occupy.
Two patches just waiting,
To be sewn to a denim jacket.
Perhaps side by side?
Fibers barely touching.

I'd be happy to be your company,
Growing into gentle brush strokes.
Sunlight setting your eyes on fire,
Amber glow that keeps me warm.

If there's a space inside,
I'd very much like to occupy.
Destroy that vacancy sign,
And turn your heart into home.
Just two patches who,
Finally found their jacket.

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2 days ago

Darkness dwells in despair,
his conviction succumbed to slumber, beyond repair.
Detested and abhorred, he laments in anguish,
his existence tainted by his own blemish.
Besieged and shackled by solitude,
somber thoughts pester him in multitude.
Piercing through the realm of gloom,
emerges the firefly sparkling in full bloom.
Overwhelmed by the pleasant intrusion,
darkness asks a question.
What brought the beautiful stranger to his desolate ocean?
Twinkling with fervor, the firefly pleads to be his companion.
“Dear Darkness,it is within you that my
radiance is so resplendent,
luminescence so ardent.
Dear darkness, it is without you that my
purpose is so insignificant”.

the need of darkness and its not all a hopeless entity
Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry
2 days ago

The darkness swoops in, becoming a shell;
it envelopes me – a feeling I know all too well.
I’m breathing in to the count of ten, but the air won’t make its way to my lungs,
instead they’re filling with the weight of water and my head is banging like drums.
My eyesight becomes indistinct, my head becomes dizzy and my body is slowly incapacitated;
I collapse with the panic wrapped around me like a blanket that keeps me captivated.

She was the earth
I was the sun
She would shy from me if I shined too bright
I would dim just so she could breathe
She would weep as greedy men would throw trash at her
I would dry away her tears
She would turn to face me often, a different side to her everyday
But I can't help but burn everytime she'd turn
Knowing the moon got to love her as well

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4 days ago

There are monsters
choking vodka
into my hip bones
like skeletons
crawling into
unnecessary authorities
that unhealthy juice is
exhaling isolation
of ingrained
crippling grits of teeth
because unquenchable thirst
is my figurative
obscuring delirium resonance
glistening calcium nature
defining “ambrosia is a
ghost protruding my eyelids”

A lot of people ask me "How do you write these poems that are so vocabulary strong with strong  messages?" Well I admire people from a far , I have gone through some things myself during my life even though I am still young, but that's not the point because age , race , doesn't describe us. I write poetry because it's my therapy , not even my fucking therapy my best friend.  
Writing is a way to express our thoughts and that is all I do
but may be drinking coffee helps too because who know's my coffee might talk to me , anyways i'm rambling now , but yeah sometimes my poetry is very hard to understand, but that's the point , there is a story between every line, every word
4 days ago

she was beside me
smoking cigarettes like they were her lungs life support
and we were stood on a cobbled street in edinburgh
i didn’t know if i was coming or going so i looked ahead

i wasn’t familiar with edinburgh and i think that’s why i wanted to hold on to her so closely
because this was her hometown, this was a part of her and so it made me feel like although i had no idea where i was, somehow, i did

there was this red waterproof jacket she wore
but she always mismatched it with a purple hat and i kept telling her
“baby, purple and red, they just don’t go together”
and i guess in the end i was purple and she was red
and this is the part where she’d probably argue that i was red and she was purple,
because although the principle is still the same i was somehow, still wrong.

she stood beside me
i looked away from the streetlamps dancing in puddles
i directed my attention to her
her hair always fell the same way
and i had made a million and one pictures out of the freckles on her face
and the last, the last one was two hands apart
how ironic that we were now two hands apart.
she smiled at me, i didn’t know much but i knew in that moment
that sometimes things are better this way; i didn’t know much but i knew
there comes a time to hold on and there comes a time to let go.

so i let her be her most beautiful shade of red, whilst here i remain, basking in every shade of purple
and i have learnt that that’s okay.

it still doesn't stop me missing you.
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4 days ago

Broken vessel,
Stalwart beauty
A work of art
Standing alone and bereft

How many voyages
Has she failed to complete?
Starting off so strong,
Only to taste defeat?

Young bright thing
With inexplicable rust
Something broken,
Something bad
A faulty error, a fatal bust

Salt water tears,
So bittersweet
Knowing her cargo
She cannot keep

Turning back for shore
On her final try
Fighting her hardest
Not to cry

#metaphor   #loss   #sorrow   #sea   #emptiness   #boat  
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