Ava Bean
Ava Bean
1 day ago

Sprawled out
Under two different trees
On opposite sides of the city
Connected by hearts
And by cell phones.

Under this tree I fled from
The scolding words of my mother
Telling me you were no good.
I fled not to the tree
But to the promise of your calming words

It was under the maroon leaved tree
Where I spent summer nights with crickets and fireflies by my side
And you in my ear.
How come I did not listen to my mother?

I soon noticed the leaves dying off
Crumbling and tumbling
Just like your interest in me.
I heard the whispered winds and your dwindling spirit
I felt the icy chill
And the bitter bite
On my skin
And in my heart.

It was under this tree
That you told me you did not love me.
That your affections had migrated south
Towards her warm and juicy fruit
That had been tempting towards being ripe for months.
She was a peach
But I am homemade jam.

You cannot survive the harsh freeze without me
But every time I look out at that tree
I am reminded that everything comes to an end
And if you can't survive the cold,
Then I'll just let it be.

Next time it burns
I'll tell it to the tree
To the bark
To the busy beetles under her skin.
She will stay
And listen, like you never did.

Our love went cold.
#love   #fall   #winter   #tree   #abandoned  
1 day ago

Lack of warmth fills the air
The harshest season's embrace
Ocular shadows mark weariness
Dreams and nightmares elude me
Possessing a mind full of clouds
Yet another broken promise
Sweetly sour reality

#winter   #night   #tired  
Ellie Sora
Ellie Sora
1 day ago

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost unconscious.

Your body craved to be exposed
To the cold winter air.
You could almost hear
As your bones were trembling
Underneath your dry frosty skin.
The waves were calling you,
Beckoning you towards your future.
They stole your future.

As you were embraced by the water,
Your head was already filled
With nothing
But dread.
You almost fought for survival.

Submerged underneath,
The water was singing your name.
And you were dancing to the melody
That had you drowning.
And you were willing
To give it your last drop of air.

Your body
Was not yours to control.
It was already consumed
By the Sirens of the sea.
And your purple lips
Were singing
In sync with the Water Nymphs’ song.

And you were enjoying every second of it
For you have had enough
Of everything going wrong.

Your attempts
To go above water
Were more than plain hopeless,
For you had already soled your rightful place
In the world of the living.

Your skin was not yours anymore.
It was hardly even human flesh,
For it was blue like the sea.
You almost looked like a Nymph yourself.

Your teeth cracked
To the exposure of the winter air.
You were not welcomed above anymore,
You were to be endlessly in water.

Your whole naked body
Was chained
With invisible shackles,
Pulling you down,
Showing you mercilessly
Where you were now belonging.

Last attempt.
And the bottom cried your name,
Melting your fragile
Naked young body
In the icy depths.

Do you remember that night?
The night you died?
You ran to the sea
Almost alive.

And you seem to be pleased
With how the waves play
With your unsteady corps.

You seem fine
With the way they spin you around
Until you can’t understand anymore
Where is up
And where is down.

You don’t seem bothered
By the way the water
Mashes your head in the rocks.

You seem okay
With the sea draining your blood.

And you don’t seem to care
How the cold winter water
Takes your empty life.

You reached to Heaven.
And it reached to you.

You were endlessly searching
For something
More Than This.
And that consumed you.

This was inspired by a book  (Patrick Ness - More Than This) I read few months ago. It was very emotional for me, since I found myself related to the protagonist...
#suicide   #death   #boy   #winter   #this   #more   #than   #sea   #patrick   #ness  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
2 days ago

In the nippy northern hemisphere
winter straddles the calendar year
in the sultry southern hemisphere
bright summer sunshine's presently here
our planet spins on an axis or something
my scientific knowledge is virtually nothing
I know there are many other planets
in what's known as our solar system
but for the life of me
I never could fully list 'em
physics, chemistry, ology after ology
my only real interest is poetology
but that's not even a word
neither's splink, sluff, sconk or scurred
this piece is silly, frilly, unpretentious fluff
many light years from avant-garde stuff
it would surely never win a literary prize
but maybe a smile in the beholder's eyes

just having a moment...
#science   #summer   #winter   #planets   #silly   #frilly   #beholder  
Thomas Conlan
Thomas Conlan
3 days ago

The woeful moans of autumn show that love did leave us long ago.
Two souls defined by the kind of conceit
held together by passion's sweet summer heat.
Blossomed between each beautiful bloom,
they did nothing but consume;
until all that was left of the love that they lost
was frozen under winter's weary frost.
Blanketed under snow so white,
ready to start things over; to make things right.
The woeful moans of autumn show
that love did leave us
long ago.

#love   #heartbreak   #lost   #fall   #summer   #winter   #spring   #seasons   #autumn  
Dan McKee
Dan McKee
3 days ago

Heat-starved sunshine,
Fractured light,
Pitch-black evening
Silent night.

Longcoats flapping,
Christmas time
All the sky turned

So what if it's cold?
Winter's wondrous.

#winter   #cold   #season   #spur  
5 days ago

It is morning. I glance up at the sky
I nod to her, acknowledging that she
knows the weather better than I

Our duels are unforgiving
She is graceful in her delivery
And I am left shoveling up the remains

Her coldness no match for my warmth,
my skilled hand. I create a path, boots
Weighted against the latticed snow

I remind her that though she has
a power to wield, I have my own


5 days ago

drops of honeydew melon,
and soft summer kisses
powdered lemon pastries,
and late evening embraces

autumn breezes,
and gingerbread spices
midnight whispers,
and stories exchanged

frostbitten winter,
and silent nights
cider that burns,  
and the eyes of a stranger

did feelings fade,
are you letting go
tell me my love,
for only you know.


#love   #eyes   #kisses   #fall   #summer   #winter   #goodbye   #autumn   #stranger   #fade  

Winter sleeps in peace.
Magic slipping through the wind;
warmth of the humble.

#haiku   #dreams   #winter   #quiet   #silence   #spring  
6 days ago

Lost loves  sit on shoulders,
Whispering the memories.
Of moments of peace long past,
They sit upon shoulders.
Knowing the weight they bring,
for they care not.
As you sit,
On their shoulders as well.

#love   #loss   #time   #winter   #snow   #gone   #magic   #frozen   #passage  
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