20 hours ago

Snow, like silent guardians
hundreds of thousands of them
Fall on my shoulders, my backpack
the trees, the houses, bus benches.

Cold, a whispering cat's tail
shivering past your hand
Snap branches and blanket dead engines.

Frost blossoms in bedrooms
Bite fingers and rib cages.

Winter is lonely, without you.

#love   #winter   #ldr  

A module once refrain
a verse that peers rehearse
if a sequence in cruise
when caucus fling feet
in a promontory abode
so precipice filters gold
where amass rhetoric
in an ounce of verbosity
as most food entail now
their resplendent attire too
then win it back tonight
and strep face no more
when weather is nice
with unspoken grace.

#winter   #cold   #season   #president   #iowa  

11pm is always rainy
And dark

Always seems lonely
No matter what

Headlights nice
And dim
And low

Always seems cloudy

And the air makes
Your hands feel
Cold like mint

11pm is always
Dirty and dangerous
Yet alive and wonderful
Dressed provocatively

It always glows with a
Fiery haze
Street lights

11pm always opens
With the autumnaut lights
Of white and orange street lights

And it closes with the howl
Of starlit silence

Not exactly "hot off the presses" but it's present and I've just worked on it some more.
#lonely   #alone   #summer   #winter   #night   #spring   #cold   #autumn   #city   #11pm  
Montana Svoboda
Montana Svoboda
2 days ago

Water finds its way under ice avoiding
The cruelty of freezing temperatures, the roar
Of spring rapids breaking over limestone shore,
Smooth and glass
And trying to be something else I am reflexive
Breaking apart when leaves fall,
Finding solace in smothering virtue with grace,
Similar to how six inches of snow inundates
Evidence of decay then, the following day
Tumbles so tender and whimsical

Jagged mirrors of cedar menhir separate
Caught against the rough space beneath crow’s feet
Call and pray upon the frayed fabric of wildlife
A bandanna becoming beating heart snagging
Tattered on overhanging branches:
Everything is unraveled into its simplest form

Trail path formed above the fragility of forgotten Spring
Recedes flowing north instead of south,
Ash warped and leather wrapped turns
A river bend into a log cabin
Resting atop a widow’s crest
And we all run and wander,
Looking for what-
The lost warmth of birth
While trying to avoid the burden of being
Lost and wild-
Home is a whisper spoken
On soft winter afternoons
Slithering through broken boughs of bramble buds
Indifferent to parallel occurrences, stumbling
Through a delicate image unknown and

#life   #home   #adventure   #nature   #winter   #spring   #snow  
CK Baker
CK Baker
2 days ago

it falls through the glow of the wintry trees
building a cover under the breeze
luminous lights sparkle and hatch
snow pack high on the briar patch

pine cones fall from majestic fir
squirrel and robin rustle and stir
sitka spruce at tunnel bluffs
raven roost on cedar rough

dusted peaks at hurley pass
snowline cuts the avalanche
fox and lynx are on the prowl
hollow eyes from spotted owl

cool winds blow the valley trail
whirling snow from diamond vale
chilling flakes in candle hands
moonlight shines across the land

northern lights in krypton green
sounds of verve are bitter sweet
curtains hang in a cold dark sky
counting stars, a lullaby

#winter   #snow  
Buddy T
Buddy T
3 days ago

Wind like a lion's roar
My ice heart beats
Toxic tears fall over the things you have done
Spring my never come

The earth will turn like a dog and their tail
As the sun comes up we will forgive
Let the ice melt on our hearts
Like trees in the spring, we can begin again

Let us sleep forever in this clouded illusion
Forgiveness like yellow on a computer screen
The dog days of our lives
We can't say in this haze forever

Time falls as leaves on a tree
I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon
But all fires must turn black
Please change this endless ocean

'like yellow on a computer screen' computer screens are only made up out of 3 colors, red, blue, and green, so theres no actual yellow on a computer screen.

'I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon' each year the moon gets 3.8 cm farther away from the earth and could eventually leave orbit
#hate   #time   #fall   #summer   #winter   #forgiveness   #spring   #seasons   #illusion  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

I wish you could see these reflections of mine
In my eyes
Like when the snow falls freely down
Careening now
Onto the ground
Past the autumn remnants of my life

#poem   #poetry   #winter   #white   #snow   #verse   #scribbles   #sean   #automize  
5 days ago

White mountains capped in satin,
North face hiding behind a veil of frigid diamonds.

How I long to caress your powdered cheeks.
To float down your ivory aisles.
How I long to toast your champagne kiss.
To hear you softly whisper "I do" beneath my feet.
How I long to traverse across your velvet curves.
To fall head over heels into your feathery embrace.

It's something.

Old friends
New snow
Borrowed time
Blue sky

There's just something about getting cold feet.
I could wed you every single day & never grow tired of this frosted bliss.

Long shadows in burnt browns shorten
The jaw bruising cold of discontent
Left them frozen on the cement
And the evening pigment fades
To bleak apathy. And days
Of a similar disposition.
Clouds that blur in an eggshell indecision
Of a sky are grounded in mournful grey
And the evening pigment fades.

The pulling of the current
And the turning of the river
Know not of fallen leaves
And vice versa

The title comes from a Talking Heads song called 'The Overload' which everyone should go and listen to.
#depression   #fall   #winter   #sky   #melancholy   #seasons   #autumn   #leaves   #river  
Andrew Dunham
Andrew Dunham
6 days ago

The sun plays hide-and-go-seek on a midwinter's afternoon,
Darting constantly towards the next available cloud.
Beside my intermittent shadow flutter my companions,
Guided by the ever-changing, blustery gusts.
The snowflakes follow me home.

Windy, wafting whispers winding through dormant branches,
I hold my breath and count to ten to ignore their murmurs.
Hazy February clouds conceal indistinct peeps.
Should nobody else join me,
The snowflakes follow me home.

As I pass through the threshold and traipse across the floor,
Legs chilled and wavering over creaky wooden planks.
But I glimpse once more, out through tempered glass panes,
Reassured and reveling in the knowledge,
The snowflakes follow me home.

Thought about this while walking home in a snowstorm.
#ice   #winter   #snow   #snowflakes  
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