Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
3 days ago

I foresee a summer of spices
Of a saffron mid day sun
And flowers of anise
On trees of cinnamon
And the aromatic pepper vine
That seasons lands of green
Will find its way into -
A warm summer cuisine.

#life   #summer   #warm   #heat   #spices  
3 days ago

I want it to be summer,
And I want to be in love,

But I can't just skip to that part,
And it's starting to depress me.

#love   #depression   #summer   #skip  
3 days ago

The radiant blossoms of spring,
Bursting from the frozen stagnant soil.
The snow blocking the plant's freedom.
An icy barrier telling the sprout it should wait to grow,
Halting its inevitable growth.
What is the snow for man?
What is our barrier from springtime sunlight?
Is it the establishments we toil away at?
The haze of winter,
Seems to never end now,
In our modern world.

#man   #pain   #time   #why   #summer   #spring   #when   #seasons   #work   #where  
Timothy hill
4 days ago

You are as raisins you clean persons blood.

Life in full sprint high resolution and great details.

Once, grapes of green now a purplish black.

Your drees drapes the wooden floor white oak

Of food as poem.
#love   #passion   #art   #summer   #calm   #travel   #session   #sessions   #heroes  
Vani j
Vani j
4 days ago

She loved me more
even though she saw me lying on the floor
She gave me her hand
even though she knew i couldn't stand
She gave me her heart
even though she knew mine was just a painful blot
She loved me in darkness,
She loved me in rain,
She loved me in vain,
She loved me in loneliness,
She loved my pain,
even which I couldn't contain
So I wish her the sun
I wish her the moon
I wish her good days
I wish her a summer noon

About a woman...
#heart   #summer   #painful   #floor   #more   #vain   #noon   #blot  
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
5 days ago

Standing outside on a warm summer night
As the ominous night sky peers through my defenseless soul
Reading my desolated state like a book
Continuously turning the pages trying to find my purpose in life
Reading all the lies I tell myself about how I am doing great or not
Finding a sense of comfort from the dimly moonlight sky
Searching for one star that catches my eye
As I get lost in the night sky

#love   #depression   #life   #hope   #happy   #dreams   #dark   #summer   #night  
5 days ago

Buds, sprouts, shooting forth
From wet soil and melting snow.
The Animus stirring from their slumber,
Creaking open their eyes glued shut by the dark of winter.
Birds beginning to flutter again.
The cicadas crawling from the thawed ground.
Trees growing leaves, bringing with them the shades of summer.
The shades of chlorophyll pouring from the verdant forests.
Sunshine bathing the land in warmth and renewal.
Where man has worked all winter,
Animals have rested, to recover for the summer.
Man never recovered, he has forgotten how
To hibernate for the winter months.

#peace   #happy   #science   #summer   #winter   #spring   #changing   #animal   #sunshine   #seasons  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
6 days ago

I was out of breath just walking with you.
It wasn't the sun
or the hay bathed heat,
it was the passion
with which you held your silence
that harkened the blood from my veins
and flushed my emotions
clear across my cheeks.

#love   #romance   #summer   #crush   #seasons  
Shofi Ahmed
6 days ago

Once, the summer sun will rise in London
Like halve of the Ge meets the other halve.
Like a magic by the Lamp of Aladdin
The love flame hidden in the chest lits out!

Like a blooming rose in a glowing beam of light,
Like a smiling face speaks a gentle word,
Like a beautiful sunrise colours in the first light!

The summer in London will pop and sizzle
We will see a threshold in our land.
The rose for a while is tucked away
Off the winter and is given to the sun
Winter is not forever spring is on the corner
Come back in the sun with the early bird
Before Cinderella takes on the primrose path.

Keeping an eye on a thriller is in the winter’s field
Oozy ozone misty land gets a gingerly seasoning
What on earth will it strike, will it dish out?
Ah the Sun will pop out like a river breeze
Like a southern song singing on a dream scene.

Like a smooth fairy dance facing the Moon
Like a thrill of exposing Stonehenge once and for all
Like a melodious raindrop in the serene pond
Like a butterfly dance on the rose
Like a turned on tall tale of the blue peacock
Like a pure belief in heaven without a pinch of salt!

6 days ago

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you,
My soul turning bright, beautiful,
Beautiful like the sun shining through,
Beautiful like a diamond dove’s coo,
Beautiful like you.

The winter brings it’s own gifts,
These miracles, all in the form
Of a tiny snow crystal.
I gather these with love,
Holding your cold hand
In mine.
We through it, pass it,
Like we passed our love.
Our love full of memories.
The memories.

The spring rains,
Kissing you in the rain.
Dancing with you in the rain.
It waters, the flowers bloom,
Like our blossoms of love.
The flowers in your hair,
The sight of that
I would give my own happiness
For that
For this indescribable feeling,
For your inspirational love.

The sun shines down,
Warming our hands,
Our hearts.
The cool water splashing us,
Pulling us together.
Sweetness of growing fruits,
We ate together,
Matches the sweetness of our love,
The sweetness of you.

Like the autumn leaves I fall,
For you.
And as I hold your delicate hand,
We mark another full round,
In our cycle,
Another year,
With you.

#love   #fall   #romance   #summer   #winter   #sweet   #spring   #autumn   #leaves   #year  
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