I caressed the wings of sunrise
diaphanous and vague
against the morning light
while it embraced me
with a remote grin
while it taught me
to speak to my soul
looking each other
bound together by clouds threads
faint like frost
impalpable like spider's embroideries
regardless of distance
regardless of time.

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I am godless,
a 2am drunk soul barely conscious,
suffocating under the nicotine dust,
not completely faultless.
I’ll stay awake until dawn,
a dirty bottle of scotch my accomplice,
my eyes heavy under the orange dusk
and my lips drooping from your last kiss.
I’m waiting for the sun
but I’m not sure when it’ll rise,
I’m not sure if it will rise,
but if it does
I’ll compare the size of the sun
to the size of my heart
and then I will call you a liar
for ever saying
that you loved me more.

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somewhere in distant
horizons breathes my muse.
dawn comes to me in a dream.

while the sun's early rays
embrace him
he widens his soft brown eyes, he smiles…

darkness hands me my landscape
in silence as i breathe, staring,
my heart is carried along this imaginary line.

as he sips his cup,
warm within this daylight glory,
the morning adores him and he smiles…

a glimmer, a faint hint of light i see
of grapefruit bubbles and raspberry tea,
like fireflies on the midnight hill.

he strides his fingers across the curtains,
running his hands through his hair, sighing softly, gazing away at
blue morning grandeur skies, and he smiles…

pastels in yellow flow around my scene
and i relish in the comely gold light for at last,
across the distance, we are gazing at the same sun,

and he smiles…

i love my cuuutie
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This is no citrus sunrise.

And this is no ocean, but forest,
stretching into its own infinity.

I received
the news of your death this morning.

Black crows cry
and cross & stitch the sky.

The first morning I met you,
it was a blue heron that flew over our heads,

a perfect silence.

This poem came to me when I stood outside the morning I learned of a friend's death.
#death   #friend   #silence   #ocean   #morning   #sunrise   #forest   #crow   #heron   #citrus  
Mar 20

Why are you more enchanting than The Day?
As my thoughts are more pronounced,
When I can hear them clearly,
Lure me into your darkness,
Sooth, blanket my mind...
Let's laugh in our own secret little joy...
Let's dance and twirl 'til the sun rises...!
then we'll drift away quietly...
to another land where nobody finds us...

#sun   #sleep   #day   #night   #sunrise   #nightime  

I sleep with my blinds open
instead of using an alarm
there's no better feeling than
waking up to a warm streamline of orange light down half of your face
sitting up and stretching into a golden sky

and maybe it's a few hours earlier
than I would like but it's
worth every second
of lost sleep

I don't recall writing this, I found it in my notes. Although, waking up from a patch of sun in my face is one of my favorite things
#sun   #sleep   #spring   #sunrise  

I only want,
To touch your heart,
To love you in the daylight.

The impossibly, awakens,
Only in my dreams.

If I could only understand,
Why you are the flame, rising from the East,
That burns love in my heart each day?

You are the candle,
That lights my way, to my Destiny in the light of day.

Why do I only choose to touch you in my dreams?

I'm saddened,
When we say goodnight,
At morning's dawn.  

You say it must be this way I must want to stay.

I'm here waiting,
I know it's what you want. Come to me.
Come home and be with me.

It only takes one step to begin,
The journey to my heart.
Treasures are here waiting for you.

Look towards sunsets.
You will see me standing on the shore of an Eastern Sea,
With arms opened wide,

Looking for you in every the sunrise,
Flying, home to me!

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

I want to thank the Korean Artist: SunKyum. Her music inspired me to write this piece.

[M/V] SunKyum - Intro
#love   #journey   #sunset   #sunrise   #dreames  

He is my ambitious sunrise
He is my blazing setting sun
He is the seduction of cobalt twilight
He is temperance undone

He is my luminous moon
His celestial eyes, the only stars within my sky
He is my world
He is my love
He is my why

#love   #eyes   #sun   #moon   #world   #why   #sky   #sunset   #sunrise   #twilight  

Sun almost up
A beautiful view
Picture perfect every
Single morning some
Use this scene to
Even mourn the lost
And appreciate the
Life given to them
I feel the warmth..

Notre vin est rouge et nos levés de soleil sont rosés. Enivrons-nous.


Our wine is red and our dawns are rose. Let's get drunk.

- LynnAA

#love   #poem   #poetry   #wine   #night   #lover   #dawn   #sunrise  
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