Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
11 hours ago

I'm a little funny looking
I must confess,
all chunky boxy & truck-like
with 2 big old horns
that look quite deadly
but really we just
use them for show mostly,
oh & digging around
in termite hills,

I do hear though
that you humans
really cherish them
for folk cures &
help with your
dicks & such,
you know
scientific stuff,

but then again
we can make a fearsome
fearsome charge
at a land-rover
full of folks
all with their
cameras & such,

at least we used to
till we became
fucken extinct!

5 days ago

Buds, sprouts, shooting forth
From wet soil and melting snow.
The Animus stirring from their slumber,
Creaking open their eyes glued shut by the dark of winter.
Birds beginning to flutter again.
The cicadas crawling from the thawed ground.
Trees growing leaves, bringing with them the shades of summer.
The shades of chlorophyll pouring from the verdant forests.
Sunshine bathing the land in warmth and renewal.
Where man has worked all winter,
Animals have rested, to recover for the summer.
Man never recovered, he has forgotten how
To hibernate for the winter months.

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I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

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Find a fly upon the wall,
Watching, not you but something we will never understand.
The fly upon the wall,
Spiders waiting for an unwary meal,
Dogs barking in the dark city streets.
Monsters of the night musing and mulling,
Over their unsavory deeds.
As for, you
You are there.
As for I
I stand here

#anger   #pain   #realism   #emotion   #animal   #fly   #city   #rage   #dog   #spider  

I wonder if it feels good,
seeing my face
As you break a fragment of my soul off.
Like the way you love
a warm blanket in the cold woods.
Or the oh too satisfying
of cocked gun.
Is that the sound you imagine,
as you fracture my already crumbled heart?

Does it feel right to you?
My anguish whenever my brain allows me to think of you?
My pain as I fell to my knees and shriek like a wounded

Do you like shooting me down?
Making me less than human
Does it make it easier to look at me?
Because I know...
it is easier to slit the throat of an animal
than to look in my eyes as you sever my vertebrae.

Does it feel to squash me beneath your number nine shoe size?
The number stamped on my forehead as a reminder
That I am yours.
Your kill.
Your trophy.

I wonder,
Did it feel good as you lined your scopes directly at my heart
Did you hesitate before you
pulled the trigger?

I don't like hunting, so I decided that I might as well associate the things I don't like with other things I don't like. It is easier to lump it all together and pretend as if it is some one entity that I have to face instead of many.
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He has two heads.
I don't count the one below,
as some would call it;
I mean two on his shoulders.
One is for lure.
His mouth breathes love and fantasies,
caressing with words of nurture.
The other is to kill.
That mouth breathes toxins, poisons,
rotting you slow from the inside out,
still leaving you to feel loved.
This is just how he is,
wandering around with two heads;
And the body of a snake.

#love   #sad   #alone   #boyfriend   #relationship   #thoughts   #snake   #animal  

My heart cries out to me.

I am responsible for myself.
I am to blame for my own pain.
I know that you are strong.
You are the alpha wolf, head of the pack.
But of course, I can only be the hunted.
You scratch me, bite me; tear me open.

Everything for you to see bleeds.

Even so, I admire you.
Your strength pierces my skin and shatters bone.
Your growl is deep and vicious, however confident.
Both eyes are sharpened, never distracted by my disguise.

You see deep into the sheep that is me.
And so, I admire you.

I am responsible for myself.
I am to blame for my own demise.
I know that you are strong, Alpha Wolf.
Love for you is my resolve.

#love   #relationship   #wolf   #animal  

Every time
I look at you
I know it is
the worst ever
feeling to have
in this world.
It is worse than
having a tyre
punctured on
the road
in the middle of nowhere
and being kicked
out from the boat
in the middle of nowhere
you are stuck
in a glass box
you did not
built it
and someone else
who thinks
they are superior
built it for you.
I wish I could
hug you
kiss you
and bring
you somewhere
without further
All you can wish
is just to be free
not just another
It is better to be dead
on a natural cause
than being stuck
in somewhere and
feeling lost

Feline oh my feline.
Nothing wins, nothing ever wins.

Feb 11

In animal death, a breath of relief
Tunnelling through the airways for one last
Sigh of non-defeat, of exaltation and release
Not to be, or better, to be free of mortality
Made immortal with passing life
Taking strife by the neck and repeating

I am no longer your victim

In animal death, a universal strength
Where no obstacles lay before happiness
And instincts are not policed
Your fanciful dreams of green treats, fulfilled
And failing kidneys can rot as they please
Please, shed only a handful of tears
On the graves of decomposing beasts
Released from the shackle of domestication,
For the ones that suffer are surely the living.

#dying   #life   #living   #illness   #death   #happiness   #animal   #immortal   #mortal   #mortality  
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