the eager child
runs to the hanging fruit--weeps
at picked stems

a note to the feeling of wanting something all the more, after it is gone out of reach.
1 day ago

I take up the gauntlet
Wrestling you, word and rhyme.
Posturing my play afforded,
For a mental good time.

Tatting for tit
This-ing for that
Battling your wit
Prose-ing a chat.

No way to win,
Enticing it may be.
The towel I throw in
You will always beat me!

A challenge TF
#rhyme   #thought   #humor   #accepted  

how small, swimming in a
balsamic sea

#love   #peace   #joy   #humor  
Robbie Gunn
Robbie Gunn
3 days ago

Her hair was black
Her tits where saggy
she was five foot five
just the right size

she tried her best
to make me explode
I forgive her though

use the money well
life can be cruel..
help your kids in china
go to school

This poem was performed in-front of a live comedy crowd
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
3 days ago

Throw out the gauntlet
toss me some rhyme
beat up some words
not forcing down lines

Tit-ting for tat
speeding the prose
this-ing for that
right under the nose

You can definitely try
you might even succeed
with wit and with sly
rhyming, past me

My mind, just works that way :D
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
3 days ago

She spins him round, a story so true
exhausted release, when she is through
her body, her art
each, and all parts
a fresh start, here comes round two

Yup, down in the gutter, once more :D
#sex   #humor   #limerick   #adult  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
3 days ago

Driving and jiving at a hundred and five
Taking the corner, like, it's a bee hive
Cop riding my tail, sirens and lights
Singing my loudest, as the turbo ignites
Gone in the rear-view, he's clean disappeared
Hitting two twenty, without any fears
Riding and singing, my buddies, they cheer

As the engine sputters, and blows out the head
Residing in heaven, now totally dead
Remember my homeys, when living true free
Watch out for the road, and all it's debris
Hamster peds so innocent, cute and small
will ruin your life, if in the intake, they fall

No hamsters will harmed in the making of this poem.
#heaven   #humor   #hamster   #homies   #hot-rod  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
4 days ago




all put me in the zone

A zone of super happiness
my doctor, did condone

The smile upon my face
by drugs combined, just right

A screaming in my mindless cage
realizing, I simply didn't fight

There ya go, if depression has a prescription, how far can we be away from completely preventing hair loss and obesity? right..... :D
#happy   #humor   #rx   #artifical  

Humpty Trumpty yearned for a wall
He needed it strong and free to install
'It's gotta be huge like the size of my penis
And clearly discerned from the far side of Venus'

Peligro, Mexico, mind his massive ego
He ain't your mate nor your fondest amigo.

'I'll make 'em pay, so complete it real soon
And spacemen will marvel
When they stroll on the moon.

It's gonna be bigger and infinitely finer
Than The Pyramids, Machu Picchu
Or that crap wall in China'

Miriam Troth 2016

#humor   #humour   #trump  

in the cool room
desks, white light
my head slowly nods

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