Bianca Reyes
Bianca Reyes
2 days ago

Lay me down heavy on the ground
Broken and bruised
Shine down on me daily
Warm and loving
Watch me blossom from shadows
Beautiful and yours

Copyright under Bianca Reyes 2017
All rights reserved
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Sally A Bayan
Sally A Bayan
7 days ago

Let not freezing winds
numb, or paralyze your thoughts
give them tunes...write them!

Let the warmth of words
melt frozen inks of winter setting in...


Copyright March 19, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan


7 days ago

staple a gun to your heart and call on the sun to melt the silver pieces into one, what i'm trying to say is put yourself back together and let the warmth radiate from your body like it used to, once i saw flowers pouring out your ribcages, now i see icicles freezing over your eyes but don't lose colour in your paints because at least when your brush hits the surface it carries something more than a gunning fresh start and less than a silver burden

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some things are not meant to be returned
be it a library’s borrowed book
or hands that cannot hold ours and leave us cold

because we need those things
as reminders of the people
who once borrowed or took what belongs to us

and in our story

i know why i remember you so well:
it is my warmth which you borrowed
and my heart that you took

i thought of a friend who hasnt returned my lang leav book.
and i thought of you who has neither returned my heart nor given yours in exchange, wjh
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Each time I hear your heartbeat sic along with the beep,
I never wish to let you go.
Every breath you take,
Makes me wish to stop time.

When I feel your warmth,
I always come to the small thought,
That one day I won't feel your warmth anymore.

I will no longer get to put my head against your chest,
And count how many times your heart beats in the rhythmic pattern.
No longer will I be able to hear each breath you take,
And when you come to your end, I shall weep.

My dear one laying and waiting in the hospital bed,
I promised no matter how much it hurts me I shall stay beside you.

Every time that beep pauses my heart leaps,
Each time the doctor has to pull me out of the room for a "check up,"
Or "Check in," everything becomes a blur and I let a few sea salt tears fall.

My dear hospital bedded lover,
I'll miss you when you go,
That is why I lay so close and take every part of you in.
Never do I wish to leave, even if you leave me in my arms.

I want to soak in the your warmth,
And bask in your sweet nothings that you whisper to me.
Your heartbeat is a lullaby I cannot dream without.

I will feel empty when your hospital bed feels no longer inhabited,
And you will not return back to me.

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There's a palace on a hill
women don't cry
men don't kill
The sky is always blue
the sun is always bright
fear can never enter
not even at night

The wind sings inspiration
the crystal rain brings peace
The white clouds bring comfort
as they travel in the breeze
No heart has ever broken
no eye has ever wept
No finger has pointed blame-fully
no father has ever left

The trees are our protectors
flowers are our friends
We live everyday without sadness
for no good thing ever ends
And as we dance into the courts
run throughout the fields
We deeply treasure the place we call home
the palace on a hill

By Lindsay Johnson
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i like to sit and listen
he poured his heart into every note he wrote
and i feel his weathered soul in his music
played by steady hands and passion

i like to sit and listen
and wish i could train my sorry fingers
into bringing beauty from a page to life
but instead i write sad little love poems

i like to sit and listen
there's warm and then there's sun-warm
and sun-warm is like if happiness had a temperature
so i'm washing my heart in the rays

i like to sit and listen
and feel clean and whole again
when it falls i'll fall too and be cold
but until then i'm listening

the sun came out today and my cousin is playing one of my favorite rachmaninov pieces and i'm just so at peace
#peace   #happiness   #music   #warmth  

The sun caresses my face
And kisses me with tender care.

The wind tousles my hair
While the breeze floats across my unarmed skin.

My iced coffee is cold and bitter on my lips;
I rise to meet the glorious day.

The bell rings in its tower
10 strikes to mark the early hour.

The sky, a piercing and unabashed blue
A color unlike any other hue.

The vernal equinox still lies weeks ahead
But I'll enjoy this brief, warm stead.

I listen as the birds converse and sing their transient songs
I smile, and do my best to whistle along.

Today is a good day.

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Feb 23

This fascination
With material things
Pictures and words
Promises and lies
It make people forget

They forget what really matters
What is really important
They get too absorbed
In their pictures and words

A simple gesture
That's all we need
Nothing more
No pictures
No words

We get wrapped up in the technicalities
We complicate things
We add pictures and words
Even though we do not need them
To express ourselves

We have no need for these new languages
These new pictures and words
What we need is something old
Something nearly forgotten

It's older than the desert
Older than the ocean
Than the trees
Than the mountains

It's pure
Purer than a snowflake
Or a child's laugh
Or a sunbeam

It requires no explanation
No pictures or words
It's something we all understand
Yet we have forgotten

We have forgotten it
It's simplicity
It's embrace
It's warmth

What we need is love
True love
Love that does not need explanation
That does not need pictures and words
Pure love

#love   #pictures   #lies   #truth   #words   #happiness   #emotions   #pure   #warmth   #feel-good  

Our backs are barren
nude and cold,
and we'll hug warmly
in a sporadic breath.

Reflected boldly
on a royal sword;
a caress will freeze
drowned in coldness and blush.

Broken bits of a tempo
slowly find their way;
and we'll replay back the symphony
when we're in dismay.

Like puzzle pieces trapping
scrambled sand in an hourglass;
only meaningful when time
elapses through an atom of sand.

Those puzzle pieces
are scattered and raw
small, radiant words
and bleary, missing faces.

Typically vivid when
they're glued correctly to show
a painting of a hidden memory;
it's a noisy, deserted strand.

So whenever we fight
I'll willfully lose my psyche;
to replay back the moment
I embraced you in my sight.

Tear It Apart!
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