1 day ago

my hands are cold
they're frozen really
my fingers are stiff
barely moving, barely able

her hands are warm
they're pleasant really
her fingers are flexible
always moving, always able

she wraps my arthritic hands in her own
kisses my palm softly with heated lips
she pretends that it doesn't hurt her
that it doesn't sharply pierce her skin

the reality of the situation is that i am far too cold
the most electrifying of touches will never help
i am beyond saving, cannot be thawed

#love   #cold   #warmth   #heat  
1 day ago

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
#home   #ocean   #warmth   #flow   #tide   #mountain   #stream   #beach   #sand   #salty  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
7 days ago

I have given them away so many times--
leaving pieces of my heart in places
that I always hoped would be safe and secure
far from harm--
for in giving away these precious pieces,
I envision
that forever I will live on
and no matter what happens
no matter how cruel or inhumane
this life turns out to be
always somewhere out there
will be pieces of me,
my heart, my love, my soul--
and those who take the time
to pick up these bits and pieces (of me)
might finally know
that it's all about LOVE
it's all about giving it away--
for if you hold onto love just for yourself
you'll never feel the light of day
nor the warmth of the sunshine
or the glowing shine of the night time moon--
for being selfish with LOVE
will only lead to ruin--
so pick up my pieces
and hold them close to you
and know that even after I'm gone
my LOVE, my warmth, my compassion of heart
will ALWAYS be real and true...
©Pamela Rae 02.13.2017

no matter how hard life gets, there is still and always will be
Sending love and warmth to each of you and appreciation
for all here on HP. ♥♥♥
ps Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!
#love   #heart   #moon   #selfish   #gratitude   #warmth   #pieces   #compassion   #shine  
Wide Eyes
Wide Eyes
Feb 12

She's wicked winter, one time I was told.
They get the chills from her airs; so cold.
Their deep despise they never did disguise...
Alas, 'tis only warmth that melts frosty ice.

#metaphor   #lonely   #society   #ice   #winter   #cold   #warmth   #isolated   #chills  
Feb 10

Don't ever forget that you are fire, gentle enough to warm the hearts of others, yet strong enough to burn anyone that dares to play with your flames.

-A lesson I wish I learned sooner// I should've scorched you, instead of letting you steal all of my heat

Charcoal hands
draw tales
of flames,
the kind that vow
to end us

Beneath the ash
a spark betrays
your warmest hues,
your sweetest sigh,
igniting you,
my canvas

Whenever you come around, I feel warmth inside my heart
Butterflies squirm and fly rapidly in my womb
My breath's hitched and common sense takes a trip as you speak to me
Is this love? (It must be)

First crush
#love   #first   #feelings   #crush   #warmth   #tenderness  

A Brother…
A Friend…
A Reliable Corner in your life to reach whenever you ran for peace…
Above all, he is a light soul with that smile and soothing voice…
The space around him, let you close your eyes and let those Mantra spill over to cure…
Your Moments with him keep  you in the sacred circle of purity…
Although his tears are hard to fall, still you feel the warmth of his heart surrounding you with harmony…
He is presence in his silence….
He is the manifestation of truth…
He is one of the Tribe!!!!

#peace   #heart   #tears   #silence   #light   #warmth   #mantra   #harmony   #tribe   #fritte  

two rather large glasses down,
one heart crumbled the other thriving.
Leave the shattered pieces on the ground
find the light
find the happiness and the warmth
that linger within
after layer after layer of singed love.
a fire that was lit and never put out
burned me to my core
leaving no light
no happiness within
no warmth for me to bathe and bask in.

#love   #heart   #happiness   #burn   #light   #warmth   #shattered   #candle   #lit   #thrive  

Why, all of a sudden, do I feel so cold now?
It's hardly been an hour since you left.

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