Kristin Michelle
Kristin Michelle
3 hours ago

he walks into the room
radiant energy consumes my being
the type of energy you feel
while you pretend you’re not looking
cool, calm, and collected yet a hungry stare
this type of company is incredibly rare
a human who proceeds with caution to protect his heart
who won’t ruin his status
for a false jump start
maturity and strength more present than impulsive energy
conversation and understanding lead to an undeniable synergy
an intellectual, passionate, self-caring man
how stupid I would be if I took it personal and ran
I must learn patience and to take my time
how fortunate am I
to have gotten closer to someone that can make me rhyme
we melt into his couch
all I can think about are his hands and mouth
we don’t touch
I say too much
I pull my coat hood over my head
as my cheeks turn rosy red
my lust is strong
when I do not see him
I long
I have never had to learn how to wait
all my past has lead to is fast-paced heartbreak
this is a lesson the universe wants me to learn
for once in my life I must relax and yearn
If only he knew that he is music to my ears
I admire his face
he’s had a few beers
I want to take as much time as this needs
to breathe
fire is necessary when it gets cold out
filled with doubt
the world
turned you cold
but in time you'll see
the fire you seek is me
I have never felt more sure of letting it be
it’s his turn to throw the dice
fire and ice

#love   #fire   #hope   #lust   #him   #cold   #warmth  
8 hours ago

Capture a feeling
to bottle in words
a concealed truth
in metaphor verse

I saw a window
into her soul
though in it
was darkness
blacker than,
a black hole

The art of poetry.
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
3 days ago

My heart is so warm right now

like a toasty marshmallow

all brown and melty

slumping to one side.

Part of me wants more

like a piercing light saber

my desire increases tenfold

three red shafts throbbing

extremely hard and ready to go

when my nostrils take in

your sweet scent. It's nice like

honey baked bread fresh

from the oven or soft like green litchen moss with warmth radiating while watching

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

(again) while cuddling you

letting your body heat fold over me so neat like someone cranked open

a portable blow torch and

started blowing my frozen heart wide open with orange flames

thawing it to room temperature.

Now a tiny piece of pink remains peeking shyly at you in the dark

precariously dangling its delicate

frailty like soft woven spider lace.

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
3 days ago

Sometimes when I

briefly touch you

I want to sink into

the warmness of your skin

all toasty from that internal heater

you call a body an it's wonderful

how so much heat can come

from such a delicate frame

or maybe  you are my delicacy

to be deliciously eaten

during times of crisis

I only have to think of

the slight curve

of your pink smile

to find warmth.

5 days ago

Toes are sheets of
the cold
creeps under

Hands have rolled
the dice
the night creeps onward

No dirt along this path
no rising

no skin in red light
over this
frozen hearth

Every way to pick apart
the skin atop
my head

I've bled within the dark
to sleep
on feather beds

come away with me

come closer

come away with me

come closer

#fear   #death   #sleep   #sweat   #bed   #ice   #blood   #cold   #warmth   #dirt  
Sorina Gantt
Sorina Gantt
5 days ago

sunlight trails through his veins,
and with one smile my world is set on fire.
the laugh that escapes his lips crawls under my skin.
it radiates warmth throughout my fragile body.  
and suddenly, I am not fragile anymore.

— s.g.

#love   #sun   #happiness   #smile   #light   #laugh   #warmth   #sunlight   #veins   #fragile  
Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca
5 days ago

She is deep and coloured with story
she was picked accordingly by God like every other
she steals any peak of brightness and stores it in her warmth
she constantly desires the light that looks down on her
she is fed and enriched when she meets the sun
she glows and thrives once she meets him.
She is loved by many but hated much too,
she is a symbol of my culture
she will live with me forever

My skin is Dark and lovely

#love   #god   #sun   #dark   #skin   #light   #warmth   #lovely   #culture   #accordingly  
7 days ago

A warm cup of tea and seeing his smile
Perfect ombres and a comfortable couch
A song with a beautiful melody
You may be wondering what these have in common
They're all things that bring me joy

The scent of fresh blueberry muffins
The sunset on a warm summer day
Going to the lake
Clearly my prompt for the day was joy

Knowing someone loves me
Taking the perfect shot, photography of course
A nice warm bath and waking up next to you
All these things seem simple and ordinary
But to me they mean the world, and that's all that matters.

#love   #happiness   #smile   #joy   #warmth   #tea   #prompts  

Sun will dare not to touch my body
When I get real warmth in your arms
No one can see my love to be with me
No one can dare to violate the norms

When I sleep and go for an embrace
I feel pride in my real sweet fortune
When we are lips to lips,face to face
Being with same music , same tune

Let us be one with two loving hearts
Let me caress and kiss you in trance
Let be one pace to pace ,parts to parts
Let love take just chance after chance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#in   #warmth   #arms  

It was more than just a strip of leather--

everything I wished you would just say
woven into the faded cinnamon hide,

memories that will never be made
embossed into the surface of your favorite bracelet.

When you took it off your wrist to tie
around mine, it was still warm. Branding the

very last of you that I would see for
a very long time into me,

I pulled it tighter, letting you burn into my flesh.

#love   #friend   #goodbye   #burn   #warmth   #leather   #bracelet   #day6  
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