Drove through snowstorms over icy roads
Warmed by the fire of my love for you
Following a lifeline of energy
Thought it led to your heart, warm and true
But there was only burning pain as you pushed me back
Erasing all the joy I ever knew
Signs were there that it was a trap
But the mine exploding in my face was my first clue

Open hearts are always more vulnerable
#love   #heartbreak   #pain   #ice   #cold   #frozen   #devastation  

They ran through the cold fog;
hearing nothing, seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

I watched them with keen eyes
as they clambered through the haze
which once stopped us in our tracks.

The mist turned to rain as a river
formed beneath them and took
their souls of youth away from them

And as they cried in fear,
I breathed in the cold fog;
hearing nothing, seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

~~ Numb. ~~
#fear   #pain   #loss   #dark   #hear   #blind   #cold   #sense   #feel   #see  
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
2 days ago

Walking in lonesome
Through a winter's woods, hoping
Melt of heart in ice

©  2017 Jim Davis.

Couldn't resist tribute to the Great Hank Williams
#heart   #woods   #winter   #cold   #lonesome  
Saint Titus
Saint Titus
2 days ago

I am scarier as an imitational being
Draw me a context and watch me come to life
Strive with me, we will be friends
Come and watch as unity does commence

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world turns downright cold
But you won't wake up in Arcadia

Trust me; I've never been so timid
Every grin grimace is as lifeless as my own
Even our souls have begun to tendril shut
Forward thinking and forward feeling
Did I take you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world will someday burn
But you don’t wake up
In Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all

The eyes once drawn apart
Have found their way together
Right and left
Every breath
Working on into forever
Like it or not
And I'm sure you don’t know
We will surface soon
And then we will float

Try waking up in Arcadia
You will never wake up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world became void
But the dream is all there is
You have been awake
There is no awareness
I am doomed

I don't know what i was thinking
#hell   #fire   #death   #ice   #earth   #afterlife   #nirvana   #cold   #arcadia   #spawn  
1 day ago

Wherever you look she is there, waiting;
beautiful and cold as she is,
for someone to entertain her.

When the sleepy skies yawn away and
his golden locks take the podium,
he can’t help but notice only her.

He invites to dance, so she lifts her skirts high
and puts her transparent hand in his and
together they dance their crystal waltz.

He might entertain her only for a while,
because she will soon perish from something
magically beautiful to just another puddle.

But despite knowing this, she does not mind at all.

#love   #dance   #sun   #nature   #cold   #warm   #mist   #frost   #puddle   #personify  
4 days ago

pillows of wind, freezing the minuet dew drops on each blade of grass,
tiny ice goblets
dutifully every morning.

it whistles, slipping between
the barren trees,
curling around the crumbling houses
built in the '70s
a time when,
they may have kept us sheltered from Mother Nature's ghastly wrath.  

whispering against the window panes, creeping past the glass frames.
icy hands claw their way across the floor, up the bed posts
beneath the sheets.  

gliding cold fingers up my legs,
down my spine. wrapping themselves around my neck,
the fire in my eyes has died.
sweet release, a gradual fading light.

my heartbeat slows,
though inches away,
warm & unaware you lie.
boney tendrils squeezing
as I drift to my glacial demise.

#love   #life   #winter   #insomnia   #seasons   #cold   #ew   #dislike  
4 days ago

Like a ringing in my ears,
the loneliness consumes,
becomes all I sense.
The darkness corners me,
it takes me with it,
and I am left to fight,
I stop,
giving into the coldness,
but I love it.
Flashes of bright red,
like the flashing lights,
of the police cars,
when they took me,
calling me insane,
like they slapped a label,
on me,
I am labeled dangerous,
They don't know,
they treat me like a box of explosives,
in their infatuation of a safe and freak-free world,
but I really should be marked fragile.
But they would never know.
I smell blood,
and often scent here,
in my cages.
I am like a caged bird,
just waiting to be free.

#lonely   #label   #alone   #fight   #darkness   #cold   #loneliness   #sense   #insane   #cornered  
Kaytlyn Harris
5 days ago

everything is cold and soaking
i feel sickness creeping up my back
where your hands were
as if im standing outside my house in the midst of a cold springtime storm
left a cold in me
i need to warm up
the thing is im not sure how

#confused   #spring   #cold   #sickness  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

You can't fix something that's not broken,
you can't change someone who doesn't want to change,
you can't decide how a person should be,
you just simply can't,
is it so hard to see?

You walk around and try to control everything that comes your way,
you're shocked when someone doesn't do as you say,
you think you're God and that we should all obey,
the truth is no matter how much beauty you endure,
you'll never be anything more than what's inside of your soul.

Your soul is darker than the night,
your heart is as cold as ice,
I'll never fall for your spell again,
You're just a devil in diguise
Nothing more, nothing less

If somebody here needs a change,
look in the mirror and watch it shatter.
You're broken and bruised,
and give others abuse.
You're living proof that the outside is no reflection of the inside...
Beautiful outside, rotten inside.

#abuse   #fake   #bitch   #hurt   #cold   #pretty   #mean   #soulless   #rotten  

This feeling is cold, like the rock I was sitting on,
I felt numb, like my fingers and toes were when I was outside,
I felt empty, like my stomach was as the days went by,
I felt confused, like the words you left me with,
I felt sick, I was sick,
Of waiting for you

#love   #broken   #heart   #alone   #lost   #free   #but   #cold  
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