Ace High
Ace High
15 hours ago

I came back to you to right all the wrong. My heart was left somewhere along the path now abandoned too long.. I thought it could be found on my way back. But after it all it's my dignity I lack. I was made to believe it was all my fault and these issues could be fixed. In my mind I knew the truth, in my heart my emotions mixed. We were doomed to detonate right from the start. I knew it in my mind. I refused it in my heart. It was years ago since I felt this passion which blinded me so. I wanted to stay, even though I knew it was time to go. It wasn't your orders to leave or spiteful words. It was the fact that it wasn't me, It was him you preferred. I gave you my everything. I gave you all my time. To you it was nothing. To you this is just a rhyme. I need to stay strong and show you I can do the same. As much as you've led me to believe. It wasn't me to blame. I came back everytime knowing how I'd feel. I just wanted reassurance that your bittersweet love was real. The length of us was due to my submission. But once again I'd been replACEd. He was the previously new edition. Compare him to me all you wish, you will never find what you seek. If it's me you truly want, but find it easier with him our relationship has reached it's peak. It's cruel to say I kept trying, while you left me on a limb. A spark I used to see so bright has now become so dim. I can't explain why you feel this way, I cant understand it either. My love for you, my craving for you, the pain is not worth neither. If you couldn't see I would've caught stars for you, then this is the unfortunate end. In all those months all I wanted to hear is that I was your best friend.

I was never enough.
16 hours ago

" Sometimes, we write to forget. "

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Delilah Saw
Delilah Saw
21 hours ago

For I have restrained from the light above
Thou, in the ogling reflection, stood, awaiting
Amorphous reiteration of the rue singes the flesh
For I ,ere sewing the sin on my flesh, was inebriated from passion and from those I regret.

The eons of dust arched the back of the wind,
Integrating through, never did they collide, only swiveling.
For I missed the light flickering,
Beyond the hues of tears clear on my skin..

Only in this meandering path do I bedeck my complexion,
With sins ,adjoining skin over skin
I have never admired
The way they nestle over sin.

Thee; The patchy and rough branches,
Sew beyond the bones under,
Inexorably calling to terminate
This pain over and under

For i have sinned, please tune me out
Discerned from the peaks of higher mountains; Apart.
Though the stars shine upon solely a dust,
For a jiff, merely descends the armour, down

Caved in, clemency seems away in clouds,
Billowing up towards the luminary.
Did I crave it or did I not?
Does flesh ache a lot.

I stood in front of a mirror,
Abhoring the adversarial and metaphoric matter
Ethereality strikes over my flesh,
When I commemorate the sins I have flecked

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2 days ago

• dearest, dad.
dead. •

alice, "daddy, i love you. i love you, dad."

tuli, "he's just sleeping." laughs "dad,
wake up."

junior, "dad, i'm sorry, sorry, dad." hysterically crying.

lynn, "dad, i'm here dad. i'm here now."

mom, "you promised you'd never leave me, hun."


me: crickets

I feel so.much of what I didn't before.
This is what I recall from this day.
Haven't really been able to write poetry in a while.
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Ami Shae
Ami Shae
3 days ago

In the impending days ahead
I hope to face them with awe
and not with dread.
Not a moment goes by
that I am unaware
of tears so many cry
and my heart breaks in two
as I realize with huge regret
that there is nothing
absolutely nothing
that we can do...
However this one thought is true:

I wish the best to happen,
really do...

Through the stained glass
And smash

The past
And smash

The past
Is gone at last
Wear its carcass

Is gone at last
Hear the echoes
Wear its carcass
From then

Hear the echoes
From then
A shockwaving beam

A shockwaving beam
Through the stained glass

It's a pantoum!
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Agas Waluya
Agas Waluya
4 days ago

I kissed the drop of the ice
Like your tears that never stop
I should have hold your corpse
Instead of giving it to another man
Grayscale and a forceful kiss

I should have warmed you with my love
But now you're gone and I act though
I can't smell the petrichor anymore
My sense had gone walk past that door

The mist that used to makes me shivered
Now just a thin air that whispered
I have lost you in a rainy day like this
Your raindrops were warm and salty
And now I am buried with  guilt

#regret   #rain   #thoughts   #guilt   #remorse   #raindrops   #drop   #alright  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
5 days ago

unbearable awareness
sometimes threatens to invade
to wrap its proverbial fingers
around my neck
and squeeze
until my heart explodes
within my chest--
but then
and inexplicably
you arrive on the scene
and loosen
the grip
of fear, angst and regret--
you caress
my innermost
intimate parts
with your eyes,
your hands,
your beautifully
spoken words
and remind me
that you,
(yes, you)
are who
rescued me
from the depths
(so long ago)
of my dark despair--
so when it happens
when I become
so unbearably aware
that life and love and sorrow
are all intermingled
into one and the same--
I will know then
to simply
raise my voice
with true determination
and call out
unto the universe
your name...
©Pamela Rae 01.17.2017

#love   #fear   #regret   #heart   #angst   #voice   #despair   #awareness   #grip   #depths  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
7 days ago

“The only thing I regret
is having the chance
to do something then not doing it.”

I regret.
I regret every second that I’m looking down at my phone.
Heck, I didn’t even know
that I just walked into a danger zone.
Because I wasn’t paying attention to what’s around.
I was just too busy looking down.
Looking down at some phone.

I regret.
I regret ignoring my family all because of my phone.
From the second I walk through my house door,
my phone is in my hand, and I am looking down.
I know now, that I wasn’t being ignored.
It was me who was ignoring them, every time I look down.

I regret.
I regret having a chance
to go and make a change
then not changing at all.
I regret.

If I could just find some way
to just put down my phone.
To find some escape
so I’m not trapped in some danger zone.
Then I wouldn’t regret so much;
but for now,
I regret.

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I wanted this and i chose it
I didn't take him when he was mine
I laughed at his face  and turned away
I broke him and i was fine

He is feeling  much better now
He's the laughter  in a big crowd
He learnt from his  past mistake
He likes girls that do appreciate

After all this time i simply couldn't forget
The boy who i would always regret
Sometimes i watch him from afar
Seeing how quickly he mended his scar

Now we both have someone in our lives
And even though I have to try
I simply can get him off my mind
Cause now  I am the one is broken inside

#broken   #regret   #mistake  
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