The things you want to find,
you can't set out to get.
They will come in time,
to seek is to regret.

Written by: Michael R Triska

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1 day ago

All the:
What ifs
Should haves
Could have beens
And all the words
That make you regret
All the things you did
Things you:
Should have done
Could have done
And possibly,
Would have done,
But didn't.
Because you were:
Or simply
Too late.
Regrets that will:
Haunt you
For ever
And ever
Until you get
Used to it.
Until you get used
To regretting.

Maria Russo
Maria Russo
2 days ago

My soul is the canvas you had been painting all your dreams on but couldn't wait for them to dry.
Colors consuming me while you're getting black and white.

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2 days ago

A dream can slip away,
And ooze into the floor.
There it will remain,
Becoming nothing more.

Time will pass overhead,
Each step a sudden crack.
He’ll leave the fallen dream behind,
Unlikely to turn back.

The dream will lay in darkness,
A cold void to it's center.
Stretching blind towards the light,
Begging help to enter.

It's hope will turn to poison,
Seething with regret.
An affliction with no cure:
It's potential never met.

The dream will late return,
And blast up from below.
An inner rage will advance,
A vengeful plot will grow.

Your dream will come to strike you,
Like nothing has before.
You will come to fear it,
And it's never ending gore.

So hold fast to your dreams,
Don't let them drift away.
Else one day you may regret,
And fear where your dreams lay.

Forgive the dark turn. The loss of something so sacred should never be looked upon lightly.
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Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
2 days ago

You would say,
If It were so.
Remind me
To grab a coat,
For the chill and snow.
If cash was tight
We'd be home at night.
If she didn't make the cut,
Forgot her lines,
Or missed the shot,
There was no sugar-coat,
You said it straight
If it were so:
Girls, you're doing fine.
Today is was, not now.
Wait til next time.

If it were so,
You'd say.
So say you love me
One last time,
So I can let you go.

Bridgid Blalock
Bridgid Blalock
2 days ago

I refuse to drink the poison of regret
Regret turns into doubt
Those who doubt
Never live

I've learned through observation and experience.
#fear   #doubt   #regret   #die   #poison   #live  

A chord of realization is struck,
Emerging from your throat.
The tone bubbles out like laughter but
Reeks of cough syrup and sorrow.

Physically well,
Mentally healing,
Emotionally kneeling to
Every broken phrase,
Spoken over endless days—
Then promises
Of progress to follow.

More bitter medicine to swallow.

Jagged edged words, lacerations,
Fleeting sense of

Later, a bitter pill to take.

Yet, regret tastes sweeter
Than another mistake.

Clem Turner
Clem Turner
4 days ago

it could have worked.
the fleeting thought of a young egotist
drowning himself in empty buckets
from an imaginary stream
as he closed his computer
and set it aboard an unwieldy life raft.

and once the heart beat sped up
and his blood stream started to hum
like broken neon bar lights
he let the glowing poison from his throat
dive into the dull sink
and felt his liver sigh in relief.

when the needle is stuck into his vein,
and the sodapop nurse tells him
how fortunate he is
to still have bright blue eyes
that blink and emote
and breathe,
he will shake his heavy head and say,
"it could have worked."

i threw up within the first fifteen minutes of the medicine being in my system. if i hadn't, i wouldn't have made it.
#suicide   #regret   #shame   #almost  
4 days ago

We were happy.

No more fighting, no more shifting the blame onto who hurt who more, no more periods of time wondering how the other was.

But instead of leaving me longing and pining for you when I woke up,

I felt sick and disgusted.

How dare my brain try to convince me that you were ever good for me.

Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
5 days ago

Oh, sacred Cupid
Stick me with your arrow and bring me to my feet
My knees have gotten so very weak and tired
Turn my sobs to kisses then back to sobs once more
And allow myself to forget my troubles even for a moment.
Allow love to take its fingers and lock them into mine
Only to break each and every finger just one more time
Touch my skin and allow it to erode and decay
Either finish me off entirely or take your love away

I'd rather die than live another day

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