Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
2 days ago

Boardwalk beach goers
Strolled in ball caps
And in wide-brimmed hats
And in flip flops
And in cover-ups casually tied over low-slung bikinis
Lining the railing of the weathered pier
Eyes half closed, hands folded, heads atilt
Shoulders squared to a fading sun
A familiar form among the silhouettes
Twenty years hence
A cascade of raven hair
A billowing summer dress
My single breath
Then across rutted planks
To finally slake the thirst for another and
Be free of the malfeased heart
The lilt of perfume
Light, breathless, familiar
Transported back through time
To burn white hot again
Only to blanch at the precipice
Before the gray water

#love   #regret   #loss   #romance   #memory   #connection  

Peanut butter
sadness and fruit
I once swore that i would use you as my ladder to truth
later days i felt decay so i would pray for my self
Hearing nothing returned
it would wayne on my health

I got caught
High in the sky ;
thinking you would join
I wallowed in my cries
whatever ;
Looking down i saw a river made
bottling the water hoping that my feelings fade

Tight ;
feeling thirsty during walks of life
drinking from the bottles till the day becomes the night

#love   #regret   #stuck  
morning glory
morning glory
4 days ago

“I wonder what it’s like to love you.” You say as we’re lying in my bed.

“I wouldn’t know,” I say, “I don’t think anybody ever has.”

And you give me a pitiful smile, the kind you always give when I
say something so negative about myself.

I guess I’m glad I’ve come to think of it as ‘commitment’ rather than ‘pity’.

I’ve let myself drown in you. I let myself become lost in your lifeless eyes

and I’m filled with regrets but I don’t regret a thing. Maybe I Regret Breathing.

You’ll let my ghost linger, just for awhile longer. You’ll let me be real to you.

And as I feel the smoothness of you silk black hair in my hands, I wonder

if I’ve ever really loved you or if I just loved how in love we could have been. The agony of loving you won't let me die.

i miss you always, daffodil.
#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #regret   #death   #winter   #flower   #pity   #spring   #despair  
The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
4 days ago

Did you support that Donald Trump in his campaign last year?
Why didn't all his hatefulness fill you with dread and fear?
Did you believe his B.S. or did you hate Hillary
so much that you preferred a jerk who likes to grab pu--y?

At some point did you realize the truth he cannot tell,
when he fibbed about inaugural crowds and voter fraud as well?
When he misled you on healthcare, did you finally agree
that lying just like breathing; both come to him naturally?

And what about his henchmen, tangled up with Russian ties
to the Kremlin and the oligarchs, in cahoots with Putin's spies?
When Trump heaped praise on Vladimir, were you just too blind to see,
or did you hope that your leader would be Comrade Trumpsky?

Oh how could this have happened? What an awful, global mess!
A big buffoon's in power, do you finally confess?
Did your vote help to elect him? To the Whitehouse was he sent
because in a fit of madness, you said "Trump for President"?!

'cause in a fit of madness, you said TRUMP-FOR-PRESIDENT?!

This poem can also be sung to the tune of "The Hoedown Song", which was a common feature on Drew Carey's former improvisation show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?". You can see and hear this poem performed with the music on YouTube at

To see a variety of "trumpoems", take a look at
#lies   #regret   #russia   #president   #putin   #united   #election   #voting   #donald   #trump  
5 days ago

I saw her line fall flat
It was a sign that she's not turning back
A while ago i checked on her
It made me cry a river

I asked a question
But her silent told me everything in her position
A sound I'll never hear again
A beat that skipped a thousand repeat

I long to see
Her being with me
But all acts are nothing now
She has bowed her last show

I waited for her to come back
But it was a time to accept the fact
That she is no longer breathing
And she is in the great unknown just smiling

I wanted to say goodbye
Not knowing she already did
Like the last song i never heard
From the stereo i always listened to

She was and still the best
She deserves a rest
Rest in peace
When my time comes to an end
I shall see you again...

This is a poem i wrote for my grandmother who died last year. Our time together has come to an end. I know all acts are nothing now. It all happened so sudden. One moment you were smiling. Then the next time i came to see you... I was too late.
K Coleman
K Coleman
6 days ago

What could've been is an idea
that unfortunately exists with lies.

I wonder if what could've been
is really what should've been,
just hiding in disguise.

And what if what could've been,
would've been...
that'd be quite the surprise.

But it doesn't really matter.

Because it would be a surprise,
if what would've been
could've been.

And if hiding in disguise
is what should've been,
I no longer wonder what could've been.

That's just what what could've been is,
an idea made of lies.

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