12 hours ago

I wonder how many lives you touched, before mine

How many heartbreaks you caused and how many you tried your best to mend

How many times you closed your eyes and wondered what the future would bring

Not knowing it would include me

Look up the title if you don't already know what it means. Beautiful word.
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1 day ago

Cut loose the tie
Before everything ends to lie
Don't ever regret it
Some things are not worthy of it

From now on, i do not know you.
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Better days are a memory of the past,

better days are a hope for the future,

better days are todays sunset and tomorrows sunrise,

a better day just needs someone to make it.

hebrews 13:5  Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,  “Never will I leave you;     never will I forsake you.”
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2 days ago

Everything just passes me by
People, hope and opportunity, no matter how I try
The focus of my life is not to focus on the past
And it all goes by so fast

I'm stuck here in my room, on my bed
Reminiscing over things, trapped inside my head
Like this is where I'm at now, no doubt
I've got so much more to do

Way too much to lose, way too young to cruise
Should be getting out more often but I don't wanna bruise
The backlash of my actions, intended or not
Is not something that I've forgot

Not something I can forget
Because I'm not done just yet
I got things to do, much to lose
Now is not the time for me to cruise

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It's not about what was
or what's to come.

That it is about what it is...
Yet to me, it's never about what it is
I am what was and might become what's to come.

The past made me, maybe the future might change me...

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Oh yes we know how it started
Unfortunate times it was
Unwise I’d say also
And yet it was.

There you became, to stand in opposition
The paradigm of “no”
That everything was attack and ill intended so

And it gave you power, for what you perceived as danger
Standing divided all those years
I was not aware to the degree
power over me.

And to this day
Whatever I say
Will be placed against the paradigm of oppose
These patterns are hard to see I suppose

But light of day
Has its way
And all the paradigm i thought was me
I now see it didn’t have to be

© All Rights Reserved Ruth Meyer 2017
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Ines Rose
Ines Rose
3 days ago

I knew how to write in Korean
Then, before I knew it,
I almost forgot

I knew how to laugh at your jokes
Then, before I knew it,
The joke was on me

I knew how to give you my love
Then, before I knew it,
That knowledge was lost

(Spur of the moment)
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So, I grew up, built myself to be more than just walked all over,
Is that what made you all turn your backs and cowardly walk away?
Yeah, I fucked up, yet admitted it, that's more than any of you can say.
I finally stood up for myself and stopped taking bullshit with a closed mouth,
after all I did hold something worth value, maybe not to any of you, but to those who truely matter.
If I were the puerile person, I'd harbor tons of grudges on you, like the ones you callowly place upon me.
No, I'm not claiming to be above it all or some kind of self righteous prick,
I've done enough shit to fill the septic, but all I'm saying is you have to own it.
We're all human, all the same, liars and cheaters, lovers and seekers,
we all have our own blame to take.
Yet, you'll get no where blaming flaw and fault on those trying to help.
Open the eyes you so blindingly use to perceive your own made up lies,
Maybe then you'll be able to see love conquering those who choose to hate only over their own self deprecation.

Through the stained glass
And smash

The past
And smash

The past
Is gone at last
Wear its carcass

Is gone at last
Hear the echoes
Wear its carcass
From then

Hear the echoes
From then
A shockwaving beam

A shockwaving beam
Through the stained glass

It's a pantoum!
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Alyssa Quinones
Alyssa Quinones
4 days ago

After all this time, do you still look into her eyes and try to see mine?

#love   #life   #hurt   #past   #relationship   #break-up  
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