4 days ago

I saw her line fall flat
It was a sign that she's not turning back
A while ago i checked on her
It made me cry a river

I asked a question
But her silent told me everything in her position
A sound I'll never hear again
A beat that skipped a thousand repeat

I long to see
Her being with me
But all acts are nothing now
She has bowed her last show

I waited for her to come back
But it was a time to accept the fact
That she is no longer breathing
And she is in the great unknown just smiling

I wanted to say goodbye
Not knowing she already did
Like the last song i never heard
From the stereo i always listened to

She was and still the best
She deserves a rest
Rest in peace
When my time comes to an end
I shall see you again...

This is a poem i wrote for my grandmother who died last year. Our time together has come to an end. I know all acts are nothing now. It all happened so sudden. One moment you were smiling. Then the next time i came to see you... I was too late.
Mar 19

Gooseberry pie

I remember being a kid
Coming home to the smell of cornbread
Granny in the kitchen stirring homemade chili
Set the table Jimmy it’s almost ready

Gooseberry pie straight from the oven
Swiss cheese on the top, I was in heaven
Ice cold milk to wash it all down
Granny was the best cook in our town

Granny did bake when the holidays came
Cookies and fudge and candy canes
Divinity squares and popcorn balls
Sweet butter biscuits with chocolate sauce

I’m sure she’s head cook up there in the heavens
I’m sure they got one hell of a kitchen
I miss her a lot and sometimes I cry
I miss my dear granny and her gooseberry pie

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I see you in the climbing flowers
That smile down at me sweetly

I see you in the sunbeams
That kiss the top of my head

I see you in the ocean waves
That calm me with their soft tossing

I see you in the twinkling stars
That wink at me cheekily

I see you everywhere
Except by my side

I miss you

Remembering the songs
I hummed as a small child
Remembering the innocence
Of my mind as a small child
Remembering the joy
Imbedded into my heart as a small child
Remembering the love
I believed in as a small child
Remembering the stories
That took me away as a small child
Remembering everything
That I was as a small child
Reminds me of everything
That I'm not as a young woman.

January 31, 2017.
I revised this poem after I got some feedback from a wonderful young lady named Hannah who runs a blog called "2B or Not 2B: Creative Writing Tips and Tricks. Please check it out, it really is a wonderful blog. (P.s. I won this month's poetry contest with this revised version of "Remembering"!)
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when I think back on
who we were
before the monsters got in

the beauty cuts me to bits

now we are books with missing pages
the first chapters written
in forgotten language

I see you in everything beautiful
it makes me want to change the world
into one that couldn't do this to us

missing you is so painful
so painful...

for the sweetest girl ever to grace this earth

Come, closer
in this gap made for one. I've cleared
myself just for you, bearing
familiarity and pulsing forgiveness.
Place your hand
on my shoulders and leave it that way
until the light drives out the crows outside my bedroom window.
Succumb to my passion
and scorch yourself
on unabridged fever. You'll map
unchartered territory and traverse on nostalgia.
I'll let you scar me
with melancholy, if you take me
up on my offer.

#love   #old   #intimacy   #remembering  

As long as I'm still alive
I am a work in progress,
trying to remember the contract signed before I reincarnated into this flesh.
Who I agreed to meet, the people that would make life a little light, yet still keep enough space in between to be able to hear the spirit speak and guide.
These chapters of my life are written down to show that I am living and have lived them, so I have to write even if eyes never take the time to read, or ears never listen.
Just trying to live and connect the dots with every written line, to remember why it is I agreed to this and signed upon the dotted line.

I feel you in the air,
In the morning when I wake
I can feel your soul touch mine,
And there's nothing to worry about.
I can feel you next to me
When I sit for morning coffee
And feel your breath on mine;
For a moment it's like it used to be.
You're there when I walk down the street,
I almost look over my shoulder-
Half expecting someone to be there.
Instead a gust of wind brushes my bangs aside.
You know I hate that.
My thoughts are of you,
Even when they're not
I still trace a thought to my memories of you
I didn't know I had, and suddenly I'm gone.
You're in the music I hear,
Touching me through melodies
While dissonant sounds tear at my heart.
In open fields I feel you most,
As if you've suddenly become the trees and ground.
You rustle with the wind and speak to me
Things I can't hear, but feel in the bumps on my skin.
I feel you with me,
At the most inconvenient, inopportune times
And I don't know whether to be happy or mad.
Because I am constantly being reminded of you,
And the fact that you're not here.

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Jan 17

blue eyes, crashing into the seas of my heart.
you created a storm when you came and left.
now you're gone, and the ocean has left little but ripples to remind me of what once was.
     now you're gone, and i miss you.
          but i remember the tidal waves that once were,
               and i am fine with the peace that now is.

so i guess storms like you only come once in a lifetime.
and i guess that passion will never return quite like it did before.
and i guess that's okay.
     because i don't think i ever want to find a storm better than ours.

he was my first love. he was my storm. and that will always be ours.

We are thousands of miles away
But In my heart you will forever stay
Our drifting souls become a cluster
As the bonds we make tighten faster

Our souls may be two separate entities
But they are bound by a single link
Which are our shared qualities
Lettered on the dotted line in ink

- E.A.F

A soul is always wary of the unknown, but once there is a link shared. There is not much that can be done to stop the change soon to come.
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