When I feel scared, when I think that the next challenge could be tougher than I can manage,
when the bridge seems too shaky for me to cross... When the days are stormy and the roads thorny
and it feels like my bare feet won't get me a far... Wen the Ocean of life's too wavy for me to sail
and yet the voyage of time will not wait for the waves to pass, when the clouds are too thick
and the promise of the rain of despair is almost confirmed, when the stabbing drizzle has already started,
family's always my rainbow for no challenge will ever be greater than that which with my family I've overcome...
and no nights will ever be darker than those their light's seen me through... No matter how long,
no journey will ever beat the distance it's taken us to reach here... That's why no matter how hot the crucible may get,
I will always get through cooked for a better menu rather than burnt...Family's my last refuge,
family's my inspiration and most of all, family's my boat...
No Ocean will ever be rougher than my family can sail me through,
no love will ever be Family's true...
That's why no matter how far I go, how deep I think, how high I fly, how much I write
no matter how many battles I fight, the greatest weapon and armour God always blesses me with is family...

R A Lee
Jul 12, 2016

Green as clovers,
his eyes make me feel as if I'm his lucky star.
With an embrace stronger than any ocean current, he  holds tight to our dreams.
Stronger than Atlas, he carries the weight of both our fears.
My love for him rivals every god in the heavens;
the perfect offering for Aphrodite.
He makes my cold heart burn with desire.
He is my person and no one else's.

In the Domain of Love words are powerless
For only silence can contain a love that is endless
Unfathomable by mere intellectual perception
Inconceivable to any mortal cognition

Language is but a barrier that dissolves in this domain
The place held sacred from any corporeal profane
Actions may point to its existence
Yet don't mistake it for its essence

Love is not bound by need nor passion
Yet both of them to Love are in submission
It does not need condition for subsistence
Nor would it cease for any particular absence

Only the Beloveds' beauty enraptures the Lover
The one to whom the Heart would surrender

Feb 19

I speak to the moon
in the dead of night.
I come to her
when her light is bright.
I confess my secrets,
beneath the starlight,
and pray there is not
another soul in sight.
I dance with her sprites,
around the firelight,
and listen carefully,
as she recites her rites.
I give her my secrets,
and she ties them up tight,
hanging them high,
like a stalactites,
that shimmer
like the northern lights.
In return she incites,
that we unite each night,
so she can hear me recite,
my love for her,
beneath her loving light.

#love   #life   #moon   #spiritual   #truelove  

Let them say alarmed by my soul's quiescent invisible riot
you heard my despondent deafening silent shout
and rather than cast aspersions upon my scraggy idiosyncrasy
without doubt you lent me wings of optimism to float
for yours were arms that took me in when the world kicked me out
Let them say you walked with me till the end of the road
perspiring, dusty, fatigued yet still endured the load
let them say you tottered with me past my dusk to dawn
they didn't have to ask whether you were truly my own
for you searched piece by piece until you found all my heart
stitched them together to hold my world from drifting apart
that you saw me through to ocean from spring and river
and I moved on from my rough past because you were my lever
Let them say you saw me to Tuxedo from tattered pants
and even when waves of coercing constrains hit you still gave us a chance
that you weaved an intricate basket of forever out of every now
and as such we crossed even the most shaky of bridges we never knew how
Ultimately, let them say you were my best story, one never ceased writing...

There's so many things I want to say and do,
  But maybe everything I do is what sets us back..
     I know you hate the love I chase and think my ideas of Love are unrealistic
  That I'm chasing a dream...
But maybe I'm not chasing a dream, simply trying to build my own.
  It breaks my head to my heart to listen city of stars...
    I want to dance with you to that song under street lights for just a second
  I want to be someone else..
To feel loved just for a second.. For a moment of total unrequited love..

every whisper
every wish
every tear
every smile
is you!
my entire life
all my feelings
all my moods
the best part of me
is you!
I don’t know why
I don’t know how
I don’t know when
I know
this is our sentence
and our nirvana
you are
my perfect half
and I’m yours
wherever we’ll be
whatever we’ll do
we’ll feel each other
two pieces of one
deep love
true love
nothing else

you are away for such a longtime .... but you are always on my mind..on my heart ... I'm waiting...  you are my destiny
#feelings   #you   #deep   #truelove  

It was a happy day, it is Sunday.
I longed for this day, as I can always kiss your face.
There's jiggling in my senses, I felt like peeing too.
But how am I supposed to when I wanted to be all over you?
It was really magical every step of the way
I didn't notice loving you will pushed you away
It was simply just being me
I thought you'd want me to be
but in a snap of my fingers
you let it all be.
Time passes by,
Wishing still you were mine
There's a lot of guy I met
but never did I try
I made a promise to myself
Not to be fooled again
With sweet words you just thrown me
taste now just like hell.
Someone's making me his Sunday now
He longed over the weekdays
Someone's excited to be with me
as Im excited on my creamy berries
I might still took him for granted
Just how you treated me
But his love's just so strong
and it almost drowning me
I'm losing my vows
Losing the promise i made
Can't afford to lose the guy
Im his Sunday as he say
Was looking for true love
and now it felt so real
Why am I still afraid?
I just whispered in his ears.
He held my hand in darkness
as we're reaching for the light
the path may be so rough like weekdays
but this will never be enough
we both know we're the Sunday of each other
waiting to be home
will be sitting in the front door
waiting for each other to come home.

A river of light flows in him, expanding in all directions-- watering her soul, replenishing her spirit. His touch illuminates her, animating her disposition. Infused with the sun and sky, to her he transfers radiance. She is uncontrollably drawn to that which is ethereal. The stars become dismal; the moon-- dull. She gazes into his eyes, discovering an image more hypnotizing than any creation.

I’m so happy” she said, “I finally found the love of my life.” She hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go; but he hugged her tightly to him, not having the heart to tell her that he was only a figment of her imagination. He was the true love that never was.

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