Jessica Forbes
18 hours ago

It was a happy day, it is Sunday.
I longed for this day, as I can always kiss your face.
There's jiggling in my senses, I felt like peeing too.
But how am I supposed to when I wanted to be all over you?
It was really magical every step of the way
I didn't notice loving you will pushed you away
It was simply just being me
I thought you'd want me to be
but in a snap of my fingers
you let it all be.
Time passes by,
Wishing still you were mine
There's a lot of guy I met
but never did I try
I made a promise to myself
Not to be fooled again
With sweet words you just thrown me
taste now just like hell.
Someone's making me his Sunday now
He longed over the weekdays
Someone's excited to be with me
as Im excited on my creamy berries
I might still took him for granted
Just how you treated me
But his love's just so strong
and it almost drowning me
I'm losing my vows
Losing the promise i made
Can't afford to lose the guy
Im his Sunday as he say
Was looking for true love
and now it felt so real
Why am I still afraid?
I just whispered in his ears.
He held my hand in darkness
as we're reaching for the light
the path may be so rough like weekdays
but this will never be enough
we both know we're the Sunday of each other
waiting to be home
will be sitting in the front door
waiting for each other to come home.

A river of light flows in him, expanding in all directions-- watering her soul, replenishing her spirit. His touch illuminates her, animating her disposition. Infused with the sun and sky, to her he transfers radiance. She is uncontrollably drawn to that which is ethereal. The stars become dismal; the moon-- dull. She gazes into his eyes, discovering an image more hypnotizing than any creation.

Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
6 days ago

I’m so happy” she said, “I finally found the love of my life.” She hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go; but he hugged her tightly to him, not having the heart to tell her that he was only a figment of her imagination. He was the true love that never was.

Flash Fiction for creative writing class
A Wegner
A Wegner
Jan 16

Embrasse-moi lentement

The lavender sweet perfume;
A little too old for you
Though you were always more
Of a summer child
I seized you in a Winters night
Migrating birds,
Together we took flight

You crumble I know
Under a gentle kiss,
Not nips and grips
At such tenderness,
I value you sweet Delilah
With more than primitiveness

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

That dusky lavender scent
Still draws me in,
The cuddliness of the years
Still comforts inward tears
And I never let go of you, my girl
That young sweet 16,
Who never knew love

Though all those many years ago
You played me for a security- false
It was true, sincere
I needed you here;
Now that you’re gone,
I feel myself disappear.

treacherous and emotional
Hearts beat as one, break into two, but built stronger back
but true love never ends
True love holds deep affection

Underneath the umbrella
A room was filled,
A girl, a boy.
Underneath the umbrella
A home became mobile,
White & blue stripe.
Underneath the umbrella
The rain fell upward,
Finding a way.
Underneath the umbrella
There was a leak,
A girl, a boy, suffocating.
Underneath the umbrella
They drowned,
Finding eternal bliss

You're Like a Candy
Because You wrapped me in your body

You're Like a Candy
Because you're sweet as berry

You're Like a Candy
And I will crave for you daily

You're Like a Candy
That means so much to me

#love   #time   #sweet   #truelove   #quality  

I have a secret I wanna tell you
But how can I? if it's all about you
This feeling inside of me
Makes me wanna scream because of so much misery

I started to close my eyes
Counting  1,2,3
If you'll hear it, will you walk away from me?

Please tell me this early
So that I can fix my mind clearly
That the feeling that keeps on beating
Will be forever in my heart, hiding

#love   #heart   #crush   #teens   #truelove   #secretlove  

She ruled my heart
Conquered my head
Never took anything,
She kept me guessing
I felt whole and that scared me
Chasing a dream...
Having it at fingers reach
Only for your own insecurities to lose it not now
But forever...
I had my life planned,
I had my head heart and soul beat in sync for the first time ever..
And it was with you..
for 2 years....
You taught me love
You taught me loss
But more than anything
You taught me to be me...
And now you're no where to be seen
And my existence craves you.
Every inch
Every blonde hair
My soul misses dancing with yours ..

No structure ever I just wanted to voice
Elisa Maria Argiro
Elisa Maria Argiro
Dec 27, 2016

Zellie Eugenie, embodiment of  French elegance,
  consummate graciousness of a native Texan,
a lady ever and always, so delicate and so strong.

You are still my role model, Nana,
even far away, where you live now.

Your voice stays vibrant in my heart,
even after all these years of you living in Heaven.

It was a summer afternoon, expansive, warm,
like the residual, slight drawl of your San Antonio accent,
when I brought a little bucket of these dark, juicy berries,
picked from your own tree, into your sunny, quaint kitchen.

My parents were rarely away, so this time
when we could just be the two of us,
me staying in your ruffly, cosy guest room,
was treasured by us both, and each.

This, as it turned out, would be the day when I learned
to bake my first pie, beginning a life
devoted to fine cuisine that still stays at my core.

Your hands, feminine and capable,
skillfully gathered flour and shortening
into the shaggy, powdery ball of promise
that establishes each new pie crust.

I think you taught me then how to use tapioca,
added to the berries, to soak up some of that
deeply purple juice, as this first pie
bubbled to completion in your well-used oven.

Every time I use my mother's solid maple
rolling pin, sliding it forward on my palms,
I am one with her, and with you.

Do you get to see each other in God's home?

Or do you live in different neighborhoods?

All I know for sure is that you both reside,
forever adored, respected, emulated,
as best as I know how, inside of me...
from whence these tears pour, blurring
what I can see of what I humbly write
to bring you closer to us, way down here.

Zellie Eugenie DuBarry Downing Regan Wright,
your courage in following your heart, and withstanding,
as you must have, the criticisms of a world, of a society,
that likes to put us in categories, especially as women,
still informs my own courage under similar circumstances.

And so honour and admire any and all couples who remain together,
loving, supporting, respecting one another,
while allowing each other to grow into more of themselves.

Some of us, having put everything we have into each,
yes, each, of our marriages, have yet to reach the place
where we are on equal footing with our one true beloved.

May the dear Lord continue to watch over us,
as we bend and search and grow, and may we, too,
even much later in life, know what it is to be happily married.

©Elisa Maria  Argiro, 27th December, 2016
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