Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
3 days ago

Only at the brink of summer heat
can one change ever so quickly
and not know why autumn
did not fall this season

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The doorbell rings,
The children run,
Within this spring
I find you in my veins.
You were born as a flower bud.
Between the sporadic light.
In cool autumn
Of sad leaves,
In the plain of the months,
I can not stop thinking about you.
Splattered by blood
Of eternal dreams.
Look at me one more time,
Tree branch,
Raise the leaves,
That resonate in your wood.ño-flor
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Buddy T
Buddy T
7 days ago

Wind like a lion's roar
My ice heart beats
Toxic tears fall over the things you have done
Spring my never come

The earth will turn like a dog and their tail
As the sun comes up we will forgive
Let the ice melt on our hearts
Like trees in the spring, we can begin again

Let us sleep forever in this clouded illusion
Forgiveness like yellow on a computer screen
The dog days of our lives
We can't say in this haze forever

Time falls as leaves on a tree
I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon
But all fires must turn black
Please change this endless ocean

'like yellow on a computer screen' computer screens are only made up out of 3 colors, red, blue, and green, so theres no actual yellow on a computer screen.

'I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon' each year the moon gets 3.8 cm farther away from the earth and could eventually leave orbit
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Feb 15

The waves brush my toes
   to keep me away from the water
The sand tickles my feet,
   as the sun falls into deep slumber
The tress groan as its branches and the wind
   twirl around each other
All of these happened
   as I walk on a beach in a boring afternoon in summer.

The children's feet dropped to a beat
   as they stomped through the leaves on the ground,
The trees let the wind blow their leaves off
   as they turn from green to brown
The night grow longer and colder
   as the moon calls for winter to come
All of these happened
   in a peaceful day in autumn.

The Christmas lights blinked
   as merrily as the dancing of the icy cold winds
As the sun shies away from the ice covered towns,
   the moon grinned
The snow angels sand beautiful songs,
   as the lakes and rivers sparkle in glitter,
All of these happened
   in a white chilly winter.

The leaves start to grow back
   as the trees hummed to a sweet song to the hills,
As the sun cheers and smiles brightly,
   the blue sky remained still
The people greet each other on the pavements,
   as the new bird harmoniously sings
All of these happened
   in a calm and happy morning in spring.


#love   #happy   #nature   #seasons   #calm  

Long shadows in burnt browns shorten
The jaw bruising cold of discontent
Left them frozen on the cement
And the evening pigment fades
To bleak apathy. And days
Of a similar disposition.
Clouds that blur in an eggshell indecision
Of a sky are grounded in mournful grey
And the evening pigment fades.

The pulling of the current
And the turning of the river
Know not of fallen leaves
And vice versa

The title comes from a Talking Heads song called 'The Overload' which everyone should go and listen to.
#depression   #fall   #winter   #sky   #melancholy   #seasons   #autumn   #leaves   #river  
Feb 11

Showers of promise punctuate your days,
The waters creek, mumble rise and swell,
Flowers, spark of youth, marching in the rains
And birds sing anew, bright pages, bursting-bell,
An earthy coronation, cleanse and glisten,
All the wood, shorn by Winters’ wane and fan,
Wad and waltz in balmy breeze collecting
Ferns and Falls' forgotten blood red hands
Renewed, the grass and trees, heavens missal,
Wing-lipped leaves exploding green, just listen;
The washing rains parade, all resurrection.

#nature   #spring   #seasons   #rebirth  
Feb 8

There was a knocking on my door,
An early spring is here once more?
Or a welcome taste of what is to come,
A warming hug from a winter sun

#sun   #winter   #spring   #seasons  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
Dec 5, 2016

My summer smells like deadlines,
for lifelines kill themselves
sometime near spring,
with the serrated rust
of misconstrued martyrdom,
leaving fall a ghost that lingers
naked and alone
among the fallen ribbons,
former clothes
torn and thrown away
for the sheets of winter

Feb 3

Yellow apples fall—
Memories of spring blossom
Gentle deer arrive

#haiku   #nature   #joy   #seasons   #gift  
Jun 1, 2014

winter comes,
and you leave
without a sound or an apology.

as spring rolls in,
i grieve and fear
that i won't be able to let go of you.

but by summer,
i laugh
and meet new people.

but surely,
you fade away from my memories,
and by fall,
i had forgotten all the ways i spent my time,
thinking about what will never be mine,
and then,

i let go.

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