Each and everything happens for a reason,
God has each and every detail in place,
Whether in a good or bad season,
When you walk with him,you're walking the right pace..
Its beautiful how everything turns out to happen for the good of those who love God,
So in worrying we gain nothing,nothing,nothing.
But in trust we become bold,
And have nothing to lose,for in our minds he has it all under control,therefore we do not lose but gain everything.

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CK Baker
CK Baker
3 days ago

Quiet are the fields
with ghosts
from pennants past
the aces
and cutters
set idly away
from the maple
spread fall
soft sounds
of Sunday
(chilling on the boneyard)
telling tales of
validated stars
and wheel house legends
the rally cap sluggers
with mahogany eyes

Mustard colors
in floating mists
give a bite
to sublime skies
scattered walkers
trip to the hole
their spit buckets
and spigots
pressed into
pure life form
bikers and loners
and curious coffee goers
mill about the horn
whispering numbers
from an old
Keelman heaving

Alley lookers
and Mendoza lines
screachers, bleachers
from years gone by
dancing fingers
and cracks at the bat
(from the big time Timmy Jim)
the 9th inning gunner
with sinker
and slider
and imposing
brush back balls
the game day citizen
and dugout warrior
who lit it all up
in Rockwell fame

Thomas Conlan
Thomas Conlan
5 days ago

The woeful moans of autumn show that love did leave us long ago.
Two souls defined by the kind of conceit
held together by passion's sweet summer heat.
Blossomed between each beautiful bloom,
they did nothing but consume;
until all that was left of the love that they lost
was frozen under winter's weary frost.
Blanketed under snow so white,
ready to start things over; to make things right.
The woeful moans of autumn show
that love did leave us
long ago.

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They told me in all honesty,
"you're a flying carpet"
and still they walked all over me.

I'd do the job for nothing if respect was what it gave,
but it seems to me Aladdin wants nothing
than for me to be a slave.

It feels like jellied eels out there
cold and wet and slippery
I think I'll put my slippers on
and watch catch up
on the TV.

But I've got to go out in the snow
fodder for the cannon
going on and on to a thousand
variations of at least four different
seasons in a day.

I know it's summer somewhere where
the Winter's left behind and its up to me
to find it, but at times this man's so blind.

If 'open sesame' won't do
and the bell don't seem to ring
I'll use a stick of dynamite
and blow the door right in.

It's a Sunday,
they say
let us kneel and pray
to some greater God
who's left the World in such a mess
I think that rather odd
I get down on my knees
ask for forgiveness

A chess game and they congregate
make their moves
until they reach
a stalemate

sixty seconds on the clock
the gun is cocked
the casbah's rocked
the door's still locked
I light the fuse.

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Apollo Hayden
Apollo Hayden
7 days ago

There's nothing left to say that hasn't already been said.
This love is growing cold,
eventually it'll be dead.
So I'm letting go before it kills me,
before I can never love again,
and to you I say goodbye my lover, goodbye my best friend...

Jan 13

and some nights I feel like ice that cools in the mid winter or crisp fall leaves that have just fallen, life less and dead at the end of their journey once so beautiful and radiant a sight to see some thought of thee then life came and the colors changed the greens turned into hot reds  then just as fast as it arrived the color left the leaves wrinkled and the wind came to collect its debt ripping its heart the leaf hit the ground slowly doing its last glide in the air as it hit the ground to no longer live again

#heart   #hope   #dead   #fall   #break   #hurt   #winter   #hopeless   #seasons   #lifeless  

I stand on the chipped wooden deck
now darkened from the rain.
The snow has begun to melt,
water dripping between the cracks.
The sun greets me from behind trees
still bare for the last stretch of winter.

I recall the same trees,
dressed in gowns of green.
Birds soaring between branches,
singing sweet songs of summertime.

I recall these same trees,
as the crisp autumn air
pulled at their red and orange leaves,
and sent them back to the earth.

I recall the same trees,
nude with branches swaying,
as the first snow flakes drifted from the heavens,
leaving a cool white blanket beneath them.

Oh, how  q u i c k l y  time moves,
passing with such haste.

Oh, how I hope I am changing.

#fall   #rain   #nature   #summer   #winter   #change   #spring   #seasons   #autumn   #wood  

The trees are getting brighter
leaves are catching fire
The air is getting crisper
I hear a faint whisper
Am I listening to my chest?
or is this a new mindset?
My balance is unsteady
I hope that I'll be ready
I might just fall
The outside change small
Its a new season inside
I'm here for the ride
For The Now I strive
I tell you, Autumn is alive

Written at the park Nov 4th 2012
#fall   #seasons   #autumn   #leaves  
Jan 11

I had never known
a person
with so much kinetic energy
as to uplift me
from the sinking mass
of fragmented debris,
but this woman
laughs heartily at common jokes
and gets drunk on
one shot of vodka - 30 ml.

She has got my senses blooming -
painted like lilacs in spring.

#love   #flowers   #nature   #spring   #woman   #seasons  
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