I promised to stay, she left. I'm the bad guy...?

Pissed off. Found out today an ex of mine is telling everyone I hurt her. How I broke her heart. Let me describe the situation: We dated for 6 months, she dumped me, and I haven't seen her in over a year. Now she's newly pregnant and is telling everyone its mine. What the hell. Does her logic make sense to anyone?
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5 days ago

What a bundle of blueness
in the beding time
My thoughts are rushing insane.

Thank you very much Jim Musics for the help :')
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6 days ago

I hate Sunday night's.

(Hate, is a strong word)

I hate having dreams.

(Hate, is a strong word)

I hate rude people

(Hate, is a strong word)

And I hate,
And sexism,
And most ism's

I hate stigmas
And social constructs,
And I hate homophobia,
And transphobia,
And everything in between,

Hate, IS a strong word,
I use,

You're DAMN right HATE is a STRONG word
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6 days ago

I've got planets in my ears,
Stars in my eyes,
Black on my body,
And a heart full of lies.

I got my solar system gages today
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7 days ago

Like a ringing in my ears,
the loneliness consumes,
becomes all I sense.
The darkness corners me,
it takes me with it,
and I am left to fight,
I stop,
giving into the coldness,
but I love it.
Flashes of bright red,
like the flashing lights,
of the police cars,
when they took me,
calling me insane,
like they slapped a label,
on me,
I am labeled dangerous,
They don't know,
they treat me like a box of explosives,
in their infatuation of a safe and freak-free world,
but I really should be marked fragile.
But they would never know.
I smell blood,
and often scent here,
in my cages.
I am like a caged bird,
just waiting to be free.

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I'm throwing tantrums at the page I know that now.
I just want to see if they will stick
& what they will finally say
once I complete.
How many things can one word say
How many words can one page hold
How many girls can I fuck in a lifetime
some or many
Slip into my cinderblocks—pretty
New style,
smack Breaks tile,
Wait for the fuckboys to finish fillin up the fish tank, I'm at the bottom
feelin petty,
Suckin blue,
Countin out the seconds till I'm trapped beneath this filthy pool.
Thrash tantrum,
Flash forward,
Zoom zoom
I look up and wonder will the elephants come save me, but there's not one in the room,
nobody watchin
Im a goner,
and I've been one
ever since I started kicking in the water.

Mar 20

I'm sitting with a band.
A semi innocent dream,
simply I'm sitting with a band,
I'm listening to them chat and talk about their music,
I'm sitting with a band,
in a large Hall listening to guitar riffs and singing on the stage,
I'm sitting with a band of disappointments,
I'm sitting with a band of liars and cheaters,
I'm sitting with a band of me.
I'm sitting with a brand on my shoulder,
claiming me to a life I do not want, I'm sitting with a band around my chest,
making it hard for me to breathe,
but at least,
at least
I'm me,
I'm sitting by a  band that follows me,
Invisibly. talking music and poetry in a waiting room. while someone blares,
their shitty rap music.

Josh you're out of the band
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Mar 14

I am in control of my sanity...
   like a drunk man is in control of his driving

Laughing and laughing, your mind a never ending joke of insanity.
           Laughing for jokes, laughing for tragedies,
laughing simply because life is full of horrors.

Scars and laughter,
        Your life is described in two words, scars and laughter. Wanna know    how I got these scars? Laughter, insanity, a fathers drunken rampage, all            feasible reasons as to the origin of scars.

         Sinister twisted laughter of darkened rooms,
Laughing and laughing,
           laughing for tragedies, laughing for horrors.
Why are you laughing? Horrors of the world, corrupted men elicit mirth.

      Scars and laughter,
Whose scars?        The scars of the insane man whose laughter haunts
the dreams of men, women, and children.
          Laughing and laughing, why does he have scars?
Scars, a permanent smile for a face too serious.

      Laughing and laughing, laughing for tragedies, laughing for horrors,
Tragedies strike, who’s to blame? The insane man, his mind a never-   ending joke of madness.
      Laughing for jokes, jokes of the corrupt, laughing for tragedies, lost  lives of the innocent, laughing for horrors, horrors he himself inflicts upon   men, women, and children.

Scars, permanent scars,
     Laughing for horrors, horrors he himself has encountered, a psychotic rampage,
             How did he get those scars? His permanent smile, Was it for   laughter? Not laughter, but a lack thereof, only to find the hilarity too late    as his face is marred by his permanent smile.  

       Laughing and laughing, scars and laughter, twisted mind of a psychotic jester,

scars from the question:


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Mar 12

Ever heard of it?
Haha, of course you havent,
I've made it up,
For a feeling I cannot describe,
But it applies,
To many things,


The sensation of sticking your hand out the window when its raining in a fast car,
Seeing her smile,
Walking on a hot road with burning feet,
But you just can't turn back,
sometimes It's the feeling of wanting to do dumb things, for no apparant reason,
Like jumping ditches,
And being rude,
Or singing in the shower,
My friend,
Is the word for you,

It's the feeling of fullness after you've eaten water melon,
Its the sensation of your feet on warm grass,
It's the sensation of bike riding with no shoes, so your feet dig into the pedals,
Is the word for you.

Don't ask me I could never tell you.
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