Denel Kessler
Denel Kessler
1 day ago

fallow winter does not bring
peace to the restless soul
finger-licked, waiting
on subtle winds shifting
for the tropical taste
of exotic droplets of rain
a salt-stained remembrance
in this time of dreaming

red-light ladies hatch
in raftered minds
a mass awakening
beneath hardened shell
freedom awaits wings
a collective opening
an essential

in the springtime
   all the ice is melting
so fast you feel like
   you're drowning
but the flowers are budding
   watch where you step
some lakes look like puddles
    you spent months climbing
to the tops of snowbanks

when pinks and greens
    saturate your feet
they make their way up
   to your flowerbed brain
please let them in to stay
   you spent all winter erasing
colors from your memory
   now the sun cannot
brighten your greys  
   not alone

when the bees in your head
   stop swarming around
you saw each one fly away
   and out with each seed
you planted here on earch
   where you haven't felt
calm in a year and now you're breathing
   to the rhythm of the sun

#love   #happy   #nature   #spring   #freeverse   #jmk  
2 days ago

Though April is many weeks away
Mother nature still sings
and gives us beautiful days

And sweet sunshine so warm
and shining skies of blue
And chickadees chirping
Enchanting blissful tunes


#spring   #sunshine   #song  
eleanor prince
eleanor prince
2 days ago

a short reprieve
as time would tell
but for that moment
as winter yielded to rest
Ballaarat had turned on a day

no more did grey rain
slice savagely side-wards
shot from Antarctica's ice-fields
separating ribs from shivering flesh
leaving futile dreams of an early spring

this day was good
leaves barely rustled
occasional gusts stirred
caught in silent murmurings
as bulbs reached up with impish smile

this old gold-rush town in mid-Victoria, Australia, is built on a windy plateau, and though gracious in its traditional beauty, is known for relentless winds most of the year... a fine day is celebrated!
#winter   #spring   #leaves   #bulbs   #gusts  
Michael Lechner
Michael Lechner
3 days ago

the pavement

Gray on gray
are all
the colors I see

I try not
to despair
the pall
of Winter

In time this
pallet will fade

So here
 I sit
in quiet

for the first
of Spring

© Michael Lechner

#rain   #winter   #spring   #monochrome   #budding   #gray   #pavement   #pallet   #pall  

The doorbell rings,
The children run,
Within this spring
I find you in my veins.
You were born as a flower bud.
Between the sporadic light.
In cool autumn
Of sad leaves,
In the plain of the months,
I can not stop thinking about you.
Splattered by blood
Of eternal dreams.
Look at me one more time,
Tree branch,
Raise the leaves,
That resonate in your wood.ño-flor
#flower   #spring   #seasons   #autumn  
Ronjoy Brahma
Ronjoy Brahma
5 days ago

बोथोर हमै हमै बिबार बारग्रा
मान्दार बिबारा बारबाय
फागुणनि गुसु आरो दुंब्रुद बिलिरनायजोँ
जोँनि गामिखौ बेसेबा समाय होबाय
मिलौहाब गारां लानानै दाउलुर दाउसिनफोरा
हानजा हानजा बिबाराव बिदै सोबफैबाय
जोबोद खुसि जिउनि मेथाइ रोजाब्बाय
मिथिँगानि गोरान गोरान बिफांनि बिलाया
दिनै ज्रय ज्रय सिरि गारबाय
गोदान महर लानानै बिलाइ खिलिदोँसै
फिसा फिसा दुब्लियाव बायदि गांसोफोर
गाम्बारि बिबारा बारबाय समायनायै
थाइजौआ गोसो खुसियै मावलिबाय
जेरैबो बेरे बेरेमा ब्रंब्रं बिरबोबाय
बैसागुआ फैयोब्ला बेसेबा खुसिजोँ
जोँनि गामिया सोमखोर महर लागोन
गोरबो बुंफबनाय जिउनि खुसिजोँ
जोँ बयबो बैसागु रंजागोन

#poetry   #spring   #season   #bodo   #bwisagu  

11pm is always rainy
And dark

Always seems lonely
No matter what

Headlights nice
And dim
And low

Always seems cloudy

And the air makes
Your hands feel
Cold like mint

11pm is always
Dirty and dangerous
Yet alive and wonderful
Dressed provocatively

It always glows with a
Fiery haze
Street lights

11pm always opens
With the autumnaut lights
Of white and orange street lights

And it closes with the howl
Of starlit silence

Not exactly "hot off the presses" but it's present and I've just worked on it some more.
#lonely   #alone   #summer   #winter   #night   #spring   #cold   #autumn   #city   #11pm  
morning glory
morning glory
7 days ago

Fear is a vine that beats down across my back, leaving uneven lines and parallel marks.
Is it always the prettiest flowers that become the most deadly? You’re poisonous to the touch.
All that calms me is all that fails to bring me happiness. Your jasmine scented perfume only reminds me of a love left unanswered; of a bird too scared to lift its wings and try out flight.
Maybe I would like the cold when I wake up, a thick shield of darkness to cover up and hide the person who I was never strong enough to be.
You’ll look me in the eyes when you tell me that it’s too hard to love me. Those oceans will be replaced with dull, empty ponds but you’ll mean every word, you’ll speak as if getting it off your chest will make the sun come back.

i'm left here wondering if the sun needs the moon too.
#love   #heartbreak   #illness   #death   #flower   #her   #spring   #unrequited  
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