In winter the clouds let out what they can't hold anymore
The ground drinks it up
Each water droplet percolating
Nourishing what's beneath the surface
Like humans, when watered properly
Not too much
Or too little
The earth gives thanks
It loves the sky right back
Blooming up to the sun
Saying thank you
I love you.

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Lilly MacArthur
Lilly MacArthur
2 days ago

For so long I have lived in fear.
Fear of loneliness, rejection and betrayal.
I'd run to the wrong people for their protection.
Only to find myself stung by the scorpion.
For once, I stand on my own.
A beautiful wild golden rose.
I may sway and dance in the summer storms.
Though my roots are deeply placed.
Knowing that the sun will shine again.
I do not have regrets.
For every path and mistake that I have made,
Has brought me to where I am.
Stronger than I was yesterday.
To only grow stronger tomorrow.
For this I am thankful for.
Now watch me as I stand tall.

There's my homework for you Alex. :)
Dreaming Liza
Dreaming Liza
3 days ago

No thing grows,
No bird flies.
Flowers- they shrivel;
Die in my mind.

Dark as night,
Quiet like fear.
Terrible as monsters;
All pain resides here.

Warmth isn't found,
Light is scarce.
Silence stabs ears
Like a dagger's pierce.

The toxic air,
The deadly sand.
You haven't guessed?
I am the wasteland.

March 25, 2017.
Rhyme scheme: second and last line end rhyme. Stanza one and three: near-rhyme. Stanza two and four: rhyme.
#depressing   #suicide   #sad   #pain   #death   #die   #flowers   #darkness   #trauma   #wastaland  
4 days ago

just like the flowers
i must lose something
to become beautiful again.

now here i am growing.

you thought i was dead didn't you?

i smell just as sweet the second time around
#dead   #flowers   #alive   #beautiful   #spring   #growth   #sprout  
Amanda Shelton
Amanda Shelton
4 days ago

Delightfull as the tree,
Delighted is the bee,
as the buzzing becomes a dance,
the bee thanks the tree
for its flowers nectar
gave him honey.

Buzzy bee's collect the nectar
so they can make their honey.

Bee kind to your neighbor,
for you never know
when you will run out of nectar.

© By Amanda D Shelton

#life   #flowers   #nature   #tree   #kindness   #honey   #live   #bees   #neighbor  
4 days ago

Picking petals
Pretending to be pleased s
At the growing pile of no's
Not once was a yes given
I lie to myself,
Thinking it was just a coincidence
That every petal I plucked
Was adding to the belief
Of the possible
I went through a whole garden
Of roses and daisies and petunias,
Found the last flower
And was sure that this time,

This time,

The impossible would finally
Become not

One by one the petals
Fell to my feet,
And as each petal was lost
A piece of my heart
Left with it

I was sure this time
That he loved me

#love   #flowers   #roses   #crush   #him   #crushes   #boys  
6 days ago

I am a flower.
Hard to handle
At times
Because of my thorns.
However, I am strong,
I can grow, and
I’m beautiful

#flowers   #beautiful   #flower   #hard   #strong   #to   #petal   #thorns   #petals   #handle  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
6 days ago

you take my love
when you take your leave,
leaving it by your doorstep
so you could get yourself in the house
before the weather got fickle,
forgetting it there when
you'd turn in
under warm covers.

it spent so many nights
getting rained on
despite my best advice,
in hopes that you
would find it in the morning,
see it for its sun and flowers,
and want it to be
your daily reminder
of what the rest of your Springs
could feel like.

and I never had it in me
to disappoint my love
by telling it
to just come home,
knowing it would spend
the night fidgeting between
those four chambers
to forget that it was alone.

but that poor thing,
how tired it would get by daybreak,
pulling the petals from its daisies
with eyes swollen with their own rain,
blubbering about how all it wanted
was to tickle the hairs on your chest
until the strange and new
felt warm and safe to you,
and how it wished
trying this much
didn't make it feel so pitiful.

because my love knew
whatever it felt, it shared with me;
and though its judgment was better
than to sleep on wet bricks
until it got itself sick,
it was just hoping to bring me back
something beautiful,
it didn't mean
for me to get hurt.

#love   #sad   #sun   #flowers   #hurt   #romance   #sick   #personal  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
6 days ago

You don't have to talk
about breaking my heart
like you were just pulling weeds
from the front yard garden,
like it had to be done
before you went about your day
without a fuck to give
about what I had to do
to salvage the flowers
that you thought
weren't worth watering.

#love   #life   #flowers   #personal   #scorned  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
6 days ago

I feel with shy hands
and speak from a shy mouth,
and I wish I knew well enough
before I threw myself in the woods
that there's no chance
of being sure as bone
and tough as day, not when
your spine is made of white willow
and you bleed lotus and amaryllis.

#life   #flowers   #personal   #shy   #tough  
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