Alva Cardona
Alva Cardona
2 hours ago


Just like our bodies cast a shadow, or souls cast a light.
It’s too dim for our eyes to see, but it still shines bright,
like a sun the size of a molecule.

The cosmos within us might be small,
but it’s full of star clusters and nebulas,
meteors and asteroids,
dust and debris,
particles, dark matter,
antimatter, and dark holes;

of many bodies within a body,
like the nine planets that inhabit
our solar system;

of entire galaxies orbiting
a single center of mass
in a beautiful and rare dance
that will last an eternity.

The further we get away from that light,
(that spiritual umbilicus)
the more we feel
like we can’t see
that barely observable

the more we feel
to other souls,

the more we feel
by distances
that can only be
in lightyears, or millions
and millions
of parsecs.

the more we feel
the sheer force
of its gravitational pull,
that sense of belonging;

the more we feel
the longing
to go back
to the source,
to that omnipresent
that quietly
that's aware
of itself;

the more we feel
the need to go beyond
our cosmic boundaries;

the more we feel
the need to fill
the immense voids
that clog the universe;

the more we feel
the need to bind together
the galactic sheets
and filaments across
the constellations.

There are infinite galaxies inside us all
that run like rivers without mouths,
and not a single atom or drop in our beings
ever goes to waste in this endless
ocean within,

even if we occupy a limited space,

even if we’re in a state
of constant expansion
or collapse,

even if we’re always on the verge
of a Big Crunch,
a Big Bang,
or a Big Bounce.

We’re not just objects floating adrift
in the vacuum of space, but living
beings in which space floats adrift
in its infinity within.

And we don’t just hoard candles and flashlights
so we can see the darkness
that surrounds our vessels;

we’re creatures that try to be hosts to the divine,
that try to be our own light
so it never goes out.

#world   #space   #darkness   #light   #inner  
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
17 hours ago

Oy! My poor heart!

It's expanding just as

the sun is setting

a golden glow awash

capturing light as

it brushes each object

reminding me of golden green

fields alight!

Oy! My poor heart

expands as the sun sets

becoming a whoopee cushion

in which to sit on after it's

blown way out of proportion.

#gold   #heart   #sun   #hope   #happiness   #green   #light   #fields   #setting   #oy  

It was a personal quest,
Found some faith, no less,
Like Uriel and Baptist John,
As on the divine I pondered on,
Yes, modest conversion spiritual,
I got 'de-light', so mystical,
As I write a verse, lyrical..........

Feedback welcome.
#the   #on   #light   #turn  
1 day ago

Hands in my pea coat pockets I shuffle down 8th avenue looking down. Whenever a pair of shoes that have seem to be worn in adventure passes I lift my head to stop them.
Excuse me, Excuse me.  I ask the intriguing shoes.
I’m either met with a puzzled look, an impatience look , or a sympathetic look. Sometimes there is a look of all three
Looking at the owner of said shoes I boldly ask,Do you have a story?
Here, I can usually guess their response based on one of the three looks they gave me.
A look of puzzled usually leads to more confusion on their face expressed in lines created in their face by a furrowed brow and scrunched nose.
A look of impatience usually leads to a middle finger, and a cold shoulder met with an even faster pace, or a phrase along the lines of Weirdo, Freak and more vulgar phrases that I’m sure you can guess. (My favorite so far has been Asshat, now that’s a story)
With a look of sympathy I’m sometimes given a quick sorry followed by a cold shoulder (see example 2), sometimes a Sorry, what? Due to their actual interest in what I have to say. These looks lead to the best stories.

One rainy day I was met with lady bug rain boots scuffed around the bottom, yet still shining a bright red that I guess wasn’t even that beautiful on the store shelf, and my guess a size 2. Looking up I find wide green eyes staring right back.
Now this was no look of the three I’ve experienced, it was a whole new look.
A look of curiosity, but not puzzled.
A look of eagerness, not impatient.
A look of care, not sympathy.
And so many more looks hidden in those big green eyes that seem to hold the world.

Though I was aware of the tiny feet, I was mildly surprise when I was met with those green eyes at an almost 2 foot level.

Excuse me, excuse me, Do you have a story?
The ladybug boots with green eyes smiled at me.
Everyone has a story, but I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

Asking questions, telling stories
#poetry   #funny   #story   #light   #laugh   #child   #comedy   #narrative  
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
1 day ago

Dawn broke across her face
in bars of golden light
sifting through the blinds.

#love   #eyes   #sleep   #light   #teeth   #dawn   #wake   #sunrise  
Sorina Gantt
Sorina Gantt
2 days ago

sunlight trails through his veins,
and with one smile my world is set on fire.
the laugh that escapes his lips crawls under my skin.
it radiates warmth throughout my fragile body.  
and suddenly, I am not fragile anymore.

— s.g.

#love   #sun   #happiness   #smile   #light   #laugh   #warmth   #sunlight   #veins   #fragile  

We are all the light
we believe our hearts
could possess at
any given moment;
we are all the light
we allow to reflect
on our faces,
through our actions,
to the people
who we love,
to those who need it,
to those who are
stuck in the dark;
we are all the light
we allow ourselves
to aspire--for people
around us;
we are all the light
and we will break through
all of the dark.

Originally written: December 29, 2016
#love   #hope   #darkness   #light  
Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca
3 days ago

She is deep and coloured with story
she was picked accordingly by God like every other
she steals any peak of brightness and stores it in her warmth
she constantly desires the light that looks down on her
she is fed and enriched when she meets the sun
she glows and thrives once she meets him.
She is loved by many but hated much too,
she is a symbol of my culture
she will live with me forever

My skin is Dark and lovely

#love   #god   #sun   #dark   #skin   #light   #warmth   #lovely   #culture   #accordingly  
Raegan Meyer
Raegan Meyer
3 days ago

it had been too dark
in the middle of the night

i was choking with fright

surely we can
the streetlight

you, my dear friend, are the streetlight. i was lost and scared in the dark and you shone bright. and for that, i thank you.
#lost   #dark   #night   #you   #my   #light   #were   #fright   #reward   #streetlight  
4 days ago

Your wishes do happen some where in the universe.
Never think they are wasted.
Waves and links are formed on the other side of the galaxy..
Linking light and darkness in such a way that you see the links in your dreams.
As the wave becomes a part of a nexus it travels forever painting wishes across the universe.
Leaving behind stars in its passing wake.
Thus comes the saying.
" When you wish upon a star."

A wish, a star, a light and a link in the darkness forever
#wish   #star   #light   #link  
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