Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
7 hours ago

You are my moonlight,
the darker that my life gets,
the brighter you shine.

#love   #haiku   #moon   #dark   #light   #reliance  
Haunted by demons
Haunted by demons
10 hours ago

I just broke up with my boyfriend cause i needed my own space to grow and find out who I am..
It's the hardest decission in my life and it's tearing me apart..

I lost another bit of what i call my family.. gona... torn apart.. guess drugs were more important...
Makes me feel worthless

I get 20% C's 70% B's and 10% A's those marks are lower than any i've ever gotten
Makes me feel stupid

I never go to parties cause I always have to go to work
Makes me feel lonely

But as Albus Dumbledore said it so well;
happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one just remembers to turn on the light

I believe that everything will be aright.. if i just stay positive and keep my head on high...


For those who don't know "lumos" is the spell used in Harry Potter  to turn on a light at the end of your wand
Beatriz Magalhães
Beatriz Magalhães
12 hours ago

Aimless people
Running through this city
Looking for a shelter
In someone's arms.
Desperate runners
Trying to escape from this maze
From those hideous, scared forms
They see in the mirrors at the stores.
Running from themselves
Escaping from reality
In a illusion of happiness
They always try to reach.
Navegating through the darkness
While they try to find
Any sigh of light
Even in somebody's eyes.

#hope   #lost   #darkness   #running   #light   #shelter  
mitch green
mitch green
13 hours ago

I dance because light can't bend.
Because you'll only see me if you're watching me.
I'll only show you if I know what I'm doing.
And I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing,
because I don't trust I have your attention.

When I speak,
you can hear me no matter which way you're watching.
If I've had no dress rehearsal,
I don't know if what I'm saying is right.
So I might as well be dead in the water.

#dead   #water   #speak   #light   #see   #watching   #cannot   #bend   #rehearsal   #lightcannotbend  

Oh, the darkness overwhelms
Every minute I'm sinking deeper
It's hard to see the light
When your thoughts are black as night

But then I see your face
An' the shadows dissipate
An' I'm not so alone
You're the one I've been waiting for

Now you've opened up the door
To my sad and scarred soul
An' I'm so thankful
You're the one I've been waiting for

February 21, 2017.
Thinking about turning this into a song. What do you think?
#love   #heart   #happy   #black   #night   #soul   #light   #saved   #shadows   #scarred  

Head bowed, flowing across the water
Like an organic sepulchre,
Lost in the wriggling reeds
It raises its head once more,
Glancing mutely around
It sighs, its breath dying in the snow.
A symbol of light,
The swan is transfigued.

#love   #swan   #light   #spirituality   #flowing  
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
1 day ago

In the absence of light there exists an
     abundance of color
Endless luminous ribbons journeying
     down sapphire trails
I rest beneath a lavender tree and meditate
     in the ice blue grass
The wind caresses my hair as I admire
     clouds of violets and pinks
Coral butterflies whisper pastel greetings
     as crimson stallions leave indigo tracks
I watch lilac leaves drift down a jade brook
     over amber stones
And envy emerald birds as they glide
     across the diamond sky
In the absence of light there exists an.  
     abundance of color

We do not all see life the same the absence of light

~FJ Thomas

Many feel you only "see" with your eyes, that color only exists in a photograph or painting; but walk with me and I will show you colors more vibrant than any photo. And I can do this because you can see my pictures with your eyes closed ;)
#dream   #imagination   #color   #light  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
1 day ago

kill all artificial lights
no natural causes but
natural darkness
fake lights for true dark
blackest of blacks
like charred tree bark
leave but one imposter
glowing in the gloom
just pale enough
to write onto
and that's my door to you

a piece of text from several months ago
#dark   #screen   #night   #writing   #light   #gloom   #room   #conversation   #communication   #dim  
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
2 days ago

But tame
Your flame
Within the lamp
Shedding its light
Invite, and arrange
The room, the hearth,
Lace the food with love
Cage your tears with calm
And center yourself on Him
Trust that the words will come
The hearts will open and fear
Will be displaced by truth
Careless of self offer
Effort and intent
Will come in time with patience
Transformation time is near

Inspired by this beautiful prayer :

O my Lord!  O my Lord!  This is a lamp lighted by the fire of Thy love and ablaze with the flame which is ignited in the tree of Thy mercy.  O my Lord!  Increase his enkindlement, heat and flame, with the fire which is kindled in the Sinai of Thy Manifestation.  Verily, Thou art the Confirmer, the Assister, the Powerful, the Generous, the Loving.

Baha'i Sacred Writings
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