My mind finds itself trying to meet yours again.
Every time our minds meet,
I can't help but want to introduce myself to you again,
because every time we speak,
I make a new discovery about you
and all that is beautiful about the world.

My thirst for a spiritual connection has me addicted to your presence
and I am assured of the fact that
God does really exist
because you are exactly who I've been praying for...
You are my light.

I cannot begin to wonder what a marvel your mind finds itself lost in,

"I stopped looking for the light,
I became it" was my driving force for the longest time,
probably when I sought to have this light shine upon someone's life.
I guess you were that someone
and the universe knows why you caught a glimpse of my rays when you did.

The universe within me,
resonates through you,
that's how I got to realise how the world isn't as twisted as we make it out to be,
as the most beautiful parts of this world
are only buried in the hearts that await to connect with another...
On a level of spirituality that can only be explored and understood mutually.

All I've ever sought from this world,
all that's ever been missing in my life,
I've found in the peace that is borne of your name...

'Xola' is a Xhosa name, which means 'to be at peace' or 'remain peaceful'.

Through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle's "The Power Of Now" and realising the beauty of allowing the teachings to manifest in one's life, the beauty of sharing in this with an individual that is on a journey of enlightenment along with you, makes it such a worthwhile venture.
Dark Delusion
10 hours ago

Breathing in one last breath of air.
Laying with a smile painted on my lips.
Humming the melody of my favorite song,
and finally closing my eyes for the last time.

The dark is devouring the light,
keeping the shadows away.
Rain pouring down,
taking away my last flame of life.
The wind with it’s cold touch,
making my whole body shiver.

Looking at the stars
before moving my eyes to the moon.
Reaching after the light I couldn’t have.
The beautiful scenery that lasts a lifetime,
And the last glance I got before leaving.

Never looked at the night sky again.
The final hours before drifting away.
Too dark to see, too pretty to ignore.
Black was my colourful colour.

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1 day ago

In the morning
When the air is still
I let my thoughts wander  
Where they will.

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God made each and every one of us into Genuine precious diamonds.
Then delivered us to earth to stand out as his creation.
Knowing that the earth was evil he made us beautiful;and Strong as the lord wants us to be.
To stand out as difference to the world to shine the light of his glory through the son.
The earth began to grow with in  us  with minerals,dirt and mud made up by evil trying to turn us into its own creation.
and to convince us we are just dirt that belong to the earth and nothing more; also to distract gods propose of life.
Over time we got so used to belonging to the world we forgot who made this ball of battleground; we began to only see what the world see’s us as. but the world lurks with evil.
we saw the world as it is and not what it could be.
We began to see only  what evil had told us,
and convinced us of.
so we forgot our father who created us and let doubts run through our spirits.
  We Slowly started to forget we were priceless diamonds and treasures of god.
and began to let people who seam to have more wealth in false success walk on us.
  and eventually for people to be so focused on them selves in this world they lost sight on the real idol.
  because they didn’t see as god did because evil took over there eyesight,
Evil convinced us of what we weren’t and was only their to bring us deeper and farther into the mud to be blinded of gods  true perpouse for us. God only wants to unburry us &lift; us up to be shown of what we really are again “Diamonds” and to be baptised washed and cleared off of all the mud on us that the world has thrown at us.
he want’s us to bring light for the hidden diamonds thats are still stuck in the mud;
and to recognize each other as precious diamonds of god and  not of mud or a stain that left a mark.

Only evil fills you with doubt and tells you what you aren’t the devil in greek is accuser.  God is always there to tell you what you are and can be.
He’s trying to Defeat the purpose of gods work.
What would a this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
If more people would stop stepping on what they thought was dirt and would think;

“ what does god think? is this dirt I’m stepping on or  are they actually diamonds of god that I’m being told aren’t worthy?  Is evil causing me to walk a life of judgments?,
Am I unknowingly  listening to evil and convincing people they are nothing more then dirt on this planet?
  evil has put wrong upon my eyes, I need to walk for god or am I walking against him.”

What would  this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
It would be tremendous but horrible for the devil… Because he would have to give up Every one would realize he was a liar and that they were diamonds of god all along.
He would be losing and god would be winning.
This would be the cure every one’s eyes would be filled with love and acceptence of each other and the eyesight of evil would disappear.
God wants you to represent him. he want’s  to tell you that you may look like dirt to evil ,
but you are in fact a valuable unique gem he made strong under pressure to be a soldier.
He want’s you to go into the world to convince people of him.
He want’s you to be a soldier  and if a mans down don’t convince him theres no hope but bring him with you to the other side. To love

and to shine a light of hope for  a hopeless world and be the cure that victims of evil still suffer by.

please give me some feed back on your views! much would be appreciated. Enjoy! <3
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1 day ago


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2 days ago

i know you haven't heard
those four letters recently.

but i promise that if kind
was a human,
he'd take his form as you.

you never ceased being
the light in the middle of a dark tunnel.

thank you for being that phrase of hope amongst all the sentences
of negativity.

though our journey together
has had its times of separate roads,
i assure you that my path will always
find its way back to your warmth.

i know this is probably not the art you were hoping for, but i hope it still makes the cut.

happy birthday, mike.
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2 days ago

I stared out the window
And saw nothing but a light,
Though it tried to show me things
that were mere fancy's flight:
The imaginary asphalt covering
the nonexistent street;
The set of snow-lined sidewalks
where passersby might meet;
The steely spine of a stop-sign;
The spindly barren trees;
All these visions I thought I saw
were light-driven fantasies

My sunset is just a memory away
A faded thought of light to say

I find I've lost
at such a cost

With the seconds in thought
By the minute
I have to pay

The hours were dull
The days the same

The years flew bye
To my dreadful shame

I love to embrace
the final light

But my home is in
the calm of night

Watching the final rays of light disappear
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3 days ago

The things that I’ve been told,
And all the lies that spread
The rumours I watch unfold
Let torture claim my head

To open who I am
A lock that gleams so cold
To end where I began
To sell before I’m sold

A tragedy unfolds
Not all that gleams is gold
My actions deemed as bold
My habits have grown old

Tiring of this life
Aged before my time
I wish to say goodbye
Unlock a deep bloodline

The dark drowns the light
And the light no longer shines
The key, it gleams so bright
And now I bid goodbye

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3 days ago

Like a candle in a hurricane
We flickered out in the wind
And anyone who saw us burning
Thought it must have just been
A little trick of the light.

#love   #loss   #light   #burning   #trick   #wind   #candle   #hurricane   #flicker  
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