beth stclair
beth stclair
10 hours ago

in the blossoming,
the sweet, sweet,
echoing blossoming
of our love

i hear stars
wrapped to the sky,

i hear the
curves of a
bridge sigh
like a
blue sea,

i hear the
infinite splendours
of you,
mild and
shadowy like
the sky,

i hear dark notes
and light notes,
blue clouds
sweeping full
of longing
and song,

and i hear poetry
so sweet and
that my soul
starts to shiver
like the song.

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It's spring again
The once forgotten jewels of nature are
spewing their life forces at me
At an harmless attempt to dance with ribbons brighter than a sunset on Venus it's self

No I can't argue the majestic mystery behind this beauty
But I won't forget what was sacrificed

Beauty and pain protect each other
Every rose has a thorn for its victim
Lured by the seduction

Ignorance is bliss
Love is pure
No speculation necessary

When I first saw them I saw my love
Her skin was soft and delicate balanced with the same color
How could God create her in harmony with nature
I thought as
My heart was pounding

I was lead there after following a golden stream
light from the Sun was just kissing the waters
Then I saw them
A blanket of red and pink scattered in the woods
Butterflies greeted me as I entered
It was a golden path of sunflowers
with walls made of honeycombs 

We would dance before I presented her the gift
A noble gesture and finally she asked

Why are you bleeding
The truth escape me at the moment
I didn't know but I leaned for a kiss

Every rose has a tale.
I hope you guys enjoyed.
Oscar Wilde included me on this one
#love   #peace   #life   #pain   #hope   #nature   #joy   #spring   #emotion   #suffering  

Oh, how we practiced our rehearsals and rehearsed
Our every line. We studied every night,
Your skin molding into mine, so painful, so bright
All things leading to this final fight.

I kept you, a petal, too long in these letters
Stain touch every poem and my words act as the fetters
And I begged and I cried
But the show must go on.

Cut to our scene. Hear my breath low and heavy.
Your hands on my neck, your voice low and steady.
Now, the audience are waiting, held high in suspense
And my tears are forming from your sticky breath

And the curtains are falling, try remember your lines
But when the curtains fall open
I'm the only one left behind.


#love   #poetry   #pain   #tears   #art   #change   #ink   #emotion   #learning   #stength  
2 days ago

In the morning
When the air is still
I let my thoughts wander  
Where they will.

#poem   #feelings   #poetry   #hope   #happy   #people   #emotion   #light  

Too worn in heart
for how dare you
To in response anger
at anger aimed
towards you
How can we express ourselves,
when you steal our emotion?
Tired and missing
my connection
Too tired to love myself
and though I speak
it plainly
the lake of muck within you
was once crystalline ocean

Your first response to effort
is What's wrong here?
Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
3 days ago

Poetry connect lives ,
each word
fill a canvas with
different shades .
It draws the outline
of many emotions .
The art drafts
the stories of lives
people all around the world

#poetry   #art   #people   #emotion   #connect  
3 days ago

Every piece of poetry
brings out a shade of reality
which is there and hidden
and our eyes open
with a degree of emotion

#poetry   #eyes   #reality   #emotion   #piece   #hidden  
4 days ago

The things that I’ve been told,
And all the lies that spread
The rumours I watch unfold
Let torture claim my head

To open who I am
A lock that gleams so cold
To end where I began
To sell before I’m sold

A tragedy unfolds
Not all that gleams is gold
My actions deemed as bold
My habits have grown old

Tiring of this life
Aged before my time
I wish to say goodbye
Unlock a deep bloodline

The dark drowns the light
And the light no longer shines
The key, it gleams so bright
And now I bid goodbye

#time   #dark   #lock   #blood   #emotion   #light   #cold   #age   #key   #vyscern  
4 days ago

Cocoon this is reality
in an empty space
unlocked & flawed
like bleach is increasingly scenic
diluting with calamity,
revolving on arthritis
reticent jaws
like the phlegmatic ambiance
is brusque
it's vast unblemished didactic
sincerity because
" I am a cognizance
of petrified mimetic landscapes"
that I slammed the car door
resonating indulgent concrete
even though I might not be
venturing my hips
in an alluring angle or
softly sighing
"why are the rims of my eyes not

- G
James Doubrava
James Doubrava
5 days ago

he hides his sadness
with photographs and

another rickety lie

to himself about sepia memories
of sad days he thinks were
better ones

the evidence of last nights tears
stains on the sheets he
wears wrapped around his

choking heart
beats relentlessly as he scrawls

another loving

hash mark into a never ending


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