4 hours ago

He was the moon
So glorious and majestic,
Extravagant and eccentric.

I am the (night) sky
Full of dreams and stories
Etched within the stars
That beautifies me

Without them
Without him,
I am nothing
But a void.
No reason to look up
No reason to care at all.

He is hidden
Behind the dark clouds
I don't know
Where they came from.

He wouldn't let me see
Himself in his great beauty.
Only a half, a crescent, or a quarter
Is what he gives.

But there are also times
When he shows himself
All his imperfections
And shines within
The vast stretch of darkness
I only care to give.

And people slowly
Starts to see
How we became a beautiful pair.

How he shines for me
And how I
Let them see
How beautiful he is.

And the stars,
My dreams,
Comes dancing and shining.

It was a sight to behold.
We were extraordinary.

But I was afraid
Too much will break our bond.
And so I ran away
When he so beautifully
Shined and glowed.

I always make a mistake everynight.
I let my darkness go
I let the stars kept under my blanket.

For I make way to someone
Who is more beautiful
Just like him
Shining and glowing
Just like him.

When combined both
They make up the universe
They make up the whole existence of us.

I am just a mere foreground
Changing my course
And watching them
Chase for each other
Until eternity.

#love   #feelings   #moon   #stars   #crushes   #emotion  
Melanie Kate
Melanie Kate
1 day ago

You bring all of yourself
To the spaces between
Our light and dark.
But you never explore
All the hope I've saved
For you in my heart.
You don't know
What I need
What makes me bleed,
Makes me shiver,
Makes me dream.
You don't touch
The darkest parts of me.
The places were my light lies,
In greatest pleasure.
Your would-be-delights,
If only you'd see.

Mkd (c) 2017
Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
2 days ago

Your face holds a countenance
so expansive and contradictory.
Every facet shifts differently -- like a twinkling gem
with the changing of the light.
I can see every form of the human condition realized,
evolving and then dissolving with just a slide of your eyes,
or a twitch of the mouth.
I watch the whole of the world come together,
then immediately fall down.

Soon an upturn of your lips brings it all back around,
breaking a dawn that lights up the dark of the room.
But your eyes remain grave, they haunt and consume
with an energy that draws out the dread in me --
pulling it forth from this mortal sea like a drowning tide.
Then suddenly you slow my heartbeat, my mind
when for a moment you give yourself
to private feelings inside and you are lost
in contemplative silence.

It is here I can glimpse the whole of humanity
coming together in one synchronized harmony.
Collective heartache held in the edges of your lips,
the tensions fraught in the strength of your chin,
battlegrounds revealed within the scarred skin of your cheeks,
the wisdom of experience held within each creased wrinkle.
And the lids of your eyes comfort all of our cries
as they luxuriate in a dream-like hope
that falls from your gaze, washing away life's pain
as it cascades down the bridge of your nose.

Your face holds such tender promises,
triumphs, trials, and ghosts.
Just a mere glimpse into the depths of you
and I feel a lump in my throat,
as I remember far more than I believe I can endure.
But then your face morphs and shifts
into a compassionate bliss
that was not there just a moment before.
Instantaneously you cast out all regret, shame, and doubt
and I am at once whole again,
mended from my despair.

You have a true air of divinity
that shines outwards and enters the rifts in me,
gifting me the notion in swells of healing motion
that whatever is, is never astray.
Your eyes reach right out and assure me
that all things have always been this way.
It is only through love and acceptance
that we can properly navigate.

You are timelessness, agelessness,
comfort, beauty, and grace.
You reflect a truth so inclusive it moves
the very earth with a turn of your face.
Your very nature saves me.
It expertly heals and then breaks me.
A look from you will completely remake me
into what I know that I can become:
the whole of all human experience,
fused tranquilly, into one.

I will allow myself to come undone
in the radiant sum of your face.
I will allow myself to be filled with love
and build myself back up, unafraid.
I recognize my place: somewhere
between soft upper lip and cheek,
where my deepest joy and ache
both gravitate and so inevitably meet.
There, your smile spreads a most wonderful peace
that ceases all of my pain.
It echoes indescribably in beautiful, rippling refrain.
Like a benevolent wave it carries away
the weight of all the ages.

J.M. 2017

#love   #life   #pain   #humanity   #joy   #emotion   #human   #healing   #humility   #collective  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
5 days ago

my eyes speak out a narrow street
notorious for fatal accidents
scorching everyone involved
leaving impertinent witnesses
hence silent gaze shies away

exposure, self-denied
to keep from harm
avoid collateral

and not just eyes but words
they slip they cost they hurt
the best the most
bitten tongue cannot dissolve
no, bitten lip cannot contain
boiling recklessness

come close meet walls
cruelly transparent
self-defused bomb
a self-contained woe
window shopping
a blink away from shattered showcase

teach this heart how to read
for it only knows now how to write
Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
2 days ago

The anger screams at
My mind.
The pain rips apart
My soul.
The shame hides
My face.
The sadness climbs down
My cheeks.
The trauma reminds me
Every day.

February 21, 2017.
#anger   #pain   #sadness   #memories   #hurt   #shame   #emotion   #scarred   #trauma   #terrified  
2 days ago

impostures of infernal
quadrille melt with
crackling limbs
like mists of acquiescent
lurid leeches
gnawing on wrathful liver
cruelly enslaving the clouds
silently humming to alternative
sunsets that
vapor is tightening pores
on roman candles
alluring aurora's
over my breasts
because blood is rushing
through my spine
fashioning my depressive

Hey if anyone wants to message me
don't be afraid to :)
Journey of Days
Journey of Days
3 days ago

darkness is making me sick
keeping me ill

keeping me tied to ..
shackled to shadow...to anger and injury

smoky tendrils keep me in a half life of tears, regrets, pain

trapping me in memories I cannot flee

darkness is keeping me sick


Written as part of a series - The Meditations #1 - #11, over three days at a silent spiritual retreat. more healing took place in three silent days that in three years of therapy. Go figure! Not there yet but it is a more productive work in progress.  #thisjourneyofdays
Jyoti Yadav
3 days ago

He promised me ” I will always be with you until my last breath.

I said” Yes i want you to be with me until last breath but not yours… My last breath…!!!!””.

Please review and feedback about the poem.
Renée Brookes
Renée Brookes
4 days ago

Tears bubbling over
Buzzed bright
Dangling from a string
P a r t e d
Digging deep
Beneath the eyes
Screaming LOUD
U n touch e d
Flown away

#feelings   #life   #alone   #emotion  
5 days ago

tantalizing fragility
I am the prey
filling morphine into
my lungs with
crooked hands that
sunflowers from my throat
are sprouting mortality into veins
entangling frontier
"untainted & holy
delicate liquid chromium's"
smoothing eyelids
of obsidian frames
capturing glitter
on ember incoherent skulls
because twists of romantics
are granite rustling floral
delphinium marble exodus
raw lush

I'm a disaster kissing flames
#love   #metaphor   #dark   #holy   #raw   #emotion   #fragility   #liquid   #lush   #untainted  
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