4 days ago

The cliff rises in front of me,
Red iron minerals soaked into the rocks.
My hands ache from the climbing
And my body begs me to not stop.
My soul feels enlightened from all I have already seen.
The rushing river that now courses far bellow me.
This is the adventure I have craved for so long,
I can’t wait to reach the top
And see how far I have gone.

I reach up to put my hand on the stone,
Suddenly the sound of the alarm screeches into my bones
My dream is all gone
And all has been undone.
My tired hand puts a stop to the noise,
And my tired mind tries to regain some poise.
My dream is fading,
What was once bright is now gone.
But now I know what I want
And how I will go on.
-ALC March 23, 2017

mitch green
mitch green
7 days ago

I think about you,
more than i would like to admit.
but you don't like me,
and I know that.

you tell me about the other girls you’re talking to,
and i offer what advice i have.
then we kiss for a while,
and cuddle a little afterwards.

later i go home and try to forget.
but i cant forget.
because i have fallen head over heels
for a guy that cant see me as anything more than casual.
and there's nothing I can do about it.  
i need to accept that and move on.

alone in my room,
i try to remember what its like to be held by you.
i wrap my arms around myself,
and think about things that you once said to me,
and things you once did to me,
and things we once did.

because to be loved by you
i don’t think anything could feel as wonderful.

#love   #lust   #hopes  
Mar 19

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

#sun   #dreams   #hopes   #running   #trying   #igiveup  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 16

This is to the man of her dreams,
I know you've never had a chance to know me,
She is a beacon of happiness in my life,
A reason behind my smile,
So before you take her hand..
I need a moment of your time,

She is a little rough around the edges,
Its just how she's always been through out her age,
Be patient when she is hype and off her ground,
With a kind word touch her hand and calm her down,
She is fragile, you see,
Sometimes when she needs attention not only when sick,
Try to understand and be there,
'Cause you are the only one in trust with her care,

She isn't built for this hush world,
And I'm sure she'd want me to take back these words,
So when you see she's down with sadness around her eyes,
Be the one to step in and make her smile,

She is sweet and loving,
I've known for all the time she's been with me,
I know not much of her heart and the turmoil of her soul,
But let you my boy,
Be the heart she'd call home,

I've taught her pride,
Am the one to blame for that,
I've taught her to talk,
And say what she wants,
I hope you understand her power of free speech,
And don't mistake it for an attitude or habit from peers,
Its just her heart trying to speak,
So please my boy, lend her your kind and loving ear,

My boy, she is my most treasured gift,
From the day she opened her eyes,
I have a reason to tell you this,
So you can be a man to her,

This is to a man of her dreams,
Be part of what she believes,
Never see any less of what she hopes,
This is to a man,
She wants the most

#love   #man   #dreams   #hopes   #woman   #she   #age   #married  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Mar 12

once treasured
like a gem
a strong, beating
yet fragile heart
struggling alone
caged now trapped
in hopes and fears
garding the only key
to its loving soul

#heart   #hopes   #soul   #trapped   #fragile   #fears   #beating   #loving   #treasured   #gem  
Dhaara T
Dhaara T
Mar 10

I keep waiting
every single day
for your return
with a bag
full of memories
and good times
that we shared
Where are you?
I can't see
the slightest hint
of your presence
What about those
promises of 'forever'?
Why did you
start an end?
Now I wonder
if you will
ever come back
in good time
or will you
let me down?
Now I fear
you will return
zestful as ever
hopeful to run
but I won't
be able to
for I would
be too exhausted
of this wait
only to run
away from you.

Isn't it heartbreaking, the scorching wait that only dries up your lake of love?

filled up with enmity coiling up inside
The chest billows up
Thy want to heave it out
Then destined to tranquility

The claws scratch the flesh
Death gnaws on the remnants of longevity
Unless visions have a chest
To burst out into effervescence

Spontaneous sigh is kicked out of your breath
The clavicles sharpen, the eyes ogle ahead
The nothingness dilates
The flicker has no entrance for itself to adumbrate

For utopia has its own gore
To marvel over inside,
The plasters of bliss
Have guffawed over the gullible dusk

The gloom has left with a whisper
A muttering not to be heard
The relief has sewed on flesh
With the clouds coming out of thy outburst

The relief rebirths the serenity
Has been meandered, halted
For thou shed leaves
Making agony to clouds of no return

Utopic defiance,
the idiosyncratic anectodes
Stains of externalized innundation
For the literal existance of hope.

Isn't the dream to live by the sea shore?
In a small wooden home shutters opening with the wind.
A cool breeze jumping down the spine,
a small layer of sand covering the hallway

Watching the sun set over the calmly rippling water

watching the lightening over the vast darkened blue space

Watching and listening to the seagulls join together for a party

I've always dreamt about the sea.
I've had this image of the utterly perfect house since I was little.

The brown and teal blue home with teal perfectly in line shutters
looking out at the beautifully blue tinted green body of water
I can hear the thrashing of the tides during the storm
I can hear the whisper of the waves before dusk

For now, it's just a dream.

For now I'll triple lock the doors,
never say "hi" to the neighbors, a chaotic group of men who partake in illicit activities
never step outside after dark,
live in a pit of terror every night falling asleep.

But I will have my dream.
I crave the sheer idea of this possibility.
Tonight I lay my head on the beaten up discolored and rectangle block,
once soft and fluffy, full of freshly stuffed cotton and feathers

dreaming of a home, my home
                                      by the sea.

#dreams   #hopes   #sea  

if only he knew

she wasn't watching the match

she was only watching him

every game starts with love

and that's what she wanted

between them

#love   #hopes   #cute   #unrequited   #match   #akward   #tennis  
Feb 9

"I could actually, win," I said to myself.

Then reality hit me in the face.

And I lost, before I could even try.

It's been one of those type of day.
#sad   #dreams   #hopes   #dashed  
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