Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
6 days ago

We let each other go
With the wisp in the silence that was in between
You had hurt me so deeply
But you'll never know
For it was time to let go

There are no hard feelings,
No second guesses,
You did what you said
For the first time ever

And trust me
It was a breath of relief knowing that we were free
From these bounds that we once called home

I'm sorry that it didn't work out how we wanted it to
Or how we imagined it would be
But that was for the best

I wasn't made to be in your life forever
And that's okay
People change

However the world still stays the same
It'll still rotate on its axis
And the world would move on

This isn't such a bad thing,
We left a mark together in our own worlds
In our own way
That's what matters most

Our time has come to a close
But that is not such a bad thing
It was for the best, my long lost friend

I wouldn't change a thing

This is goodbye, my friend

I wish you the best

Talked to her, she understood. Now we have been parted
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K Balachandran
K Balachandran
7 days ago

Sparrows in brisk flight,
divide, avoid the tower
their reunion seamless!

Nature teaches every creature the laws of avoiding conflict

have you never made a wrong decision?
opened yourself up to possibility?
embraced an uncertain future?
not questioned the jump?

take my hand
breathe in this moment
....can you risk failing and falling with me?


Love me
in a radical way
Take a risk
a leap of Faith
Dare to reach out
and touch my
wounded soul
and my broken heart
with the healing balm
of your sweet lips

© Michael Lechner

#love   #broken   #heart   #faith   #soul   #healing   #wounded   #risk   #balm  

How do I love?
In the moment is where I cry
Sensitive to you
Sensitive to the idea of forever, but I have to let myself tingle
Beyond eachother, stop signs don't bother
We're going without a green light
Gliding through the wind we trust
Satan in the mirror
God behind my back
I kiss the mirror and turn around
Smile baby boy, I just kissed and faced ideas made by humans like you
The evil and good generates from them
So how do I love?
Do I just trust a human with a pussy because I see a future?
But when I see the future, I forget I can die right now
The risk is everything
Loving you

Is everything

#love   #spiritual   #conscious   #risk   #zen  

when Delores was young,
she lived in a town named Chanal
with a merry-go-round.
eternity bearing down.
everyone moving round and round
skirting around the edges of things
scared of getting off; they'd rather drown.

as Delores grew older
she became increasingly confused.
she wondered why everyone stays on
is there really that much to lose?

"Let me off, let me off!," she exclaimed.

"What is she doing?," screamed one little girl.

"She is deranged," yelled Clip who had 5 women attached to his hip. His wife is on Charlie, blue horse. They'd grown distant while riding the merry-go-round.

Delores lets go and she jumps. dizzy at first
her head spins and spins about
she's invisible in the pitch dark of a night
her burning feet on untouched sand feels just right
echoes of laughter from the merry-go-round sting her ears, penetrate through her
body; it musters fear
for she has stepped off and no one is near
she sits quietly on a park bench and watches the world go by.
she cheers.
she has made it off this torturous devise. she's now in control of her life.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #life   #lost   #ocean   #carnival   #travel   #sand   #risk  

I see my chance to be happy
              walking ahead of me
But there is a possibility  ,
                that I might get hurt.
Should I run behind
                or should not risk it
This dilemma runs in mind
                               and my thoughts aren't kind

#happy   #hurt   #mind   #possibility   #risk   #behappy  

Can't protect your heart
AND LOVE someone deeply too
BE vulnerable

armored hearts cannot truly give or even receive love
Feb 13

But a small shift in the earth
Can cause unforseen circumstances
So deviating from what you should do,
My friend,
Will make your future uncertain

Think about the risk you run
Before you run for the reward

For a former friend of mine. Godspeed compadre
#future   #change   #earth   #advice   #uncertain   #risk   #reward   #vyscern  

Walk with me if you dare,
keep up with me if you can.

#life   #dare   #walk   #risk   #captain   #command   #ruler   #pace   #leader   #risky  
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