Mar 18

I don't need more.
They tell me I do.
More likes, more money
more friends too.

Society thinks
I'll be happy then,
More clothes, more shoes
More power, more men.

But more often than not
The more you aquire,
The more you'll realize
The more you desire.

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I used to use a magic mirror to self validate
but it took me far too long
to find that the self hate
had found its orgins elsewhere
Somewhere not so skin deep
And so it makes it quite a struggle
to search out soulfull sleep

But after all the praise was gone
I finally came to admit
Perfection had long since taken me
and was walking in my skin

It was my skin that became
all the home i had to live in

To wit
I ended up on the edge of my own identity
selling my last shred of dignity for some quick fix
A few creepy half glances
I was blind to second chances

Ignorant out of will or spite
either way, i wasnt right


In the subconscious
ignorance may be bliss
but I was too ham fisted
And once I added a slice of lonliness
It cut right through the seam
To find the corpse of happiness

And i near missed it

Or at least i thought i did

Its like an old adage i heard once
You dont know what youve lost till youve had to replace it and you cant find the basics anywhere inside you,
so with nothing left to define
you just give up and go back to hide

Or something like that

Yeah, it's pretty much my thoughts about self image
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The way he looked at you
You could swear
It was right through you
Like he was looking at something else
Far more important
And then he'd look at you
Really look at you
But only as if
He just happened to see you
Because of course
The other thing
Whatever it was
Was much more important

He did this on purpose
Skeevy as he was.
He liked to distance himself
I guess

#love   #romance   #beauty   #humanity   #lying   #deception  

crystalline eternal facade
clean and bright

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

siren’s call
drier than barren

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

the crust won’t hold your weight
reality breaks you will be sinking into the mire of
lies and confusion
stink of rot...decay smothering your

did you not hear the silence as you approached
overcome with reverence and awed by the light?

the mire is real
a salt pan of false purity
created at the cost of the lives
the rot below the surface
there is a reason that nature expires before the void

heed the silence
kneel not to these false gods
they will kill you.


I've become so convincing in the role of myself,
I'm starting to believe it's actually me.

Capitalism caters to the youth.
Most goods and services
Sold in shopping centers and malls
Are appropriate for the youth,
But not for more mature people.
Being that the United States is not a TRADITIONAL Society,
Most young people don't want to mix socially  with older people.
Why should a sexy girl
Want to chat with a dirty old man?
She has what he wants,
But what does he have for her?
The Policies of the Administration of President Donald Trump
Are an ASSAULT  on the Youth,
Destroying their capacity to have a viable future.
Polluting Industries will earn megaprofits,
Under his leadership
As the Environment becomes increasingly toxic
Causing more and more cancer and birth defects.
Corporations EXPLOIT the Youth,
And encourage them to be worshipped as Sex Objects,
In reality,
They youth  are being CANNIBALIZED,
Just as a hungry mother crocodile
Might sometimes eat her young.

Feb 28

I recently heard that people have different capacities for love.

Maybe for emotion in general.

I try to think
this is all you are capable of giving

but still,
what a disappointment it is
to discover your Northern star
was just a satellite
all along.

There was a flower, blossoming on the shoreline. Beholding the serenity of the seas and criticising the rise and fall of the indomitable tides.

It swayed in the balmy air and loathed the dusty storms.

It adored the sun's radiance and mourned the moon's norms.

It extolled the aesthetics and execrated the wrongs.

It denied the nectar but appreciated the honeycomb.

There was a peyote, living in the dreary sands. Mesmerized by the great dunes, standing like a tomb.

Relishing the scanty rains with much aplomb.

It grows its roots in the search of water,  many call it a coxcomb.

Such is the folk, unaware of the real beauty for so long!

                                    - Swasti Jain

Identity Politics
The Democratic Party is a Big Tent.
People of all Races, Colors and Creeds are welcome,
But Karl Marx is not allowed to enter.
The Reality of Class Warfare must be concealed.

Jan 28

"Friends with a mutual appreciation of intimacy"

A piece of shit.
Someone so emotionally detached, they could say so many things that would end up meaning so much then dismissing it like it was nothing.
How could you tell me you care.
How could you look at me the way you did.
How could you kiss me like that and brush the hair out of my eyes,
So you could "see my pretty face".
How could you say to me "i'll never leave you alone in this world".

Bullshit. You're a liar.

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