Rubi Sandoval
Rubi Sandoval
7 hours ago

Time always takes but never gives. And, if you ask me what you were to me. You were a watch on my wrist.


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Julie Grenness
9 hours ago

Yes, summer heat,
Not so neat,
Refreshments time,
Your pool or mine?
I wish I was at the sea,
But, cold lemonade for thee?
Ah, that's cold,
Lemonade's, like, old,
Like childhood memories,
it's the  refreshment for thee and me!

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12 hours ago

I wonder how many lives you touched, before mine

How many heartbreaks you caused and how many you tried your best to mend

How many times you closed your eyes and wondered what the future would bring

Not knowing it would include me

Look up the title if you don't already know what it means. Beautiful word.
#life   #future   #time   #past   #present  
Amanda Francis
Amanda Francis
14 hours ago

My mother tells me to go to church!
Why? she believes it will grant me eternal life!
And she says I have to follow the commandments.
You know, because she believes heaven is better than hell.

But I tell her she's wasting her time, I tell her heaven is already here.
In between the beats of her fragile mind if only she'd look.
In secrets like 'where the love letters are hidden' or 'why that song means so much'.
Here, within the intangible humanity that connects us all.

And I ask her, 'why chase something in death when life is right here?'

So, on her google number time of telling me that God said 'blah, blah'
and I'll be sorry when I face eternal damnation.
I think of you.
How I swear I hear angels sing whenever you're around.
How when we kiss my heart stops and starts like I'm kissing God himself.
How I know, undoubtedly, without hesitation.
~Heaven is right here, whenever I'm with you.~

Poetic T
Poetic T
14 hours ago

Reality and time had been bonded from there inception
a woven masterpiece of continuity,
but what happens when the infinity of both climaxes at
the finite moment of infinity.

Ubiquity was just a flicker, an elongated reference to
what was deliberation. Neither had expected this,
time thought it was a complexity  of reflections that
were neither then, now or beyond. but It was slowing.

Existence, cohesion was a momentary thought,
without reality, what was keeping thought in check?
For when one was to think, realism was strained as
what could be, would be exhibited in the fabric of now.

Reality and time were being deprived of the fabric
that wove them as one, a coupling of eternity.
But time was perceiving that which wasn't far from
the certainty, that its moments were departing .

As all became inanimate, and time stood static.
Reality conceived that she was moments away
from her departing. And she held on too time,
he grasped the reality of what was ending.

"We are only a moment, a presence that will eventually
end, this is reality this is the meaning of time,

#time   #reality   #space  
Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin
15 hours ago

And now, I will become the girl you never wanted,
to befit the fact that that is what I am.
As my skin cells are cast off,
in their brittle battle with time,
I will change into a girl you never even touched.
My skin will be mine;
it will not recognise your hands,
while life will cast yours in a new form, too.
Our skin, more than merely estranged,
will make us two new beings.
Two strangers.
Our eyes will be the only things unchanged
and we will look at each other,
in a fleeting double take,
as others do on the tube, across a room, in the street,
when they know that they have met before,
but can't remember where.
And the moment will pass:
doors will close, trains will move,
fate will move us past each other.
Two strangers, who will never meet.

#love   #loss   #time   #breakup   #ambivalence  
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
16 hours ago

It feels like suicide
i'm with you

and that's


#suicide   #pain   #time   #thoughts   #you   #me   #us   #ok   #moments   #quit  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

So tell me doc
How much time have I got
Before this world overtakes me

I'm asking, I'm shaking
Cause I feel my mind breaking
Lock me up, I'll swallow the pills

But please doc
Throw away the key, overdose me
Ill tell you, these demons won't leave

#war   #time   #demons   #running   #therapy  
Alan S Bailey
1 day ago

Like the ring of a bell in the distance
some trance which in an instance
can seem like it lasts an eternity,
I embrace the natural wild just as much as I can,
I know it's not a normal thing
but life is short and I am happiest free.
Lost in the moonlight halo or entrenched
in active chaotic madness, it's all the
same to me. A vagabond, a fool,
I earned this by word of mouth alone,
never again truly kissed, scarred and yet my poor
living is sacred, there is no place I can call my own,
this all I am thinking as I drift off to sleep
for the very last time, as you hold my shaky hand,

there is little I'd have left for my journey while
they take all they can that is left
of my world all for the sake of greed,
of nothing but selfish sentimentality,
I am already guilty, instantly proven guilty,
so for once let me be.

#truth   #sad   #time   #lost   #dreams   #free   #guilty   #hand   #greed   #kissed  
Joe Black
Joe Black
2 days ago

My inner Universe is ruled by Death,

It start it's ruling by killing God,

Smoothly, nicely, it wiped him away.

Then it was time for the Sun to die.

They said artificial light is better, healthier.

One by one Death was ruling out its verdicts,

Till it grounded inner Universe to mortal realities.

But that was not the end of it..

There came death of spaceman, doctor, chemist and engineer...

Later died optimist, than the guy in love..

Next in queue poet and painter..

Till nothing left. Empty. Dead. Perfect.

Inspired by Life

#dream   #life   #death   #time  
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