Dawn of Lighten
Dawn of Lighten
3 days ago

Dimension beginning of vile cretin exposed,
And the Emperor has no clothes,
While helplessly strut a mighty walk without a shame.

Course of history repeating itself,
Like the flow of water meeting in the river of streams,
But recycle through the clouds and back to the ground it flows.

Are we so blinded by the glimmer of the mirage of oasis in the desert,
We toast with sands of dune to quench our thirst of our plight,
And all is but a fickling light ducktaped by words of unintelligible muddled murmur?

This is truly the flawed design of our time,
When we no longer promote arts and crafts of philosophies,
And religious cults of zealots condemned the science and Academia by berating it's achievement.

Likes of ancient times of Agora and the height of it's human enlightenment,
There are forces of deconstruction of society of choas ensued by hateful fear mongers,
And systematic inward of national fevor of berserkers leveling progress.

Maybe another dark age is inevitable,
But little seed of hope I feel tangible,
And sometimes event maybe a phoenix.

Religion is all sense of purpose is a illumination of hope in human plights,
But those who seek absolute power by controlling devotees, then it is no longer a religions but a cult of designed by vanity.

I'm suffocating.
I want to claw my way out of my skin
Not caring how bloody and torn I'd be, for I am that already
A shredded corpse disguised as whole
Mimicking the beat from a counterfeit heart.

I'm imploding.
Being pulverized by crushing defeat
Innocence vanquished and forgotten
A casualty of immense desolation.

I'm disintegrating
Vanishing from existence
Evaporating from memory
Until all that remains is.......

Iris Madden
Iris Madden
6 days ago

The sights fly past the windows
carrying with them
the last sounds of your voice
the wind takes away
the rest of your words
my hand has long forgotten your touch
and now I forget your face...
This dark void and time
takes everything
and we will never be everything
to each other
I'll never see enough of you
to not forget
We'll never be more...

are we so unmemorable?

Old friend,

a part of me still loves you
and cherishes the memories
that we made in youth
and then turned to cinder
I don't know how
two people so well connected
can grow so far apart
I still hear your laugh
I still feel your hugs
the fist bumps and play fights
years of friendship fading
like the smoke filled rooms
we spent so much time in
my memory is getting hazy
I hope your little boy is well
perhaps you'll tell him stories
when he's grown
of an old friend called Finley
I want you to know
I will surely cry when you die
though I doubt
that I'll be at your funeral

Mucho amor


Oh, lonely mountain,
how lovely are thee,
but you see, oh facade
full of trees and daisies,
memories, light and shade,
we are bade by a calling.

as the leaves are falling
dear lasses, ladies, bless me,
give me your farewells,
kisses and favors, then,
for I'm a soldier, by god,
I march on for older men.

misguided sense of glory,
so heed our story, hear it,
for we're soldiers, you see,
bona-fide men of the army,
culled from hill and valley,
sent out on foreign seas.

all for a dollop of money,
tin-made mementos given
like apologies, or remedy,
march on, boys, march on,
we're dead men walking,
aye, just spirits already.

#peace   #late   #forgotten   #foolish   #errant  

i was once a piece
of beautiful paper,
cut into a heart-shape,
colored with red and
neatly placed at the left
side of my chest.

and then you came
with your heart on fire,
i am enchanted by your warmth
that i let you embrace me.
but i never thought that your fire,
would burn me down.

i was once a piece
of beautiful paper.
but now,
i am no more than
a piece of small gray particles,
forgotten ashes
scattered by the wind

never be found


If you were a beautiful,
soft sunrise,
with glowing rays of light,

than I was always the sharp,
deep sunset,
just before darkness fell on the earth.

I was going through some of my past writings.
Just random chapters I'd written from books that were never finished,
and found this little piece jammed into one of them. :)
#love   #writing   #us   #forgotten   #different   #soft   #sharp   #chapters  

My imagination,
Is a mishap
Of my own creation.

Due to it,
I tend to lose myself in thoughts,
And forget about reality,

As in dreams,
I can create my happiness,
To escape the cruel reality.

You sat there waiting for me in the dingy cafe,
You had pills hidden in your purse,
I should have smelled the tainted smoke in your breath,
This is all it's actually worth.

My time I spend, each day I try
To fix up this messed up life,
While the pain never subsides.

I was waiting for you at one time,
I had believed in your sense of direction,
Your understanding and convictions,
All failed with but simple inspection.

My life I lead, this whine and your greed,
Pain in my heart with how you speak
Like you're the only one I ever truly need.

In the end I was looking for someone else,
They were lovely, beautiful and smart,
Kind to animals and fighting for causes.
You know why I stopped waiting on you?

Because that isn't the least bit of what you are...

#love   #heart   #pain   #future   #hope   #good   #kindness   #forgotten   #liars   #fiends  

November...17? 14...15?
Dates no longer carry your shadow.
I awoke in a panic this morning,
Thinking of how easily the day went by.
I didn't even cringe,
But this morning I awoke with the faint taste of our ashes burning in my throat.
Your name was a linger.
This morning I remembered I had forgotten,
And the feeling was weightless.

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