Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
1 hour ago

There is a girl somewhere, somehow;
impossible and true. She shouldn't exist -
she should have evaporated so long ago
yet somehow she kept on breathing and existing,
condensing and condensing
until she finally moved with solidity.
She sang in sorrowful silence,
was free in the terrors of the night,
lived and loved
regardless of the loss in her heart.
She survived because life told her not to
and now she is there, running
pure and clear as a dream,
wild and crazed bewilderment
shining in her alive eyes.
That Latin beauty, she is vivid and gleaming
in the light which shines
true and bright and effervescent.
She will be waiting for the liquid to return
and to dissolve into transparency once more but,
as she always forgets,
she will never die out.
We are all like her
in some way or another.

~~ For Katy. ~~
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1 day ago

where does hierarchy begin?
    Is it where the strong is on top,
and the weak step upon?

Where does your dignity be placed?
   Is it where your always be the winner,
no matter what, even it has bitter taste.

Is SURVIVAL really that cruel?
That some of us are just a tool,
a fool for the strong to be cool.

No, it can't be that bad
yet reality is quite sad.

Despite our hard beginnings
Life still is beautiful
that losing isn't everything.
To where dignity is placed -
when you respect yourself the most.
That hierarchy isn't important
to where your love is...

© Pax

yeH! a new poem, a longer one and it's been long i haven't rhyme like this. a bit hard when you have limited vocab, my apologies for its simplicity and many thanks for reading.
#love   #life   #beautiful   #reality   #survival   #strong   #losing   #dignity   #hierarchy   #pax  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

I learned never to alert certain people when they're being disrespectful
- they don't care who they hurt and they'll disrespect you in return. No exceptions.
Not to mention the judgmental sheep that applaud for them. Yeah... Those people-oids will boost shitty egos higher down cracked soil.
Archaic humans don't deserve my time, they don't deserve kindness - they don't even know it exists.
Let them drown in their cynical tones and mental complexes on their own.

- LynnAA

We're in 2017 and some people haven't even crossed 1528 yet.

#poem   #harm   #poetry   #hate   #hurt   #away   #kindness   #strong   #ego   #disgusting  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

Kiss the beast and he turns back into a human
- just like you,
I hit you straight in the heart and the human in you turns into a beast.

- LynnAA

I can handle wilderness, little beast.

#poem   #poetry   #heart   #woman   #strong   #wild  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

If your aim is to play games
If your aim is to hurt souls
Stay away.
Don't try to step on a soil you  don't know how to walk on.
My wild plants will eat you alive.
I am no woman to be fooled.
I will draw your limits with a brush of my arm, like the ballerina I am.
Drop the masks.
I don't like clowns and you're a really bad one.

- LynnAA

#poem   #happy   #happiness   #nature   #away   #woman   #strong   #play   #games   #masks  
3 days ago

I am Strong

I am  Powerful

I am Brave

I am Strong

I am Powerful

I am Brave

I am Strong

I am Powerful

I am Brave

Είμαι δυνατός
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
4 days ago

I see the way
My father’s arms
Are wearing out
And breaking down
Underneath this daily weight
And I am afraid
Of my own day
Which is yet to come
But will not stay away

Welcome to my world. :p
#dying   #my   #own   #old   #strong   #personal   #arms   #mine   #rest   #fathers  
4 days ago

I am a flower.
Hard to handle
At times
Because of my thorns.
However, I am strong,
I can grow, and
I’m beautiful

#flowers   #beautiful   #flower   #hard   #strong   #to   #petal   #thorns   #petals   #handle  
4 days ago

I thought
I got over it
But you are still here
I thought I forgot
But I didn't
I thought
I was through with you
But you simply stayed
I thought I asked you
To leave my heart
More than once till today

I thought
But obviously
I was wrong
I didn't know
That I still longed
For the smile
And the touch
That you gave
But me
I asked for something
That was far too much
And never meant to be

I like to think of it
This way:
You're not the one,
I like to say,
Because the one
The real, the true
He's meant to stay

And that's not you.

Noticed feelings waking up from a sleep again, trying to survive.
#love   #heart   #desire   #feeling   #strong  
5 days ago

You are a beast,
a monster,
an evil soul,
with an ugly vendetta
and a heart of stone.

You play games with people's minds,
use them like pawns in your world,
but the thing you don"t realize is
I'm not just an ordinary girl.

I'm strong and powerful,
brave and mighty.
My heart is gold,
my soul

I am your undoing.
The end to your games.
I stand against you,
my army behind me.
Countless soldiers
ready for battle.

You can't win against us;
our cause is just,
to strike down the evil,
the monster
the beast.

And the beast,
my dear,
is you.

#evil   #brave   #strong   #pride   #monster   #powerful   #bully   #beast   #army   #harassment  
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