I cuddle the night,
Embracing his warm covers
Over my wounded heart

Lonely, broken,
And bled

That it aches,
And sobs

Echoing within,
the corners of my soul,
When I sold me
Into slavery

A bartered exchange,
Of hearts
That you toyed with my own
While I handled yours
With a mother's hand

Micaiah Wheeler
Micaiah Wheeler
12 hours ago

I wanted you to know that….
you’re beautiful, but like, really
you’re the star that makes me back to that hillside by the ocean every night
Just so I can stare at you,
your beauty is innocent, a million miles away, and of me? , you’re probably unaware
That I think about you every night, and to the world you leave me without a care
And I can’t help but stare, you’re so beautiful, yet so unaware
so unaware of how you light up my night, so unaware of your reach, your light,
You don’t shine because you are a star, but because you are a star, you shine
And maybe the divine will allow our stars to align, and I could watch you shine and maybe you could be mine.


A much too weary Mommie
And a helpless little boy
Flounder in the shipwreck
That is living
While the tide comes pouring in.

A robin with a damaged wing
Struggles to attain the sky
But the sticky goo of
Keeps her little bird feet welded to the ground.

One sorta funny Shoe Box card
So why am I not laughing,
As I wistfully peruse the
Greetings in the newspaper:
"Four lines, four days, four dollars."
All of them are so sincere-
I wish that I could be there.
I wouldn't ever get one -
Culdn't ever send one -
What on Earth would I have said?
"Sometimes, my dear, it's not too bad
But other times it's awful -
With 'other' meaning mostly.

Not a flower or a sweet -
We won't go out to dinner.
We're not going anywhere-
(Too literal for comfort)
How I envy those who love.
I'm lying in the bed I made
At such a painful price
Almost ten long years ago,
Wishing this was all a dream
And I could make myself wake up
To morning and a life with hope.

I live alone along with him,
In five rooms and an office
Where laughter is a seldom thing
And pain pursues its tail
In circles of regret and loss.

No Valentines for me this year.
By teeth and toenails clinging on,
Crazed and dazed and ignorant
Of how to hold on or let go,
I mark another twenty-four
Into parcels filled with work,
And stuff the endless, mindless chores
Into the void where love should be
And isn't.

The bruises of yesterday,
Still bleeding on this morning,
How we got here?
I don't know.

May be silence is love,
Between to two souls
Heavy with care,
And afraid to ruin the sand castle,
On a beach, that our hands molded

May be the heavens know,
Of legends and their tales
Their peaks and falls
Before painting history
Within the banners of their names

May be we are just one of those tales
Our stars matching from a distant past
Within this present of a milky way
Heavy with clouds of tears,
But smile at the sunrise
And hope we remain, together,
Our souls as one
On this banner of love

PJ Poesy
PJ Poesy
6 days ago

How I precipitate within and around
trash to steam factory's super chimneys
Ideas ejaculating
amongst rising glow of cantaloupe colored sky
And why am I?

Beholden to a notion
of fanciful or foolish, concept of nuptials
puffing pother  
or why bother to effuse such rubbish encumbrance
Trouble sweats unease

Cold feet, that can't afford proper socks
know the sludging embankments
of Camden Crick (colloquialism of creek)
As it were, a driving force of elopement
An eschewal of plastic bottle heap

Knowing fictile landscapes
with condensations murky in skies,
chance entices
Grasping for refuge
from refuse

Pondering the good intention of an elopement. Reasoning a way out, or a way worthy.

Distilled sun invades
to project on whitewashed screen their
chintzy-hotel love,
melding the serenading shades.

Form: Verse
#love   #life   #lust   #marriage   #adultery   #evening   #choices  

When she was 8 she hated his hair
when he was 9 he stuck gum on her chair
when she was 10 he looked like a scarecrow
when he was 11 he stood on her toe
when she was 12 he was the boy she loved to hate
when he was 13 he asked her out on a date
when she was 14  she thought she loved him
when he was 15, he knew he loved her
when she was 16 she was his biggest fan
when he was 17 he thought he was a man
when she was 18 their love was sunk
when he was 19 he was always drunk
when she was 20 she re-floated his boat
when he was 21 he wrote her a note
when she was 22 she was treated like a fool
when he was 23 he thought he was cool
when she was 25 she heard he'd got married
when he was 30 his marriage was buried
when she was 40 her marriage had ended
when he was  50 his heart had mended
when she was 60 she still missed his smile
when he was 70 he held her hand for a while
now they're 80 he asked what he'd wrote aged 21
"we were born to be soul mates until we're gone", she said

Just a bit of imagination
#love   #life   #heart   #time   #soul   #hair   #marriage   #age   #scarecrow   #mates  

At least you're happily married.
Maybe it's all just a test.
Have you thought about changing your diet?
You'll just have to have lots of sex.
At least you can still go on dates.
Remember you're both very young.
Make the most of it while you still can.
Pregnancy isn't much fun.
Sometimes parenting sucks.
You've got enough on your plate.
Weekends are ruined by kids.
Perhaps it's a good thing to wait.
I've heard there are pills that can help.
At least you can sleep through the night.
Perhaps it's not the right time.
It looks like you're coping alright.
It took us a year to conceive.
I can see why you feel so depressed.
I know you've been trying for longer.
The main thing is not to get stressed.
Your condition is really quite common;
I've got it and so does my friend.
God blessed me with two healthy children -
It'll all work out in the end.

Jan 11

I feel trapped in this cycle that never ends,
Forever chasing my tail
Unhappily and blindly treading along,
Trying to see through the veil

It's not that I can't,
It's simply that I won't
And I know that I should,
But the thing is, I don't

But that's no way to live...
You need to be on my side
And I need to be on yours
If we're gonna survive

I love you, I do.
And I know that we'll pull through
I just have to work on me
And you have to work on you

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