Andrew T
Andrew T
13 hours ago

The radio
plays a different song
depending on your mood.
So I make you turn sour grapes
and suddenly Jimmy Eats World
hits the speakers.

I wait; nothing great ever happens.
Blame it on me,
as I drive under the tunnel.
You put the window down,
light a cigarette, and tell me,
"I put my soul into this art shit."

I don't know how to respond
to that statement, so I keep driving.
The smoke leaks out,
covering the night like a quilt.
You ask me, "Where'd you leave the drugs?"

I don't respond.
Tap my shoulder until I twitch
and say, "Cut it out."
But this time, you open the door,
step out to the road,
and ditch me to go watch "La La Land"
with your ex.

I go home and make a tuna melt.
The sunlight is fading and nothing
good is playing on TV.
The couch pulls out into a bed
and there I shut my eyes.

And I tumble into dreams,
dreams where you exist
to hold me up,
of pulling me down.

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Cherie Nolan
Cherie Nolan
16 hours ago

I've always used bright crayons,
and I've always picked,
  very interesting & bold options,
I try to use various alternative methods,
uniquely me and yet relatable,
I know I am different,
I'm OK with that,
I totally embrace my "weird"
and my "normal"
every part of me is beautiful somehow.

Though I didn't always I see it that way,
I've said it before "hindsight is insight "
so it all helps,
to paint in words more accurately.

I sometimes apply more technique,
to obtain a darker shade,
for example,
I use crosshatching,
or use more pressure to darken,
add light where needed,
there must be more than 50 shades of grey,
the way people describe things so differently yet the same,

Thoughtfully I'd enhance blood red,
gentle but deliberate strokes,
so many lovely colors in a telluric bed,

I especially love my old,
Vermont wildflower garden,

So I don't only use crayons,
I use sharpies, pencils and paint,
anything available,
whatever tools are required,
sights, sounds, tastes,
all play a role,
necessary ingredients,
some things to omit,

A very special thanks,
to the blossoms of that garden,
lovely lady slippers, snapdragons,
daises and lupines,
every season just so breathtaking,
always sharing and imparting sage wisdom,
those amazing forests and animals,
strangers friends and family,
teachers are everywhere & everything,
it's every song I'll ever sing,

I did not even mention,
the gift the waters,
frozen beauty this time of year,
icicles and snowflakes,
black ice and cold dark dangerous depths,
freezing temperatures won't deter a poet,

We must nurture poetry,
becuz poetry is everything,
in nature and music,
and life and love,
so even if you think your poetry sucks,
keep writing,
that will change,
with honing skills,

If you're writing then you must see the world like a poet,
can you imagine a world without it?
I know I can't.

Did you know onions make a lovely imprint,
on Easter eggs?

Sometimes I just have to describe it,
remember into the past,
draw that vein up,
write it out,
word vomit
( I have 22 poems in the "works" )
there I said it,
page after page after page,
purge for yourself and for others,
use your God given voice,
and if you got any talent?

It ain't like it's a choice,
look out world,
cuz maybe you're going to,
touch a lot of people,
and not even know you have the ability,
and when you do?

Well you just want to share,
not for the credit,
not for acclaim or false feigned affection,
not for any Earthly praise,
you keep hearing that sound,
an so you gotta get it down,
when you want to sleep,
and you just can't think
cuz it keeps coming like a flood,
like no chance to blink,
I know you know poets,
you feel me?

And honestly,
I am only interested in coloring the truth,
so I will use a pencil if that's what I see,
or an eraser,
if necessary,

I use my truth,
your truth,
OUR truth,
to color all my poetic words.

What? Lol does this make sense? Idk...felt seriously inspired. ❤❤❤ you guys!
#love   #poetry   #truth   #world   #color   #plight   #write  
Ugo Victor
Ugo Victor
22 hours ago

I wonder who made you
The sun of my world
If not why does my world
Revolve around your light
And like the sun
Nothing comes close

I wonder who made you
The center of my gravity
If not why do I
And everyone around you
Get so dizzy
Around your laughter And of cos
The only one unflustered
Is you

Cos everytime you look
Or smile at me
I feel lightweight and high
And from up there
I can clearly see forever

I hope I'm at least a star
In your universe
Or maybe I'm one of your moons
Cos now i see my light
On everyone around me


#love   #sun   #moon   #world   #you   #star   #everything  
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
23 hours ago

There's a country where live
unfortunate people who didn't have their own place,
travelling across the world. Who never reached
their destination, rejected, exiled, not admitted
anywhere else, drowned in their tiny boats,
killed by guards.
Secret country, not many knows about,
like a virgin island somewhere in the middle of the ocean,
no one ever reached.

Nothing is special about this land,
people live there in the same way they live
in other countries, sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
they work, they eat and they have fun.

Nothing is surprising or astonishing about this country,
except that it exists,
and that not many of us knows about it,
though few of us know, at least.

There's a secret country, we all are heading there,
wondering how they're gonna welcome us.

#life   #world   #secret   #country   #land   #immigrants   #migrants  

manila, a home forever in my heart
tokyo's electric soul on my mind
bangkok's heat and energy in my bones
seoul's autumn breeze in my thoughts
hong kong's thrill in the pulse of my veins
shanghai's mystique in the way i feel
san francisco's color in my dreams,
i keep with me all the places i've seen.

i believe that whatever place you go to, you leave it and take with you a part of it. maybe that's why i always feel like i'm missing someone or something.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #life   #teenager   #world   #teen   #wonder   #travel  
Paul Butters
Paul Butters
1 day ago

From nation to nation
All around the world
The Ruling Class
Though many times outnumbered
By the rest
Sit bathing in the sun
In their Ivory Towers:
Born to Richness
Whilst millions of Poor
Just starve to death.

Hordes and hordes of people,
Without clean water
Or food
Or a stable roof over their heads.
No medicine, or Education, or Anything
That Costs.

Governments give “Aid” to other governments
To “feed the poor”,
But we all know what happens…

What we need is a “Government of The World”,
Or some Benevolent Despot to Rule us all.
Anything must be better
Than the impotent UN
Or these shambolic “nations” –
Puppets of Globalisation.

Revolution threatens –
It often does –
Until the rulers appease us
With token concessions
And brainwash us
Though The Media,
So called “Education”
And Religious Dogma.

When will we learn?
Where is Democracy and Love?
But, bound by Political Correctness,
Woe betide if we Complain.
The Cold War continues,
So all we can do
Is soldier on
For The Common Good.

Paul Butters

For my sister Joan Priestley and my friend Paulo Gomes, who both believe my words here very strongly.
Damian Murphy
Damian Murphy
7 days ago

If the world my oyster be...
Then, my love, the pearl is thee.
Without you my world would be
Just a shell; would be empty

#love   #poetry   #life   #world   #empty   #thoughts   #precious   #you   #lovers   #soulmate  

On December 25th He was born.
He that is the key to enteral life.
He whose blood paid for our sins.
Making the greatest sacrifice.

He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
To Him all bow before.
He is the way for us to follow to obtain all we want out of life.
And the help we need to deal with our lives daily strifes.

I can't go a day without talking to Him.
His word fills me with hope & faith.
I'm forever in need of His comfort.
His love, grace & mercy are what keep me from going asunder from the different obstacles I face.

All should know Him.
Our goal should be to do good in this life so we can meet Him one day.
For He is everything.
And with all that said, you should now know His name.

#love   #life   #world   #hope   #faith   #jesus  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
2 days ago

In a world lost to poetry,
she got lost in the woods.
For a girl, it's easy to get lost.
She wanted out of the woods.

She wondered if the monsters in her dreams,
where the monsters who were just trees.

She was scared,
maybe lost for a couple of years.
But when she lost him,
she found herself.

She didn't want that to me true,
but that's when she stopped looking at pictures of you.
She started to write poetry -
she did anything to get her mind of him.

This is what she wrote:

"Like waves crashing onto a shore-
Like glass falling onto the floor.
That's how my heart feels like-
Hurts, like the twist of a knife.

I'm broken and you're smiling-
You're happy and I'm crying.
How could you-
just walk away.
When I loved you-
still to this day.

I'm broken and you're gone-
You're somewhere and I'm still here.
You're long gone-
while I stayed behind crying a thousand tears."

You see, her words speak louder than any others.
She's the girl that got lost in the woods
but rather being lost in the woods.
She found a new world lost to poetry.

She is in a world lost to poetry.

I wrote this after a breakup and being "lost" for so long, I finally found my voice again.
#poem   #poetry   #world   #lost   #writing   #writers   #creative   #monster   #writer   #written  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
2 days ago

Hello World, I hope you're listening
forgive me if I'm wrong
for speaking out of tongue
there's someone I've been missing
for far too long
so I wrote him this song

so you can come home, come home
I've been missing you for so long, so long
and I'm wishing you could come home, come home
haven't seen you in two years, two years
and I'm just wishing you could come home, come home

Hello World, how you doing
tell me if I'm right
you comfort me at night
there's a battle that I was losing
it's been a long fight
so here's a letter that helps me sleep at night

so you can come home, come home
I've been missing you for so long, so long
and I'm wishing you could come home, come home
haven't seen you in two years, two years
and I'm just wishing you could come home, come home

well Hello World, come home

I wrote this after my granddad passed away in 2013. He always talked about saying *hello* to the new world. Now all I am wishing is for him to come back home. I miss him.
#poem   #poetry   #sad   #original   #world   #hello   #lyrics   #writing   #wrote   #song  
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