Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
2 hours ago

Billions and billions
Of possibilities
In a restless, uncertain world.
Your eyes meet mine
And I couldn't think
Of another pair
That could make me
As certain.

-- Eleanor

Bianca Reyes
Bianca Reyes
5 hours ago

She trapped herself in small worlds
In her search for big dreams

Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
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Ashlie Margaritis
Ashlie Margaritis
23 hours ago

Multiples, multiply, infinitely, indefinitely---
Definitively developing the cosmos.
How lonely was that marbled world,
teetering on the weight of one star's gravity?

Looping, lunar, longevous, lengthening--
the essence of what year in a measure?
Short thought of one species on a land,
near a star, by far, far away---even further.

Furthest still, from the mass in the center.
Of a Matter Sink, sinking, swirling.
Away, away, away...   What is time?

#gravity   #world   #time   #thought   #sink   #cosmos   #matter   #lunar   #measure   #species  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
1 day ago

By Arcassin Burnham

I could learn a million things in the world leaning
towards my demise in the long run,

I'll Never hear another time my mom would say
"i'm pound son",

Troublesome in a world where trouble will follow

Keep a piggy bank for how many times they insult you,

Life can't be all for nothing so play your part until
the end,
stay away from bullshit man stay away from the sin,

This isn't reality , its more to life than you know,
No one will hand out pity anymore , i don't need it so,

I'm not trying to be a teacher,
But i could show you how to live,

You talking to the wrong preacher,
People are behind your back with a shiv,

This the world that they portray,
And we all just living in hell,

watch you feelings all decay,
And nobody can't even tell.

#words   #life   #world   #reality   #live   #teacher   #reflect   #demise   #parent   #sons  
1 day ago

Along with the ever growing trees,
numerous people,
thriving agriculture,
hate has cultivated our land and bodies.

It is no longer considered an emotion
but a catalyst to destruction.

Written 6/19/16
#poem   #hate   #world   #universe   #imagery   #freeverse  

When I was born you smiled so big I thought you were going to hurt your jaw
When you play football with me I know you let me win
When you go shopping with me you have no clue on how to shop for girl clothes but that's ok
You don't always understand me but that's ok
You always cook and I love that
You always support me in the sports I do
Even if I hurt myself in stupid ways playing it
If I make a bad grade your ok you help me study harder
If I fall your there to catch me
You laugh at my silly jokes
Even though they are not funny
You cry when I cry
You worry about me even when I am asleep
You always are proud of me
You tickle me till my stomach hurts from laughing
And you hold my hand when times our rough
You scare those boys away that teased me
You take me out to eat to celebrate my birthday
You always know what I want for christmas
You always forgive me if I do something wrong
You ell me I'm the most beautiful girl  in the school
When I doubt myself and try to go on diets
Even though I look fine
When I doubt myself you say you don't need makeup
Makeup is to cover up flaws and you do not have a single one
You don't always get why I'm so obsessed with makeup and shoes
You always tell me I'm perfect even if I think I'm not
You always tell me you love me
And I always will love you
Rights Reserved To Taylor Riley

my dad means the world to me so this just is a sign of how much my dad means to me I'm so lucky to have a dad like mine who is always there for me and catches me before I fall he's careful but still protective
He's loving and everything I could ask for
Dad if you see this I just want you to know that this poem cannot not even start to explain the things you do for
me  and I love you so much thank you that your always there for me
#world   #dad   #loveyou  

Friends asked me
What does sky mean to you?
What about Stars? Shooting star?
And moon?
I smiled  and started whispering
That afternoon
You see the sky
They said yeah!
I said: the sky too sees me
I see the stars
And stars see me
I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me
Do you know why?
They seemed understand nothing
I continued...
It is simply because
Sky is my World;
Star is my Soul;
And the Moon is
My beauty, is my smile,
Moon is my heart...
Star and Moon
Are my Wings
To keep flying
Fly in my beautiful

#heart   #moon   #world   #beautiful   #soul   #sky   #star   #fly   #wings  
Timothy hill
3 days ago

Beyond the moon your soul recites.

Cold space bright sun limitless from current place.

Zooming all ways forward.

Your beauty is so great.

Words can't describe the beauty you dictate

Sun space moon life galaxies stars plants
#love   #sun   #moon   #world   #stars   #earth   #planets  
3 days ago

If someone ever asks you
if you have change to spare,
You'll dig inside your pockets
But you won’t find it there.
You’re baffled at their ignorance,
You really can’t be blamed
For up upon that horse so high,
nothing looks the same.
And people most unlike yourself?
you think they must be taught.
but it is you who must understand,
that this change cannot be bought.

#freedom   #world   #change  
Timothy hill
4 days ago

Love is some thing all life supports.

With out it the world would fail.

The Earth would also become pale.

If we yell and scream, at the movies and watching diaster and actions go un punhised.

What's the point in which we construct these out comes.

Down and applued, we strive for less friction in a world meant to hate.

All out comes in life are choas theory.

It's said a point of refresh in a moment spells greatness in outer ways.

Anti Struggles in a frayed life, would be nice if like flawless with a twister of held mischief.

Fictitious, his ambitious where you couldn't have thought of your own inventions.

Ingenious, with his very own mission you call him god I call him devious.

Mysterious, her cousins is with the hammer of dawn he seeks.

Many miles where traveled his path still un finished.

Until the hands grasp the power they will never have problems in life any more.

No more falling of tears.

Many days smudge with hard core pain.

Oceans rase each year over laping the coasts and its piers.

What to do too stop what it will yield.

Egos gone completion needing a new depition.

Reason of a world held high captions.

Compassion of a few is a winners ball.

Fades of ego in a darkless room.

Colors are prized as found of new surround.

Life movies passion sight ego limitless
#self   #life   #god   #world   #ego   #planets  
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