Timothy hill
2 days ago

A body of music chords and sturms not required.

The body here never will it retire.

Most will seek and listen to her for desire.

Multiplier, of logic into her music she will muse your health, and tickle your sprite.

Not simply drew into scene with graphite.

At camp sights she's the fire bringer circle form of souls.

To behold, her lessons and keys to Understand, life is music, and all shall remember there worth.

Adagio, listen and enjoy for you will discover your path of being.

Albino lips speak hush your rigid anger.

Let music cleanse your behavior and calm your conduction.

The man ask of seduction, your scale is fierce keep in my mind, your beauty is musical made into devine.

No body yet you, that is "who" the conducter

We are keys in your puzzle, made to seem the reason of all.

So the keys you are now surround me with your flaws.

Disburst and subtract resume as once was.

Go threw life scaling above basic moments.

Life made mysterious, with craters on soil.

Music made to be heard.

So why not grow some more herds.

For points not able yet to be reached.

She made a music melody, so advanced when you hear your mind, will unlock hiden potentials.

That are truly essential.

For a life as a magical condition.

It is a heart, that made life as art far away yet right at place .

So as pulse and rate are in harmony with soul.

You conclude, your self on a plane that your riding coach in luxury comforts.

Gas never needing refilled for your life force is all that it will appeal.

Music is our ears soother telling us to love more than hate.

For hate has only a slow un natural pace.

That we as keys should avoid at all times.

You my music, I commences to ease the world into your harmony and power.

And shake your favorite chrods at it so it may become untralved.

This a theory if music was life.
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3 days ago

After long time
Here we go

Happy to hear
Listen to me
Very important
I know

The world
This is what life
Is about

Happy to see
Happy to be
Me proud

Margo May
Margo May
4 days ago

In the fellowship of believers
I lift my voice;
in the fellowship of believers
I make my praises loud;
in the fellowship of believers
Your marvelous name is proclaimed.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

What power there is in unity!
Unity under the Holy One;
unity under the Lord our God.

When we come together,
He is there!
Evil has no power
for His goodness triumphs!

Our God is undefeatable,
our God stands unshakable;
He remains,
He endures,
He withstands
the test of time.
He always persists,
always perseveres,
always prevails.

I fear not for the world will not conquer me;
I fear not for the world has no power over my life.

The Lord shall keep my feet steady on His path!
He keeps me steady as I walk in His ways;
He keeps me steady for all of my days;
therefore, He is worthy of all praise!

The righteous rejoice in the Lord,
but the wicked do no such thing;
The righteous experience true freedom,
but the wicked remain slaves to their sin.

Let every nation,
let every tribe,
let all creation,
gather as one
in harmony.

Again I say Rejoice!
Lift up your voice
and make your praises loud;
proclaim the marvelous name of the Lord;
so all may know and be saved.

for one of my classes i had to compose my own psalm, and here is the result.
#unity   #harmony   #rejoice   #steady  

Going through the motions, creating a tune sublime
differing types of notions, not always prose, or rhyme

Assembling our choirs, composed of family and comrades
weeding out the dire fools, trusting, true friends we've had

Reveling in the loudest lion's roar, and all that it can, possibly portend
discarding the dissonant chord and rejoicing in, the harmony of friends

Keep your friends closer than your enemies, the good ones, will deflect the descending dagger, with their life......

Life's greatest gift,
Is not one of physical nature.
But one that touches you deeper.
Deeper then you ever thought was possible.
Life's greatest gift makes people do strange things.
But it also makes us feel a way that isn't matched by any other force in the universe. What's life's greatest gift to you?

#love   #life   #heart   #positivity   #gift   #harmony  

Time is an illusion
Unveiling the deception
Of hate.
Hiding behind walls built by vanity.
Bricks of insecurities concealed broken hearts.
Shattered into a million pieces creating a
Puzzle that longs to be put back together again.
A wound heart becomes a cold petrified incarcerated soul.
Imprisoned by fears love can't exist.
Because love is infinite and fears give boundaries that reflect deception. Because it causes people to hide their true feelings.
True love has no limits.

#love   #trust   #truth   #fear   #hate   #honesty   #loyalty   #harmony   #integrity  

Things are always accelerating,
Especially here at "the end,"
(Always some end to somebody),
And my heart beats in cluttered lumps,
Begging me to go outside and,
Sit near the river,
Where the water rushing over the creek is,
Just the kind of white noise you need.

I think about all sorts of scattered things,
Like that conspiracy guy in "Slacker,"
And Kaczynski and Kurzweil,
Last Child in the Woods
So many assaults on the biological divinity.

But I also think of Siddhartha,
Known by his buddies as Buddy Buddha,
Taking a deep breath and accepting that,
The present moment is all you ever really have
So to not enjoy it is really the greatest crime.

I twiddle a blade of grass in my fingers and think,
"Maybe I'm wrong,"
I hope I'm wrong about everything,
And that the egg lands squarely on my face,
While everybody else says,
"See! We told you!"
And erects the signs proclaiming,

Sometimes it's good to be wrong.

The aforementioned clip from 1991's "Slacker": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDIM0sRh5R4
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Feb 27

We must learn
for it is the key,
to unlocking
our suffering,
and setting
our soul free.

~ I am still learning.

Combing through desire
She detangles her curls
Each nail gently brushed over
With bright red polish
The same shade as her love
Dress flowing freely
As her heart flutters
Anticipation growing
Heels adding to the height
Lashes change color
Extending longer
As she longs for the sight of him
She waits.
She hears quick steps
Is it him or the rapid beating of her chest?
She opens the door
His glance unlocks her heart
Her beauty steals his voice
He stumbles for the right words
Under blush she blushes
Pausing in his embrace
She feels his nervous heart drumming
Harmonizing with her own
The sweet interlude to a beautiful future

#love   #nervous   #young   #harmony  

They anticipate she writes
when insult their cat o' nine tails
and an officer with a retort
but yesteryear she tucks away her blues  
and she's an inspiration with Jedediah
for a casual acquaintanceship inherently  
or irreverently entwine anyway
as any foibles of hers are bare
with clement she need to see there
far and away ever a man alive again.

#more   #lie   #ever   #harmony   #clement   #trump  
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