Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin
56 minutes ago

I am always on display.
Mere arrival sculpted me in this affliction and
appointed me this unsought role:
A modern-day artefact in a museum of
clubs and bars and too-quiet streets.
From their vans; walking far too close;
sometimes in-step with defeated wives,
they watch with ravenous eyes,
although they are not hungry.
Fattened up by society, with
guilt-free snacks of seedy temptation,
they devour every bit, but are never full.
I know they would not look away,
in shame and shock
at my met gaze, if they were truly

#feminism   #youth   #women   #sexism   #misogyny  

Left, Right,
my head spins, like a caraselle that has just had it's rigs oiled.

One breath,
Two breath,
deep breaths, remember?
I'm struggling to keep up with the times of,
having to decide everything on a three second basis.

Three breath,
four breath,
focus now, this is a hard one,
I feel like my view of a casual day is slightly slanted, just like my over crammed clothes rack, crooked.

the clock ticks, hmm funny, I don't own a clock,
Tick-tock, five breath,
tick-tock, six breath,
I am taking too much air in, yes I know how ridiculous that sounds.

One has heard that after the fourth breath you should be fine,
nothing has changed, I'm just the idiot in the mass of people who frantically breathes deeply, fussing over a two-piece decision.

Seven breath,
eight breath,
now this is getting stupid,
why jump to conclusions when your ending could be your beginning?

left, right,
my head stops spinning,
is this the right choice?

#life   #decisions   #youth  
3 days ago

isn't always cutting

it's ignoring your hunger
postponing your sleep
and picking at your face
every fucking time

it's listening to music
in maximum volume
pushing away your friends
and not turning on
the water heater when it's cold
but turning it on when it's hot

it is when you don't say anything
even though you're already dying
just so the people around you can live
without all the noise

Terry Collett
Terry Collett
5 days ago

Incense in the abbey church
old monk in choir stall
mediating in the stillness
and silence
I watched
his tonsured head

Ipse primus in pace
et tunc alios
quoque pacem
Thomas A Kempis
in Imitatione Christi
so I read,

common room
warm and cosy
book case
old sofas
stood looking down
into the cloister
just the tick ticking
of the clock,

la foi croit quelque
chose de vrai sans
preuve ou preuve
the French monk said
in the guests'
breakfast room
after lunch,

if there was proof
or evidence
we wouldn't need faith
the Colonel said,

plainsong Vespers
sensing the world
beyond the high windows
voices chanting
from choir stall
to choir stall
back and forth,

prayer è operazione
con il Creatore
del Cielo e della Terra
Italian monk said
quoting Spurgeon
as I helped him
weed the cloister beds,

a spiritual transaction
is prayer with God
he translated for me
his fingers covered in earth
his dark eyes on me,

cloister in evening
walking with moonlight
causing shadows
where moon left untouched
and peacefulness
and a feeling of sanctity,

faith is accepting
without proof
Dom Joe said
and I conjured
these thoughts
like a balls
in my young head.

#youth   #abbey   #monks   #1968  
Tiffany Moton
Tiffany Moton
7 days ago

go on and finish that last drink
you can fall into my arms again
and look at me longingly with bloodshot eyes
what a talent
you tell the most exquisite lies
while you hold my cold hands
close to your chest, and
kiss my desperate lips between
drags of your cigarette
i am forever hungry for you
i know now what it takes to get you
out of your head and into my bed
and all those sweet, slurred words
you said, i memorized them all and
they became my favorite song to sing
myself to sleep
but they were never mine to keep
i'm learning slowly.
may i soak in your borrowed,
plastic love until tomorrow?
cause i'm hooked on the bitter taste of
beer on your tongue
you'll never remember how it felt
to be young if you drink it all away
(will you drink my memory away?)
so goddamn sour when you're
sober, but i'm goddamn stubborn
and i want you closer
i'm your moonlight late night
end-of-the-bender friend
and ill never mistake this for more
never again.

-i think i like you better when you're wasted
(i think you like me better when you're wasted)


Jan 13

We fall, following doors, a jarr of sun,

The pale flowering of romantic youth,

As we are painted by pictures we run,

And all new meadows a vale of bloom.

#dream   #life   #time   #spirit   #youth  
Jan 11

Pretty girls lifting up their skirts, while the moon is out.
Coming off strong the night still young, a mix of alcohol and doubt.
Ring around the torches whoever fucks on the porches, took a different route.

#doubt   #lust   #sex   #party   #old   #lie   #youth   #festive  

The French peasant monk
scythed the tall grass
by the drive to the abbey
he spat
on his creased palms
before work,

Dio è lontano
ma vicino
the Italian monk said
after Mass
clearing the items away
and I aiding him,

deep bell tolling
from the tall bell tower
echoing across
the surrounding area
to the seashore,

sans nous Dieu
ne nous sauvera
pas sans Dieu
nous ne pouvons pas
the French monk said
quoting someone religious
from some book,

in the air
with baked bread
and cold stones aged,

I gazed at the cloister
felt along
the waist high
orange brick wall
musing on the flower bed
where a monk
on his knees

la confiance en Dieu
et non votre
propre faiblesse
the French monk
chided me
as I peeled potatoes
for lunch,

silence after Compline
deeper than an ocean's depth
more profound
than Plato's musing,

pale moon
casting shadows
in the cloister's hold,

I hugging myself
during Vespers
against the harsh cold.

#youth   #abbey   #monks   #1970  
Jan 10

i should like to be without thought in spaces so uncoming
that i,                             unthinking  
                                                   could wander amiss
without the downward cast of brow on brow
to that holed in moment
                            close like whispers in cold air
where trapped are days of high sunned earth
    and tilled up clouds                          that move with frenzy
over      vasts of          unbridled  
for       i think
it is only without thought that I can go there as barred as i’ve been
by trees that cut     and point
                              in accusation of the height i’ve stolen
as they’ve long forgotten those shinning gems
                    when i through them a captain
                                                      could be
they forget as i
have forgotten thee

#growingup   #young   #trees   #childhood   #youth   #adult  
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