Jair Graham
2 days ago

In your eyes I find strength to go on,
In kisses from your lips I find love,
In the way we hold hands I find hope,
In you I find everything.

Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
3 days ago

Why wait...
Why wait for one door to close
Just to have another open
What keeps you waiting
Don't fear change
The past is the past
There is no future in that

Get angry
Throw all your emotions aside
Don't walk through that next door
Kick that next door off of its hinges
If you don't like what you find
Do it again
Then again
And again
Don't stop until you find what you want
Because each door you kick in is only going to make you stronger
Never settle for less than you deserve

One thing I love about myself is that when I start getting down in life I find my next passion and or I change what is happening. Sometimes it hurts at first but you have to make that next move or you are simply just treading water HOPING it will get better. Don"t let faith control you because if you want to live off faith go play slot at the casino and go broke. Then don't ask yourself what went wrong.
Feb 25

Maybe dying isn't so bad
I'm already living like I'm dead
I'm perpetually sad
The black slug of depression is weighing me
down like lead
I'm not who I want to be
I feel as though I'll never get there
If I could run from my problems I'd flee
& feel my problems become as light as air
But that's not reality
And deep down that's not me
So every night to God I pray
And keep fighting knowing in my future in joy I will lay

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How can you doubt and trust at once?
Have faith but worry??
How can you keep your eyes dry,
When all they want to do is cry?
How can you stand when life is pushing you to your knees?

Answer : by trusting the one who brought you this far.
Life is crazy but hey,being alive is enough hope.
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
7 days ago

Long blonde hair and blue eyes
A smile that once completed me
All the silly things I did to make her smile back at me
I did everything I could to make her happy
Even after she left me

I realize that questioning your purpose is a part of life. But it breaks my heart to see so many teenagers and young adults, or really anybody for that matter, truly believe that they mean nothing—that they are nothing. One thing I’ve really begun to notice is how much light we lose from the time we’re very young, to the time we’re in highschool, to the time we’re elderly. Something in us just goes out. That spark dies.

But I don’t believe that. I don’t even believe it when I say it. How can a piece of ourselves just simply vanish? It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t think it’s gone. I think it’s just lost.

Remember those days as a kid growing up? And I’m not talking about the happy-go-lucky, hopscotch, high-fiving kind of days, nor am I talking about the sunny, swingset, sugary sweets kinds of days. I’m talking about those days where you truly felt alive. Those days where you had this empowering feeling of happiness and those days where you could honest to God look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am living a life that I love.”

I don’t know about you, but I am willing to do anything to feel that hopeful and that invincible again. Even if it’s just for one day.

I think one of the biggest problems we all have as people is that we don’t know how to be equal. We don’t look at someone above us and strive to raise ourselves to that level. We strive to drag them down to ours. It’s like...human nature to compete. And that frustrates me. The question always seems to be, “What will everyone else say/think?” Not, “What do I think/want?”

And I think that’s a big reason why we see that shift in ourselves and our attitudes. We lose ourselves in everybody else. We don’t ever do what makes us happy, so we never feel happy. But who cares what anybody else has to say about it? Who cares what anybody else’s opinion is? You do what makes you feel fulfilled and whole and complete until you are fulfilled and whole and complete. And one day, you’ll wake up, and you’ll see that their words don’t mean anything. They never did. They never will.

And I hate that we as humans are so capable of tearing one another down. I hate that we have so much power and we use it in such a negative way. I hate that we learn so much from the hard times and so little from the good ones.

I just want people to remember these things when they feel sick to the stomach about life. Just because you lost something at the bottom of your bag, doesn’t mean it’s not there anymore. We all have a purpose. You just have to find it again. You may have to find it many times again.

But you are not nothing. You never were, and you never will be.

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as the day comes to an end
and your mind starts to pretend,
remember this
all these dreams are not for real
nor the emotions that you feel,
one day your life will become
its own version of this one
although daydreams won't come true
you will have something brand new
your future is a fantasy
in and of itself

Falling from the heavens
Shattered me into a million pieces
My body is frail
My bones; dust
My heart has grown weary

Once, I thought I'd had it all
Where you're the highest, you see
Is the furthest to fall
Now I lie beneath the dirt
Because my spirit couldn't handle
One more word

But words, it seems
They carry me
Through the ups and downs
These words, I hear
Whisper to my soul
Your words, I hear
And will never let them go

"The best thing about being at the bottom, is that the only way for you to go is up"

Back to the heavens
With new stars set in my eyes
No chains from the past will keep me earthbound
No nails in my coffin will hold me down
Because only the strong will rise

I will rise

I hope you are okay
Because I am miserable
Maybe we are the greatest thing to never happen
But will never know

She probably wont read this. Which is okay but I just want her to know that I will always be there for her no matter the time and distance.
#love   #sad   #life   #confused   #hopeful   #miserable   #hurting  
Jan 30

my body has no desire to stand tall
my shoulder slump
i bend farther and farther
stretching down towards the mud
my soul slides down
i sink in the dirt
my hands grasp the ground
my heart continues to pound
without you there is no where to go
my body decays in this soil
weeds will grow
this flower you bred
it is withered but not dead
i cant let go of this hope
as my remains move down
this dark desert slope
this graveyard of bones
dry and cracked
memories wont leave me alone
why do i say goodbye to the ones i love
and chase after comets that have passed by years ago
while the fire is burning
i will carry my heart through
the flame and the hellfire
to get to you
but why when i knock
you always are gone
so i knock
still i call
my fists meet that door
till my knuckles are cracked
and broken and bruised
my eyes bleed hot raindrops of fear
of this emptiness that fills
and this loneliness that kills
in a room filled with people
i only saw you
in a room filled with friends
im a stranger
brand new
im too unpretty
too kind
too bitter and too deep in my own mind
i feel fat with this laziness
unwillingness to grow
i just want to drift away forever
or at least until the snow
freezes over this ground
where those weeds are found
so i never again can grow
so i never again can hope
oh who the hell knows
just hold me again
and then i can go
peacefully ill leave
but your heart i do need
oh your blood i do bleed

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