Falling from the heavens
Shattered me into a million pieces
My body is frail
My bones; dust
My heart has grown weary

Once, I thought I'd had it all
Where you're the highest, you see
Is the furthest to fall
Now I lie beneath the dirt
Because my spirit couldn't handle
One more word

But words, it seems
They carry me
Through the ups and downs
These words, I hear
Whisper to my soul
Your words, I hear
And will never let them go

"The best thing about being at the bottom, is that the only way for you to go is up"

Back to the heavens
With new stars set in my eyes
No chains from the past will keep me earthbound
No nails in my coffin will hold me down
Because only the strong will rise

I will rise

I hope you are okay
Because I am miserable
Maybe we are the greatest thing to never happen
But will never know

She probably wont read this. Which is okay but I just want her to know that I will always be there for her no matter the time and distance.
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Jan 30

my body has no desire to stand tall
my shoulder slump
i bend farther and farther
stretching down towards the mud
my soul slides down
i sink in the dirt
my hands grasp the ground
my heart continues to pound
without you there is no where to go
my body decays in this soil
weeds will grow
this flower you bred
it is withered but not dead
i cant let go of this hope
as my remains move down
this dark desert slope
this graveyard of bones
dry and cracked
memories wont leave me alone
why do i say goodbye to the ones i love
and chase after comets that have passed by years ago
while the fire is burning
i will carry my heart through
the flame and the hellfire
to get to you
but why when i knock
you always are gone
so i knock
still i call
my fists meet that door
till my knuckles are cracked
and broken and bruised
my eyes bleed hot raindrops of fear
of this emptiness that fills
and this loneliness that kills
in a room filled with people
i only saw you
in a room filled with friends
im a stranger
brand new
im too unpretty
too kind
too bitter and too deep in my own mind
i feel fat with this laziness
unwillingness to grow
i just want to drift away forever
or at least until the snow
freezes over this ground
where those weeds are found
so i never again can grow
so i never again can hope
oh who the hell knows
just hold me again
and then i can go
peacefully ill leave
but your heart i do need
oh your blood i do bleed

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Wide, innocent eyes
Dreams and nightmares fall for you
like lovers in time

Jan 10


You're my hopeful undertone
and that is where
all this love is
vulnerable like acetone,
because if one day
this all ends,
where will hope go?
I must place my hope
in the stars,
because even if all else crumbles,
they will still be there,
shining, burning,
reminding me dead
things in your heart
get lighter the more it gets dark,
reminding me that a star lit sky
is capable of fixing
a person's broken parts.

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As I sit in a creaking chair,
And the thunder outside drowns out the screams,
Destruction surrounds my shaken dreams,
And now nothing remains of the aching pair,
They speak of Summers long gone and expired,
I sang my song and my arms are so tired,
I'll never get up although I'm inspired,
By eternal desire to rise up from this chair,
I remember, oh yes, when the nights were long,
But the frights are gone, and my home ablaze,
This chair, my brain, spent days in a daze,
But by the lights in the night, by the wind in my hair,
By your stare and with care,
I'll get out of this chair

Just a quick little something since I haven't updated this account in a long time
Sylus Fox
Sylus Fox
Jan 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There goes my heart
Don't know what to do
Today's almost done
Tomorrow is new
And so I'll just sit here
Thinking of you

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Can't Kill Us


From the ashes again


Off the debris

Deciding to action
Power full force


Confound the
War machine

Move swiftly and
Stike hard

Evade and resist

Protect yourself
From this


"I calculate your
Odds of survival at

21,368 to 1,

Unless you pull the

Quite time now
As the wrath reigns
In the quiet time

Can't kill us
Can't kill us
Can't kill us

Fire and fury
Surely will be

Wires pop and
Sparks surround you

The copper taste
On the roof of your
Mouth as you run
And plunge

Through the valleys
Of basalt and impossibility


You will survive
They can't kill us

Like you know what you're
Rising from the ashes

Because they
Can't kill us

Literally wrote this just now, to the tune of Glitch Mob's Can't Kill Us from their album Love Death Immortality. May change when posted on radioreality.city
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My beautiful goddess,
Your seductive magic casts a spell upon me;
I can't see beyond your eyes.

Seeing in you a blue sky,
You shine as bright as sunrise,
Rising above two lovers,
Who, danced all night under satin sheets.

Your curved lips,
Just can't disguise their soft surprise.

Drinking wine on Sundays,
Lunch in bed.

Daydreaming of me and you, traveling east through times past;

My mind leads me to follow,
A glorious vision,
A glimmering Soul that mirrors the sparkle,
Of a sunrise in her eyes.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

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Jan 2

If I had met you sooner
I probably still wouldn't know
that we were made for each other,
that my favourite sound is the way you say my name,
that your eyes so dark are my favourite lights,
that laughing with you is like drinking the stars,

If I had met you sooner
I would have known this love longer,
but I still wouldn't know how to love you.

I don't know how to love anymore
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