Joe Cottonwood
Joe Cottonwood
17 hours ago

In your bleeding cross-section I count
three centuries of wooden wisdom
since that mother cone dropped
on soil no one owned.
Black bears scratched backs
against your young bark. Ohlone
passed peacefully on their path
to the waters of La Honda Creek.

In my lifetime you groaned.
Your bark filled with beetles.
Woodpeckers drilled, feasted.
Needles, whole limbs,
you shed your clothes,
stood naked. I cut your flesh.  

You walloped the earth, creating a trench
two hundred feet long where you lie.
As you fell in your fury
you destroyed my tomatoes,
smashed the daffodils,
snapped a dogwood.

Better you crush my garden than my house
which did not exist nor any of this town
when you first advanced one tender green.
I want to believe the sawtooth less cruel
than another winter of storms.

All good fathers must fall.
Your children surround you,
waving, blocking the light.
My children count rings,
hands sticky with sap.

First place, Sycamore & Ivy poetry contest 2016
#trees   #fathers  
Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

Rapidly beating

your heart against my ear

as Han Solo's son

rammed a lightsaber

through his chest

I could hear

the beat-beat-beat

reverberating through

layers of blanket, cloth, and skin

sitting next to you

on the couch

thumping loudly and steady

without fear

so let's begin

on a star searched journey

where the spaceships hovel

and the robots swivel

in a galaxy not that

far away from reality

it's like swallowing starlight

or slicing through dark trees

heavy with snow

hearing them crack-crack-crack

from a buzzing vibration

of the blue lightsaber at hand

watching the trees crash, then

clash against red

a struggle unsaid

but when I rested my head

against your slight frame

something within me


(I guess my heart was tamed.)

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

Bitter and better

hands frozen splatter

dancing while the world watches

shimmy off their rockets

skimming marbled surfaces

and falling into pits of

pretty red haired young men.

Bitter and better

try sulking in a corner while

the pitiless fruits rot to the stem

and virgin trees collapse with

their leaves falling straight into

a pile of complete disarray.

Bitter and better it's been lately

bringing growls for empty stomachs gone crazy

while wrinkles in young

smooth skin crease around

the edges creating a sort of

dimple or smile line that's

indecent and secret and

sort of sublime.

Dawn Anderson
Dawn Anderson
7 days ago

The air is cool.
I breathe in, and immediately
The smell of pine fills my lungs,
I breathe out,
Leaving a cool
Almost peppermint taste on my tongue.

Past the pine trees,
That stand as tall towers,
Past the deep green color that paints the dark brown branches.
I see, a once bright blue sky,
Has become a grey white shade.

All I can hear is the wind,
The soft whistle of air moving quickly past me
It pounds while doing so,
Pounds on the drums of my ears,
All of this accompanied by flecks of
Pure white.
The soft snowflakes landing on my skin,
Each one with its own unique shape,
I finally feel at peace.

#love   #peace   #anxiety   #white   #trees   #snow   #peaceful   #image   #paradise   #pine  
7 days ago

Trees are the veins of the Earth,
Silhouettes against the night.
Trees are the arms of the Earth,
Trying to touch the sky.

If I gaze upon that sight,
Will I too strive higher?
Or be intoxicated,
By the poison of its desire.

#desire   #night   #sky   #earth   #trees   #allure   #intoxication  

And I loved you

Not for your hair, face, body, or talent
Nor for the mask you wore for the sinful world's malice
But because you were you and I was me
And the sun it shone so beautifully

Through the trees, on the flowers
We lie together through the hours
Whispering secrets, dreams, thoughts, and sadness
I would stay here if it drove me to madness

I'm sorry I left
But please don't go deaf
For I whisper though those trees:
"I will always be with thee"

#love   #sadness   #death   #dreams   #beautiful   #trees   #eternity   #secrets  

I looked back at you like Orpheus looked at Eurydice.
I was afraid you would disappear, but you didn’t, though
the sun’s descent threatened to reduce you to a moving patch
of darkness. We didn’t expect to be out so late.

You were getting tired, and couldn’t keep up. Night hung like a
weight on your shoulders. But, I reminded you, we still had miles to go.
We had marched on forward, forgetting the way back was of equal distance.
Of the two of us, you were the more weary; this was your fault.

You insisted on running the first few miles to make up for all the times
you skipped going to gym this month. Death is around the corner, you said.
You’d like to avoid his approach for as long as you can. I tried to tell you
this wasn’t an exercise hike. It was a hike for beautiful trees of absurd hugeness,

trees that have been around since before the colonists took this land from the
Native Americans, before the Magna Carta was reluctantly signed, before Brutus
betrayed Caesar. These are trees that have seen it all, observed it calmly from their
rooted positions, the evidence of their longevity concretely present in the spirals

of their wooden bodies.

#trees   #forest   #redwoods  
Jan 10

i should like to be without thought in spaces so uncoming
that i,                             unthinking  
                                                   could wander amiss
without the downward cast of brow on brow
to that holed in moment
                            close like whispers in cold air
where trapped are days of high sunned earth
    and tilled up clouds                          that move with frenzy
over      vasts of          unbridled  
for       i think
it is only without thought that I can go there as barred as i’ve been
by trees that cut     and point
                              in accusation of the height i’ve stolen
as they’ve long forgotten those shinning gems
                    when i through them a captain
                                                      could be
they forget as i
have forgotten thee

#growingup   #young   #trees   #childhood   #youth   #adult  
Jan 10

the prairie led to a clearing where
a tree
ought to be enough to brush away the smoke

the spring by the clearing
had to kick the fire out before dark
it was risky

five months
it had gone on

looking for smoke
through the flat woods.

Jan 5

At your place
You suspend my coat and my ethics
By then i'm entering my stealth
Working on selflessness
Because you may hound
Because you may roam
You may find these unskippable moods all alone
You may find that i'm not a bird lifting trees and stones

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