17 hours ago

Woa, last evening my unicorn and i
We traveled farther and farther
farther than we've ever gone before
we traveled to a fantastical realm
through prisms of red, pink, orange
yellow, green, blue and purple
through a doorway of enchantment
to an enchanting planet of giant trees
where dragonflies are as huge as eagles
and millipedes large as crocodiles
together we stood under an evening sky
of blue and admired a shooting star

#trees   #fantasy   #realm   #planet  
Kellie Rae Murray
Kellie Rae Murray
19 hours ago

i want to bite into you in the gentlest way
i want to feel your nectar dribble down my cheeks
i want to let you bite into me as well
peach fuzz, you look at the world and see it as it is
but you want to turn it into what it could be.
i see you planting trees and dropping seeds
wild, a blue haired enigma
i want to walk through the forests you sprout

#world   #blue   #trees   #kind   #bite   #nectar   #peaches  

Rainforest plundered,
Crying trees, pleading for life,
Yet no one hears them.

JB x

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2 days ago

When I look out the window,
off in the distance ( but still clear )
I see palm trees.
My mother once won some contest in grade
school for a poem about a palm tree,
but she's hated them since she was a
little kid.
She was sick of the
boring So Cal scenery,
so she moved up north to raise me,
and yet here I am-
surrounded by forests but longing for palm trees.

#nature   #trees   #moving  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

There is a forest near to me
Be it a wooded way within my heart
Which I often wish that you could see
And stand beside me here beneath
These ancient trees
That way no photo I would need
To share its likeness in such a way
As to create certain a memory
And even then if you’re not within
Such a settling scene
I would make it still
Because you simply have to see
The way these ancient roots run deep
And dig into the empty earth
The way that there is a sea of green
Perched just above the best of me
Like a consortium of ill doomed leaves
Which will fall without fail after every summer
And perhaps this year
They will land upon us both for once
As we stand beside here amongst the leaves
Just you and me
Beneath the trees

Why? Just because it is.

Thankfully.  (:

That and also because, most selfishly... I much prefer this version of me.
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3 days ago

The platypus in the crisp clean water,
Fish dressed in mail, but never a clink.
The bears sauntering through the thick woods,
Surveying the land for a meal, a morsel.
Deer sprinting through the verdant forest,
Carrying with them their children of the trees,
From the birds and avian creatures high up,
To the worms and insects cavorting underground,
All converge together, An orchestra of biology,
Filling the man's ears,
With the songs and sights of mother earth.

#love   #hate   #pain   #time   #woods   #nature   #earth   #environment   #trees   #suffering  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
4 days ago

I love this

The stillness of a cabin just before it's inhabitants, arise to make the coffee and consume the cakes

Like a breakfast mess of scrambled eggs, so I am mixed, and stirred by this, the stillness found within this place

Like a body of water, asleep at last

Or a wooded edge on a logging trail, finally left to be and pass

So I am also alive and well, inside of these hemlock boards

And for but a moments time at peace

In a place where I can forget my more modern sensibilities

And be taken back to a different time and a different place, where the woods still held their persuasive sway

A power over me

How they'd cast a spell upon my mind, most every time, when I was not as tall as these

Outside and near a different cabin, built of and by my father's hand

But now, as I look out through the window here, it's there I see

Out back, by a semi circle cleared of trees

The stillness of this new good morning, in a cabin where I did not expected to be at ease

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7 days ago

A garden from antiquity,
Filled with childlike dreams,
Memories of times of peace long past.
Flowers blooming in the summer sunlight.
Grandmothers garden akin to the fairies.
Handing the child a sense of tranquility,
From some mystic place.
The fairies garden,
A place where the green serenity grows,
And the clean water brooks babble,
Down through the forest floor,
Reaching a destination,
Hidden somewhere beyond the imagination.

#love   #peace   #happy   #fairy   #garden   #trees   #when   #forest   #where   #tranquil  

Birds nest waterside,
Sun warms the flowing river,
Rustling trees shimmer

#sun   #nature   #trees   #birds  

I know that when I hear the sound
Of falling wood that hits the ground
I think of a tree so innocent
An axe in it making a dent

I wish I could help, but no
They're chopped in sunshine, rain, or snow
The mean old men would stop and quarrel
Never thinking of the bird or squirrel

Down fall the trees
And all the bees
Are mad at men
For smashing their den

I know that when I hear the sound
Of falling wood that hits the ground
I'll know that not just the trees
End up falling to their knees

Protect Trees!

-Hailey A.

I made this poem a while ago. No, I don't care all that much about trees, but it's important to know that when a tree is chopped down, so is an animal's home.
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