Clementine Eleos
Clementine Eleos
8 hours ago

Why'd you have to
Show up on my comedown
And ask if you could hang around
Like old times, 4 years ago, flew somehow
Who was I then? Who are you now?
Why'd you have to
Show up on my uprising
And act so very surprised
To learn I was giving goodbyes
Did you think I'd wait forever?
Losing you was an endeavor I could not
Heal from, instead I had to run
And why did you have to ask me if
I was happy? Or if I was having fun?
Please don't pull me back
I've no time for your conundrums
Why'd you have to change for the good
Second guess the way I'm dodging you in this state I fell in and out of love in
All In a year
Why'd you have to come back here?
I felt so fucking strong

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Remi Leroy
Remi Leroy
8 hours ago

Neon lights paint the streets.
Iridescent. Luminous. A myriad of
Colours floods my mind. They are
Overwhelming, suffocating. I don't want it.
Listless, restless, I'm still searching for the
Echoes; the monochrome echoes of your shapeless voice.

12 hours ago

it's broken.

Soaking in regret.

Its whole heart wet,
an open wound.


Wracked brain.
Passion rattles,
gurgling, like rain.
Cracked frame,
splat, it will,
circling a drain.

Its whole heart wet,
an open wound.


it's broken.

Soaking in regret.

Rough times ahead.
Haunted by demons
Haunted by demons
14 hours ago

Have you ever met the right person at the wrong time?
Me too...
He was the best thing that has ever happened to me..
We were perfect for each other but i wasn't ready.

I was 16, he was 18 we had known eachother for a couple of years, he was tall and he smelled nice.
He had blue eyes and dark brown hair.

He was a fucked up kid.
He had just gotten his drivers license, so he raced.
He did drugs and got drunk om school nights.
He smoked one pack a day.

But when i was in his car he drove below the speed limit, because he knew i had anxiety.
He stopped the drugs and the drinking cause he knew i didn't like it and he stopped smoking cause he didnmt wanna make my asthma worse.

He became a nice guy, doing everything he could to make me feel like a princess...
When we had been together for 5 months he dropped out of school..
I got dissappointed and he promised he would get a job and get his shit together, but he was busy caring for me.

He wanted to get married.
He was about to turn 19 and his friends started to get married and have kids.. and he wanted that too...
But i wasn't ready...
I was 16 and just started high school...  i wasn't ready to even imagine myself starting a family yet..

So after 9 months i ended it.. with a text... i had to breathe... i needed space..
But i know that if i had met him 5 years later i would have spent the rest of my life with him..
We had the same values, we agreed on everything, rarely faught, had the same view on kids..
But i wasn't ready...
So i ended it with a text...

#love   #sad   #relationship   #tragic   #breakup   #sadlove  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
21 hours ago

If there is to be an end,
Let there be a rose in my hand,
A kiss upon my lips,
And silent moment before I break,

If there is to be an end,
Let it be quick,
No words to be said,
So I'd have the best memory of you for me,

If there is to be an end,
I want it to be like this,
A day, out in the world,
The wind upon my face,
Tell me all I need to know,
And leave me to my peace,

#love   #silent   #you   #me   #breakup   #rose   #moment   #darling  
22 hours ago

The 2500 km between us seems unreal,
when the picture of you in my mind, almost tangible,
keeps my grounded on most days.
Trekking across the corporate bog clinging to dreams of a country life,
with a peculiar combination of smug sheepishness,
provoking instincts to ravish or protect, I cannot decide.
The way you have with words is supernatural,
because your eloquence leaves me hypnotized,
the best case of spellbound I have ever been.
You had me at your first email,
keeping me sane and driving me insane,
you are, my favourite kind of perfect.
You've managed to lower all my guards,
breakdown all the walls, and
gather up a life's worth of insecurities into a ball.
Just as I stopped walking around on tip toes,
you've shattered it to a million shards,
and now I'm lying bleeding on the floor.
I'm drowning in air, waking up to a nightmare,
lost in my mind, paralyzed in my senses,
so much for believing in second chances.
for perfectly blind siding me,
I couldn't save myself.

This poem is the sole property of me and cannot be copied or used without permission. [Copyright G.H. Rodrigo 23/03/2017]
#love   #loss   #breakup   #heartache  
Remi Leroy
Remi Leroy
1 day ago

All I am left with are
Pictures of your warm smile
A whisper of your soothing voice
An echo of your fiery feelings
A waft of your quirky humor
Memories of you and me

Awkward calls ending with burning cheeks
Time lags between morning greetings
Nights without sleep just to bring us a little closer
Unsaid understandings and silences
Hidden anticipation for the unseen future
The future of you with me

Betsy Garris
Betsy Garris
1 day ago

Slowly but surely,
As time goes on,
I will fade from lives of those you love.
Slowly but surely,
Our ties will untangle
And my close-to-kin are estranged.
Slowly but surely,
I will miss these moments
These miracles that pause life itself.
Slowly but surely,
The new will know me
By only my name and your memory.

Until, our love is outlived.

I will simply become
A whispered thought
Choked back by fight of mind and heart
I will simply become
A "remember when"
As our songs drift by on an evening wind
I will simply become
"She was not a mistake", an "I miss her,
But not what we had in the end."
I will simply become
What you have become
To me
Slowly but surely.

Author's Note--
Art should be transparent. This is as transparent as I can get right now. Losing love, being in a good relationship that turned toxic, caring deeply for the one you had to leave behind, and watching his family - people you deeply care for and cannot be with- go through amazing life changes and new seasons, knowing only that you will slowly but surely be forgotten from their and his lives, hurts. Soon, my memory will be pushed out of his family by what is beautiful, new, and full of life. Here I sit, on the sidelines of their lives, cheering them on, and yet desperately missing being a part of their happiness. Love is a messy thing. And forgive me as I learn to give myself the space needed to heal over time.
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