Mary Scott
Mary Scott
10 hours ago

I'm sorry if I don't always make sense
I'm still trying to piece together memories I drank away last fall
through the puke on the floor I can still see last spring:
fucking you on Easter when I was alone,
the night before screaming into my pillow until I couldn't see straight,
pretending to my family and friends that I hated you,
but wishing you'd have stayed later.
through the shattered mirror I smashed last fall I can still see last spring:
sending you letters that you never read,
smashing my head against the steering wheel,
driving without direction because you wouldn't be anywhere I went,
I still see last spring through the botched memories
and I still feel it every time hear our song and have to change the channel,
I still keep that flannel put away,
I know you burned everything of ours in the summer but I couldn't find the strength

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Brie Pizzi
14 hours ago

Thank you for pushing me over the edge.

Thank you for showing me your true colors.

Thank you for showing me how immature and petty you truly are.

Thank you for showing me you never really changed, regardless of how much you tried convincing me you did.

Never would I have thought I'd one day be thanking you for these things but here I am, saying thank you to the boy who broke me. I'm saying thank you for one reason and one reason only; with this, you have given me the ability to finally get over you.

Before, there was always a part of me that held onto you; that tried so hard to hold onto the good parts of you, with hope that maybe one day we could try again. But after that night, there is no going back. I no longer want to be with you. I no longer see my future with you. I now know that I deserve better than you, much better. And I will no loner fall for your lies and fake promises.

So thank you.

May Davis
May Davis
15 hours ago

My side slumped against the bathroom door
My mind could only race more and more

My hands gripped the door knob tight
My heart knew this couldn't be right

My ears were filled with a lack of sound
My eyes dropped cold tears to the ground

My arm finally opened the door
My body hit the hardwood floor

My puddle of tears was all that surrounded me
My lungs were burning and I could no longer breathe

My love was slowly slipping away
My words could not be used to sway

Breakups are always rough...
#love   #boy   #breakup  

but i never knew that i would come so close to your soul
your mind an open vessel, taking in all i have to show
when you are strangers, the thought of sharing intimacy is dull
but who knew that after one day of you finding my gaze
that it would linger
and we would make the most of the next 24 hours as though
we had in another life
to burn and burn and burn until we burn out
but it is a universal and earthly experience I'd rather have
than miss out

#sad   #depression   #lonely   #sadness   #boyfriend   #hurt   #you   #breakup   #near   #hearbreak  
23 hours ago

withering while bloomed
fading while i'm still loving you
don't ever forget me
never mind i lied
just take care

#love   #sad   #goodbye   #breakup  
Jadie Roten
Jadie Roten
1 day ago

Isn't it crazy what a piece of
Fabric can endure?

Thin stitches hold the sleeves adjacent to the torso, keep it connected

The most significant things can come in small packages
this one was given in a used white box with tattered tape on the sides

He was sixteen, he opened the box and smiled fondly.
The same blue on the sleeves caught my eyes

That was two years ago.

After many trips to amusement parks, swimming holes, dinner dates, and movies

It's on her.

Our memories draping off blemish-ridden skin

She doesn't know how you dripped strawberry ice cream on the collar and how you laughed wiping it off

Or how I almost caught your sleeve as you taught me how to cast the hook to the water

She isn't even remotely aware of how my head was laid against your chest during long nights of stargazing

95% cotton
5% polyester
100% us

Mary Scott
Mary Scott
1 day ago

I got sick of comparing you to drugs
that did no justice to the high I felt each time you held me
and juxtaposing ,
you to a sunset was bullshit
I feared I could not capture all your colors in words
what the fuck do I compare you to?
You swallowed me whole and let me crumble in front of you,
you digested me until you were sick and spit me out like dip,
I got sick of comparing you to songs,
I didn't want you stuck in my head anymore
and juxtaposing you to shattered glass didn't pick up the pieces on the floor from when I could not articulate the hurt in my heart and
threw all the god damn picture frames against the plaster wall,
I got sick of comparing you to a missed phone call,
because at least then you'd give me enough attention to ignore it,
juxtaposing you to the sunset was bullshit because you never stuck around long enough to really sink in

#drugs   #summer   #music   #breakup   #angry   #sunset   #glass   #draft   #random   #freeverse  
Mary Scott
Mary Scott
1 day ago

I write the best at night when I can't sleep
the IV is dressed like stability,
heart like an addict but could never commit.
unhealthy habits I never wanted to quit
I didn't look sick.

when the memories are lucid and loud
your words come alive in nightmares,
nurses rush to check I'm not climbing out the fire escape again
easier to jump out than to let anyone in

so used to leaving in a panic I never learned to use the door,
I still feel the burn of your hand on my cheek and the cool of the floor

I write the best at night when I can't sleep
the IV is dressed like stability,
heart like an addict but could never commit.
unhealthy habits I never wanted to quit
I didn't look sick.

I took classes about drugs
what could happen if we tried them
All the street names and side effects,
prison times and famous users
but we never learned what to do when the drug had
brown hair and blue eyes and held your hand in the back of a cruiser

I didn't look sick,
I climbed out the fire escape quick
for one last hit because you asked me to and I didn't think twice about it

#love   #sad   #drugs   #breakup   #personal   #angry   #freeverse   #addict  

I called you sunshine
You rose in my life
Lit my way and guided my soul
You warmed my being from the inside out
Melted the ice walls around my heart
Left puddles where they had stood
I basked in you
Let you brighten every day
You told me I glowed
Love the glow in me is the mere reflection of you
But sunshine you have gone
And like the moon I still reflect you
But sun and moon were never meant to be
So you be the sun
I'll be the moon
I will glow for you
Because of you

Eric Lewis
3 days ago

Bite my lips untill they bleed
Because I don't want to say a word
Pass the moment like a frayed lie
As we sit here staring into the abyss
Your eyes like glass and sand
Telling me the time is running out
Shut up, Don't you speak
I know you want to go away
And fade like wispy mentions
But tonight will last as long as your gaze
And I feel you cold like ice
Again a dead end turn around
Shes burying her own hatchet
Shes burying evidence of traitors
I feel cold and you have no warmth
So the night dies slowly with my hopes
And hope dies with your last words
Its over, ive lost my grasp on you
I've lost it because I gave it all to you

#dead   #lips   #breakup   #memory   #verse   #soft   #rip   #cynical   #pretense  
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