Angela Punch
Angela Punch
17 hours ago

I don't fit into your shadow box.
I’m stifled by its restraint.
Fill your stage with fiery beasts,
and my opportunity to be your hero arises.
When I slay what you present,
it only feeds the belly of what's to become
Naked is where I found you, laying at my feet
Words of lost love dripping from your lips
It feels like hell to be in your heaven
The days never slip away
Yesterday is slumped in the corner, 
desperate for my gaze
Tomorrow runs in circles around me.
with feverish frenzied screams
You held me with hello
now you claw at my goodbye

#love   #loss   #hurt   #breakup  
B Irwin
B Irwin
18 hours ago

People are laughing and people are dying and I bet she still doesn't cry
I still don't like the taste of alcohol but I'm a hyper aware alcoholic
and I only drink in flavors of your favorite fruit
and kids are dying from my childhood
from the times when we thought a heroine was Super Woman
and sometime between then and now
we realized that heroin isn't spelled much differently
and somewhere I lost my superpowers in between the time you said goodbye
and the time I heard your voice say my name again
and i am trying to produce art but I always think of you always topping the things I've done
I only play soft music because she was always waiting for something to soften her but I've cried too much and she still doesn't cry

19 hours ago

you are a treasure.
i looked for you in the forests,
found you,
then dropped you in the ocean.
then someone else found it
and you're shining bright as ever,
worth so much more.

opinions please!
#love   #sad   #girl   #boy   #breakup  

You were born from sin
Lustful kisses in fields of chamomile
Sweetened tea on the fourth of July
You were made from wrongs that felt right

You were born from sin
The devil was once God's favorite angel
But I wondered what it would have been
Like if it went backwards
And he was terrible first?
Like we were

Vengeful tactics made for unfair fights
You were made from wrongs that felt right
Lustful kisses in fields where homes
used to be before
the brave men bombed them
We celebrated death
like a birthday for a child-
wildflowers grew
where libraries once were
you held my hand
When I couldn't understand
Why freedom looked like a fire escape
Instead of running in a meadow barefoot
you painted pictures I hung on my walls
Of Poe and forests where trees die but do not grow
I always stayed in tune
To see what came next
Every move was a guess

You were born from sin
And I loved you for that very reason

#love   #war   #heart   #teen   #nature   #relationship   #breakup  

It was in the gray fall clouds that I met her. My hands
quivering as my nerves were shot with lightning
and out to the world around me.
My northbound hair done neat and tidy, her hands
were colder than the breeze encompassing us. It was
the start to an age eclipsing seasons. But
like all else, everything ends. The crisp leaves
and our optimistic qualities fell at equal rate. Winter
came around and stomped out all the seedlings
too undeveloped to withstand it. For all of our journey,
good and bad, went out the door. And this
cold and bleak finale consisted of screams
and shells of what once stood in it's place.
After tears evaporated, so too did all we stood for.
A monstrous, cyclical, almost-love.

I originally wrote this for a poetry class assignment, but didn't follow the prompt correctly, so I posted the unusual unusable one here!
Lola Reyes
Lola Reyes
2 days ago

is a memory you wish would go away
a memory you want it to live far away from
how can you survive knowing
a broken memory wonders your mind
knowing that life has a way of escaping
knowing that at any moment your memory will come back
how can you heal
when they're still around
how can you love knowing
wether or not your love is fake or not
honestly the only thing i want from you
is to leave
P.s. take your broken memory too

Keda Kanye
Keda Kanye
2 days ago

I’m made of clay
or maybe wet
when you placed your hand on my heart
your imprint never went away
Swear to god I wish we’d never met

I’m afraid of someone new

He looked into my eyes today
and said “wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

Wish I could have stayed to play

But I’m trapped in my own mind
Where I’m convinced I should be alone
I need to live for myself
So I’m letting myself unwind
Refusing to pick up the phone

I’m not going on dates
and I’m getting lots of sleep
trying to start with a clean slate
look above
my own desire for attention

That’s right—-self-love

being single is overrated.

his eyes were a light blue
the kind you find in the sky
He’s gone now
I won’t find him
But I’ll remember that he said

“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

It’s possible he’s right

I might just hope
that I keep meeting people like you
and I like your hand print there on my heart
and I think there’s room for a few more

I’m made of clay
after all
or maybe
come place your hand on my heart
before I dry up
the earth

and every time I look into your eyes
I’ll tell you straight and true
“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

Jessica Lima
Jessica Lima
3 days ago

Perhaps we made a mistake
By choosing one another.

My faults and your faults, together,
Starts to become a bother.

You push me to open up
By crossing every line.

I piss you off by pushing back,  
And asking for more time.

That's where we left off....
Silence gripping us tight.

I'm afraid lover,
Afraid our love will soon die.

Hadiy Syakir
Hadiy Syakir
4 days ago

It feels like
you just came
and visit me

The lemonades
and Anna Karenina
left open
on top of
the coffee table
waiting for us
to drink it
till there is
not a single drop
and for us to read
to debate
and to fight over
before we close it
and go through
another tale.

But you are not here
as the table
has been left
long time ago.
It was not
there alone
just like the day
we dragged it home
from the waste bay
and stationed it
at the center
of the hall.
It was full of mess,
dirt and marks
I can't hardly see
any signs
of love and
and pride,
the same feelings
we used to have
on it.

We used to run
to the grocery
down the corner
and laughed at
all the flattery
over the dinner
We used to kick
all the jittery
over the thunder
and shoved
the maturity
down the throat
but now we are
slowly getting
used to be like
a stranger
like a feather
off the duster
fly separately
on our own
to meet the final
of our own.
you are
no longer
here with me
to encounter
the thunder
as the lady luck
choose to
smile on you
and I fall into
the lethal oblivion
that stays longer
than the morning dew.

You may have
long gone
perhaps to the
end of the world
or to the center circle
of the endless whirl
it might be forever
or just like
the stay with me
that ends
but I hope
you know that
you will always
reside in the back
of my mind
at the bottom
of my heart

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
4 days ago

I sent flowers for her on her birthday,
And she ditched me because of it.
I sent her a message on her phone,
"I sent you as much flowers as your age is."
It was her 25th birth anniversary,
Breakup occurred for me because
The flower man had one free on one rose!

My HP Poem #1446
©Atul Kaushal
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