Lauren Biggs
Lauren Biggs
1 hour ago


Shall I compare thee to a quiet ocean breeze?
Your beauty is past the currents that do simply flow.
Broken minds that stand small on shaking knees,
Hold you closer closer, but still I know.

For darling always I shall think of you,
Morn and fall, every rainy day forever.
Light and every dark whether there are few,
I must always call your name whenever.

Your mischevious smirk and a glowing smile,
You keep my sanity from jumping out the window.
Whilst still holding your own stronghold all the while,
If you leave don’t leave a broken widow.

Whoever ascends the palace of heaven first,
Will leave a broken man or woman’s feet.
A soft shell of former selves who thirst,
For the divine drink of your heart is so sweet.

I love you so, my darling. I always will.
Laying by coffins, who knew heart could be so still.

in iambic pentameter, for a school project. whoo this was personal

Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
     I think not, for the day's end soon approaches as does Summer's demise.
     Shall I compare them to a sparkling diamond?
     Again, I think not, for many diamonds are cut apart to gain their beauty.
     Shall I compare thee to a crescendo of song, reaching its peak?
     Still, I think not, for each and every note may yet still go sour.
     While some may profess these things as perfection, you are indeed perfection in my eyes.
     Now and forever.

Not sure how I feel with it overall, I mean I like it, but it could be better.
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Time has passed—painful, long years
My words have ceased to flow,
And I am drowned by all these tears,
since you left long ago.

This river—my own torture— flowed passionately in and out.
Rains of my own sentiments poured into a hollow beach.
Helpless cries of restless doubts.
It was you they failed to reach.

Finally, after everything I had seen
Red skies and starless nights
I became aware of what it means
Having you once again on my sight.

I found you in the shadows of the moon—the brightest of all stars
And now that you returned, I can heal the stitching of love’s scars.

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Though my boat is tossed
high upon these crests,
I fear not the deep sea
where the sailors souls rest.

Cast adrift, alone to float,
my mother Sycorax had planned.
But lo! I reach sanctuary
and dance ecstatic on the sand.

My grotesque form I treasure
but loneliness soon must end.
Yes! A monster I might be,
but Caliban needs a friend.

Paradise is mine and ripe.
Behold! A kingdom and a home!
The sun blisters all day long,
oh Muses why am I so alone?

“Hush boy! Careful of thy wish,
the scheme is so much grander.
For Prospero prowls the island
with his witch daughter Miranda”.

Run ugly Caliban. Run away.
Disappear, you must be brave.
For the Wizard has loosed Ariel,
your wretched body to enslave.

The girl holds you enchanted,
with promises of fair romance.
Feel her pull puppets strings,
watch her make You dance.

Oh Caliban! What darkness befalls,
a prisoner tithed with no trial.
Yearn, dear boy, for isolation
and the loneliness of your Isle.

© Pagan Paul (28/02/17)

I have always empathised with Caliban.
Enslaved by Prospero, teased by Miranda and
bullied by Ariel. Simply for being an outsider,
stupid, an ugly monster and supposedly subhuman.
Shakespeare's metaphor is rather apt for the way society,
in general today, treats people with mental health issues.
As freaks and outsiders, less than whole.
Anne Webb
Anne Webb
Feb 27

They say there isn't much to live for nowadays
but for love and for beauty of the trees
and for flowers which remind me of your face
and the colour of your mind which only my eye sees.

Your lips are the colour of a rose
and only when they smile the world feels whole
like the cupids with their arrows and their bows
they pierce my heart and overwhelm my soul.

Like the hummingbird's faithful song
your sweet voice can open all doors
you make me feel right, even though I'm wrong
so my heart and my body are for ever yours.

And never before have I loved someone more
and I would live for you, die for you or unleash a war.

I wrote this for a friend for her literature class. But when she read it, she said it was too "professional" and that her professor would never believe she wrote it. So instead I put it here.
Feb 19

kissing your lips, saying: morning- lover, hairs, fresh bedroom- messy, sleepy. Every day seeing your picture makes my day, it's meeting you for the first time, that I am so afraid

drinking coffee ..a ritual so look forward to with you, reading papers, plays... and you stubbornly fixing things around the house, manly hands, only break porcelain.  

I'm testing your patience, interrupt your focus, wrinkles of seriousness...inspect your baldness ... certain, it's a sign of wisdom, kissing those chestnuts, on top of nose... day begins. I'm brave, and happy- to be.  

Smile- I barely move lips to show my appreciation, you...pull down by my shirt, before I head out and conquer my demons...  feel your strong hand grab my nakedness underneath,  

Touch-delicately converging fingers, palpate deeply fleshy folds...I lose myself in you...relax to a symphony I barely discovered all the notes to ...we are not rushed...and have what we wanted for so long...future together..i love your favorite of them

She always wanted to be
as famous as
Bawling dramatically in the cornfield.
My flip flops stuck
in the oozy mud
as I followed her for safety.

She sobbed on my shoulder during Titanic because she wasn't as beautiful
as Kate Winslet.
The rest of the cinema
gave me funny looks.
Soggy shoulder,
everyone necks craning to listen
to my therapy phrases.
"Sshhh. It's okay.
You're beautiful in a different way".

I never told her that lipstick didn't suit her.
And she still wears it now
on Facebook.

If you think this is you, it probably is.

Viola and Shakespeare...

Love you till craziness...

Love you..carved it on the moon's cheek...
love you..and need you in spite of the difficulties and the dangers...
love you..and i confess in front of all humans...
love you..and adore you ,o my fate and my luck...
love you..hug it and play with it at the string...
love are my Viola and i am your Shakespeare...

Viola mine...
your Shakespeare came again...
came to you from the heaven...
because he got bored from the heaven...
the heaven its not a heaven when you are not there...

came Shakespeare to you,Viola...
to give you a life's kisses...
to wake up you to his world...
to play with him the same story love at a same theater...
and to share the new love world with you...

come Viola...
come to me from among all humans...
come and don't hide again...
come and be the lover...
come and don't be afraid...
even don't afraid from the queen...
don't afraid from all others...

i came to you from the heaven...
to make a new heaven here with you...
come Viola, come to me...
your soul waked up me...

we will not hide our love anymore...
our love which started there...
from a first kiss on a theater's wood...

come Viola...
i will create a new theater to our love...
only for you and me...
to learn all lovers,how should a love be...

your Shakespeare came to you...
came because of and for you...

you are Viola...
and i am your Shakespeare...
love you Viola mine...
here and there and in our lovely heaven...
yours now and forever....

by hazem al jaber ...

#and   #viola   #shakespeare  
Feb 10

I wouldn't predict where all this could have gone,
I should've, I didn't, I chose not to - and for why?
I pay the price for dreaming and dwell on,
in repose. And so loudly, my thoughts kept I.

I cut myself free of this tangled twine,
that which did not connect us anyhow.
The hope, the foolishness, it was all mine.
Not yours, just mine. I failed to see 'till now.

And so I'm not angry with you anymore,
it didn't make sense for me to be anyway.
It's a waste, and admonishment is a chore.
I can save bitterness for another day.

We work well in some ways and not others,
And we make better friends, but not lovers.

I had to write a sonnet for a class last semester - and what else would I write about other than unrequited love? Haha. I found it recently and I still like it so I thought I'd share.
Feb 1

I am but a rose of beginning green,
imprisoned to darkness all day,
within a monumental fiend,
who covers up the radiance that I want to give away

Occasionally a small opening would be sewn
into the darkness' fiery grasp
and your pure radiance could be shown
concealed in a kindhearted mask

Share your light with me
and for you I will light the way
wrapped in an unfamiliar livery
prepared for our intimacy till the end of our days

We will cross waters on a homebound stretch
and become fuel for our endurance,
so beautifully etched

I'll take my chances, following the sun
the garden we grow
means that together, we are one

Share your light with me,
and forever I will stay.
my petals can become your livery
we need each other, I daresay.

This poem was written for a class, and I will be turning it in soon. Tips/Comments/Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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