12 hours ago

the hollow between her neck and shoulders,
deep like holy water stoup,
has always been sacred to me.

i was sixteen then, foolish and in love.

i wrote her name on every piece of paper
i could find and kept her in my pocket,
showed her what the world looked like in my eyes.

she had something in her, that girl.
perhaps a cross between a crazed butcher and a catholic school kid.
with her you can never tell.

for a brief moment she let me know what heaven tastes like--
she kissed me by the pool and i lost my head.

        time flew like manic Icarus.
     suddenly, as abrupt as somebody braking hard, it was all over.

four years later and i'm still looking for my sanity.

after her
every mouth i kiss
just tastes like chlorine.

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Alex Negri
Alex Negri
17 hours ago

Behind the stories of old bad luck,
lay Lucifer and his surrogate beginning to fuck.
Draining every swamp of muck,
releasing the morbidly hunted buck.
You married the woman who carries the child,
Satans last son you are now in denial.
Swallow your pride this is not done in style,
we the people have brought our own trials.

Sorry for the swearing...
#sin   #lust   #fun   #people   #evil   #us   #satan  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
1 day ago

Do you know?
What's more beautiful than
Those insults that they use
To demonize, to mock?

The things you have, a great many
When there's nobody to talk to
Nobody to ask "are you okay"

What's prettier than the thoughts
That pump through your skull,
And drag you further to the grave
Than their words ever could?

Sweet crimsons, like ribbons,
When they're wrapped around your wrists
And all that flows from them is
What your flesh keeps inside

But more attractive still,
Is something much less divine..
But not to a broken child, yes?
You understand nonsense at this point.

A hanging rope,
Or a gunshot,
Maybe the weapon that pours red from your veins
Perhaps something else, you're more creative than I am

How did you want to go out?

can you remind me who I am?
And what Am I doing?
And if you can remind me who you are too?
I would be grateful to know what you did for me?
& what are we doing together in the first place?
I don't want to be mean, but why are you still waiting here?
Don't you see I'm mad?
why do you have to choose for me?
Do you think I'm sort of a robot?
and why Am i complaining?
Am I forced to stay with you?
What ? Who's forcing me?
Oh society is?
Any way, why Am I listening to what you have to say about me?
I mean, did I ask for your opinion in the first place?
I did? Do I really have to take it into consideration?
What?Who will point fingers at me?
The people? You mean people like you and I?
Aren't we all made of dust?
So it would be easy to blow them out of my life now, so I can peacefully enjoy it, wouldn't it be?
I can also sweep them if they're too tough, what do you think ?
Society can be cruel? what do you mean?
Dust can only penetrate my eyes and make it hard for me to see, so what?
Oh you mean that society can make us blind?
Funny thing is how words can make you blind.

This poetry is full of anger . I don't really know if it's good but I would like to know your opinions. Thank you!
1 day ago

lover, love her-
keeper, keep her.

for it won't
come again.

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Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
1 day ago

Tell me will you poet?
tell me sweetly in my ear,
tell me of your darkest sin,
and of your hidden fear,
then I will tell it back to you ,
and jot it right down here,
so tell me if you go with it ,
just what you wish to hear?

( I'm listening )

I can tell you that you're perfect,
that you're nice as nice can be,
and tell you that I'm your friend,
that you have a friend in me,

( ugh...not so much )

I'll tell you-
you're the handsomest,
as handsome as a star,
the dreamy one from childhood,
who lives somewhere a far,

( I wish... )

I'll tell you that you're wonderful,
that you're honest -
and you're sweet,
an I'll be at your beckon call,
just waiting at your feet,
I will be the sweetest girl,
that you will ever meet,

( Oh boy )

I'll curve the pretty world you view,
an distort it if I must,
tell me will you poet,
are my words the ones you trust?
I can tell a sad goodbye,
or sheets we tangle up in lust,

( ....uh..notta chance, but-)

I can tell of heated passion,
of heated lovers in the night,
while some have heated intercourse,
some others have a fight,
either way with all that heat,
there's hope they both ignite,
an when you cut your own hand off,
it's only YOU-
you spite,

( OK don't get pissy )

So I can kiss you with my paper,
I can caress you with my pen,
I can leave you feeling anxious love,
or I can leave you feeling zen,
I can be beside you there,
just name it where and when,

( hope not tho )

I can mention that you're genius,
just the smartest guy I know,
except for when it comes to love,
and then it's all for show,
or I can just omit that part,
so no one ever know,

( I'm sure you'd prefer that )

I can tell you any fake thing,
so sweetly in your ear,
it may not be the truth though,
and there in lies the fear,
if I tell you only truth then,
when I'm drawn in really near,
then tell me will you poet,
what should I say my dear?

( oy vey )

Because some objectified objects,
well they have opinions too,
and flattery gets you no where,
even if these facts I say are true,
it's only in a certain light,
when you tip it all askew,
so that everyone can finally see,

The real "beauty" there in you,
as it all comes out,
now so clearly into view,

And I wonder why would I-
ever waste a single precious breath?!

Ma Cherie © 2017

Added the last part at 12:38 p.m. any thoughts ? Not someone I'm with - you know -some people!?...grrrrr my dad used to say a real "beauty" lol thanks wonderful poets  ❤❤❤
#poetry   #people   #really   #ugh   #vain   #some   #objectified  
1 day ago

Love me the way I don't love myself,
  Love me like you've never loved yourself,
    just us two
     desperate and affectionate
   badged with your validation
an indication of my worth
on the tip your tongue
at the top of my head
           three words, from two eyes
              two eyes with three words  
                 this desire to be cherished
              the way we never cherish ourselves
me and you
both as selfish as they come
creators of an insecure and vulnerable romance
only made to serve ourselves
a fluffy filling of excitement and anticipation
only to make days seem shorter
and life seem longer
      how pathetically sad
            you and I
              the two who
                  never loved each other
                     never loved ourselves


I can't be loved
#love   #heartbreak   #poem   #sad   #life   #romance   #people   #lovers  

My type of poetry
Is not meant to bring
Joy, happiness, and warm feelings.
It is meant to cause
The hardest of hearts to feel,
The driest of eyes to cry,
And the toughest of men to feel weak.
It is not meant to be read aloud;
It is meant to be read while
You are alone at night, crying
Because you are tired.
It is meant to let you know
That someone else out here
Feels your pain and knows what it's like.
It is meant to break you down
And help you build yourself
Up again because you are strong.
You will make it through this.
You'll make it through
Because deep down,
You know you aren't searching
For poems about depression
Late at night because you want
Inspiration to kill or hurt yourself.
You want to know someone else
Out there in this cruel
Fucking world understands.
You want to know someone cares,
And that someone else feels the pain.
You want to know it gets better,
That there is in fact a light
At the end of the tunnel.
And let me tell you,
I struggle too.
Most days, I can't see that light,
That faint residue of hope.
But that's okay.
Because it's the journey that counts.
And you and I
Are on this journey together.

February 24, 2017.
Everyone struggles. Everyone goes through the pain of life. Some of us have it worse off than others, and that's okay. Because we all have the same strength. It's not about being weak or not, it's about having the balls to get back up and try your hardest to make it a better day. And I know you can do it. It's been hard for me the past few years, what with battling my depression and also dealing with some minor PTSD, panic attacks, and the like. But I'm still here. I have bad days, and worse days, just like everyone else- but I'm still here. And that's what counts.
It will get better, I know it will. Just believe in yourself, even when no one else does. Because one day, you will be able to stand up tall and say "I did it. I made it. I've won."
Stay strong, everyone.
Much Love,
2 days ago

what doesn't exist
you cannot resist
and it's all in your mind
the pain and the bliss

what isn't there
it must be here
isn't it ?

blind and down
but can you see through
tears of that clown

but can you see you
see what you do
through the mist ?

and they'll scream at you
that it's not your time
to escape from this

you can hate it all if you so want
hate them all if you so wish

but you cannot love, no you don't
you cannot love what doesn't exist

this moment you're stuck in
they told you it must be within
the things you've said before
every last of your sweet sins

and all of your bland stories
those dreams and a wish
they told you not to worry
here, have this poisoned kiss

one for the road that's ugly
for all those pieces that never fit

you can hate it all if you so want
hate them all if you so wish

but you cannot love, no you don't
you cannot love what doesn't exist

so many questions
those don't mean anything
they don't scream everything
there's nobody left to miss

and where were you gone before
now here you are
so alone, on your own where you sit

and you keep telling your tale
how it never fails to make you sick

sick to your heart,
how it tears you apart

so go on, and take your pick
it's something you cannot get rid
it won't see who's blue or what's green
who's been true nor who you're with

you can hate it all if you so want
hate them all if you so wish

but you cannot love, no you don't
you cannot love what doesn't exist

pretending it's all fine
I won't erase anything if I was blind

but when you know something
it's so hard to leave it behind

so many ways to die out there
why don't you make me a list ?
I'll be there for you to share
lie to me now, I insist

I've been a stranger all my life
in my anger to be rich

but I'm not yet ready to be found
by some rich man in the town

for I know what greed can do to you
I've heard how his throat got slit

leave me alone with my thoughts
I want to drown
before I can escape from arms of his

you can hate it all if you so want
hate them all if you so wish

but you cannot love, no you don't
you cannot love what doesn't exist

my baby once told me
it gets warm when fire's been lit
but don't take it in your arms
or you'll burn with it

such a strange feeling to have
when you don't know what you did

and they're all standing in a line
blaming at the same time

wandering in the cold desert
looking for some fish
there're so many fools out there
that the oasis cannot persist

what doesn't exist
you cannot resist
and it's all in your mind
the pain and the bliss

what isn't there
it must me here
isn't it ?

you can hate it all if you so want
hate them all if you so wish

but you cannot love, no you don't
you cannot love what doesn't exist

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Lu Lu
Lu Lu
3 days ago

People come and go.

Some aren't meant to stay,
no matter how much we wish them to.

Maybe it was to make you realize that you deserve better.
Maybe it was because you were meant to be a lesson for someone else.
Maybe it was just to teach you what silly kisses and heartbreak are.

The truth of the matter is no matter how open, no matter how persistent,
no matter how hopeful you are with someone,

They will only meet you as deep as they've met themselves.

#life   #people   #clarity   #character  
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