15 hours ago

All it took was a glance
And a single choice in time
A moment that would linger
An emerging paradigm

All it took was a taste
Reality crumbled at my feet
I had never known a drug
To be so bitter and so sweet

All it took was a touch
And I forgot my name
Words dissolved on my toungue
With only you to blame

You left a mark
Like a fossil in my soul
For I'm forever changed
Not broken, but not quite whole

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Xavier Arnold
Xavier Arnold
1 day ago







I should be doing homework

Finger to the moon
do my bidding soon
Bring me the love I desire
bring me the man of fire
I want to be set ablaze
I need the heat to raise
I want to feel his power
Be near in this hour
Connecting stronger
It will be an honor
I can feel him
He can heal
take my driven pill
Give the love that's full of will
The last medicine you will ever need
made for me indeed
Night brings dreams of you
Vast oceans of blue
I will never leave you
My heart decided long ago
wait for it, self-control

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Vincent Jabre
Vincent Jabre
1 day ago

There's a lunp of coal on my chest
And i'm afraid it's catching sparks
I'm afraid it's getting heavier
Filling my lungs
And i'm coughing black smoke
Cause your memory's been evoked
And now that you've been invoked
I can feel the spark ignite
Oh how it brightens the night
Oh yes i feel it lighting me up
Incandescent body
But I feel heavier
I feel exhausted
Exhilerated inside
I can no longer hide
My beaten side
Drained from my cries
So now all i have is a lump of coal
And a memory of you
And a body catching fire


Love is fire
#love   #heart   #fire   #break   #romance   #ache   #catching  
2 days ago

a little less like an alarm,
a little more like being trapped in a burning building,
mistaking the fire for warmth,
mistaking the heat for passion,
mistaking the smoke for breathless bliss,
but things that promise light seldom go unheard,
and you aren't any different

Different style of my last poem
#love   #fire   #burn   #toxic  
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
3 days ago


So many people say lighting fires makes them calm or feel better even.


Because fire is destructive and in those moments we have created this mass of heat and ash that could take down our neighborhoods if we tipped over the pit... yet we have taken control of it. This monstrous snake that eats away at all in its path is under our thumbs. We decided how large it grows. We tell it when to stop. I think people love playing with fire so much because we cannot control our own fires in our lives. The things that eat away at us day after day are escaping from our grasp. They become the orange and red seas that flood our hearts and spill out onto our wrists.

Harmless campfires satisfy our thirst to overcome the hellish pits of our minds.

- Yacinia Agosto
- 10/13/16

I asked my friend if I could post this poem she'd written to this site because I liked it so much.
#fire   #control   #calm  
Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
3 days ago

Over the logs and dirt of a camp ground, you still shine. A blazing, bright fire.

Fire is also an element of destruction, of rage, but also of love. The burning red love you have for someone.

But my favourite type of fire is blue fire. Looking like the polar opposite of burning red hot, blue fire is hotter than red.

And to think that a full rainbow can come out of the flames of chaos.

How beautiful is the colour of destruction...

Poetry prompt: Use the words "Red" and "Dirt" in you next poem. So here's what I got.
#love   #flames   #fire   #blue   #red   #colour   #rainbow   #destruction   #choas   #bluefire  
Blaise Flowers
Blaise Flowers
4 days ago

you're flaming. little specks of crimson burn like fire in your heart. your physique melts like rum on a fire and sparks of amber make you glow like a candle in the darkness. magenta lines cross your lips and your skin mocks the setting street lamps and the burning sun.

you're a mountain to me. dwarfing cities below you with peaks that stride above the heavens, attempting to graze the planets if even so slightly.

you are worth becoming the enemy of hell. you are worth every friend you've ever lost to file yourself. you are worth it, because i've never met anyone who loves as perfectly and passionately as you.

for my cutie.
#love   #fire   #space   #galaxy   #star   #embers   #crimson   #prosepoetry   #maroon   #ember  

You are the sun,
Calling lowly to the galaxy,
Tragic and celestial,
40 billion light years from the closest star,
And the moon rings like a bell;
Earthquake vibrations across the vacuum of space,
Echoes roll over your skin, just whispers of what once was,
Like a house that has already been burned down,
Alarm still shrieking into the shell
That this is danger,
This is living,
But the moon is too far to hear a warning over
the bell tolls,
An angelus to Sirius and Orion and
And the sun is farther still, drowning in a sea of silent stars,
Baying softly of loneliness and terror to the empty night,
I am the moon,
You, the sun.
In the end, we are all just houses,
Waiting to be burned down.

#life   #fire   #sun   #moon   #stars   #space  

there is a fire within me
I could burn you to the ground
I'll turn this energy into fuel
and ignite myself
while I leave you in the smoke
because if you were meant to be in my life
you would have never lit the match
if your intention was to let the flame burn out

#love   #broken   #fire   #lust   #relationship   #romance   #him  
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