Kerstin Martinez
Kerstin Martinez
18 hours ago

Our love isn’t human
It’ll never die like we will
It’ll live on in what we leave behind
The distance hasn’t torn us apart
And neither will she
Confused on what love is
Desperately reaching for someone who understands the pain
She had her chance
Now its lost
I wised up when you walked back in
Now I’m dazed by your heart
You hide from everyone else
Were in the deep dark forest
Hiding from the world
Its Lit
Like the fire in our hearts
Keeping the blood flowing
Frozen to the world warm to each other
Never alone even when you wanna be alone
Because I’m never leaving
I’ve seen your heart and it’s the most precious onyx
Blacker than darkness
But hotter than the fire that burns between us
Love never ending

For my husband. For whom my love burns eternally in the darkness.
#love   #fire   #pain   #death   #hurt   #darkness   #burns   #endless   #cold   #lit  
Tina Marie
Tina Marie
1 day ago


I burn for you when we touch

I am curious

#poem   #poetry   #fire   #desire   #haiku   #burn   #pyromaniac   #literature   #lit   #pyro  

The world of mine is on fire,
gotta be somebody to become a liar,
for a while as you can't head for your desire as you just fall with the last call

#love   #fire   #world   #time   #fall   #hero   #valentine   #shahriyaryazdanjoo  
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
1 day ago

A fire it slowly rages,
as the ember it just,
a c h e s,
a sign of her reminders,
of the long and past mistakes,

In a jar above his mantle,
only ashes of her remain,
a small but stark reminder,
of the love she gave in vain.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Not sad- reflecting
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your amazing support and love!!!
Muah muah!!!xxxxxxxxxooooooooo
#ashes   #poetry   #fire   #pain   #vain  
Sound Of Rain
Sound Of Rain
4 days ago

Not just the blue river of endless desire,
but the stark redness of the burning fire,
eating up the logs; the flames swallowing them,
like what I do to get rid of the dry throat
I get just from seeing you.
You stop in front of me and let your eyes wander
and I look at you as you quietly will me to
do things I've never thought of doing.
You pull my shirt off over my head and our
arms tangle into each other as though we're playing
a two player game of knots. We try to untangle
our hands but instead our legs get involved, and our
bodies are a mess on your bed as I pull your shirt off
over your head. Our breathing flows on in rapid gasps as
if we're scared we'll somehow get so caught up in each other
that we'll forget to breathe.
Your hands on my body as it roams everywhere, stroking every
flaw on my body, and suddenly, they start to feel beautiful. And
like that fire, your touch burns my body, leaving a trail of
tingle wherever you touch, and I knew right then that the
only thing that'll make this burning better is more of that
very same touch.
And maybe I'm a masochist because I like this pain you inflict
on me and I know I can't have you but I can't stop myself
from wanting you.
And I know I might be selfish 'cause this blue river that flows
on, I don't want to share it's water with anyone in this world,
except for you.

#fire   #desire   #lust   #emotions   #like   #confusion   #intense  
Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
4 days ago

The dark, velvet sky envelopes
Us as we lay underneath a sea of stars.
We lay there, quiet as we memorize
Each other's features and souls.
Your eyes are the fire that
Keeps me warm through the night,
Your arms are the home I long for.
Your body wraps around mine
And your heartbeat slows.
Peacefully you drift away
And I fall deeper in love with you.

February 20, 2017.
#love   #fire   #happy   #stars   #night   #sky   #cuddle   #sea   #warm   #pretty  
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
5 days ago

Set me free
Let me breathe
Break these chains
Release my soul

Let me go
Unbind my heart
Sever the lines that cut
The words that break bones

Set me free
Let me breathe
My soul bound in barbed wire
My spirit shackled with blades

My power I will find
My soul I will reclaim
These barbs may stab
These blades may slice

But those I will burn
The chains I will melt
I will breathe
I will be free

Watching you wither
I will blaze
The scent of you scorching
My spirit will shine

As my flame continues
In your ashes I will stand
I will be free!
I will breathe!

~FJ Thomas

#freedom   #fire   #abuse   #power   #burn   #breathe   #uplifting   #phoenix   #bound   #empower  

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain
Hiding the tears that fall like rain.
Saying I'm fine , when I'm anything but,
This ache In my soul rips at my gut.
My skin is on fire, I burn from within
The calm on my face is an ongoing sin.
The world must stay out, I've built up a wall
My fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall.
Loneliness consumes me, it eats away the years
Until my life is swallowed by unending fears.
Waiting for someone to see I wear a mask
And care enough to remove it, is that too much to ask?

#fear   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #fire   #pain   #mask   #hiding   #burn  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
5 days ago

Staring into the unwavering flame on the wick
Of a freshly lit candle, I nearly had a heart attack

Time too, decided to pause, the world grew quiet
And I grew sick in this endless moment.

Why was I so afraid to be stuck in one place,
All because of an unhealthy love for that glow

At the break, she danced across my eyes like
Orange brushtrokes on the setting sun of a canvas.

My heartbeat returns to normal, I breathe in
Letting all my fears burn away into ash.

#fear   #fire   #time   #burn   #arson   #candles   #wick  

Today, I am the feeling of falling, the
jolt of the unrealised last step
on the staircase.

Feel myself sliding
down a sheer cliff
face,   and turning
my face away from
all   of the       hand
holds and foot hold
s that could      save
me the fall.

Below me is the river, the one
you see in films, where the
crocodiles snap and scream and
the waves are shrieking too,
where the jagged, toothed rocks are reaching
up with their barbed fingers,
they pierce the air with vows to catch the fallen
and the hero can't hold on
for much longer.

But even though i try to shape these words into the silhouette of my descent, they only seem a shallow, shadow-shape i cannot make cement; and shadows cannot beat a heart with violent fear and fierce torment as my heart beats.

experimenting with shapes
#fire   #fall   #shadow   #falling   #cliff   #torment   #silhouette   #river   #shapes  
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