Benji Platski
3 hours ago

Ever so gentle, ever so kind
Tender and fragile, so hard to find
Be sure to speak up, but watch your words
With Something so delicate
Like the wing of a bird
Handle with care, this side up
To have this encounter is no mere luck.

You are a klutz, prone to destroy
Speak un-thought words like a little boy
A bull in a china shop is out of line
To be in the presence of something so fine.

You will give the best that you can
But one thing you will never understand
There is no vessel to carry all that is pure
Not large enough to contain all she has endured.

In the presence of God, his power would kill
For my soul is not clean enough for Him to fill
As I am not worthy to speak a hello
To someone so precious, so lovely below
In the depths of her heart, a bottomless pit
She will be safe as I take the hits.
If I am to die let it be for she
the one whose face I am not worthy to see.

Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane
1 day ago

Crystal beads of sweat
It's the beginning of a flood
Their translucence reveals an anguish
That is growing underneath
Causing them to swell
A great heaviness pulls
There is no resistance
They start a lowly journey
Moved in surrender to greater will
As the purest heart crumbles
One drop follows after another
Forming glistening streaks
Along a spotless brow
The tender heart soon shatters
Under the weight of woe
Drops fall to the ground
Like glistening shards of crystal
Where the beads first surfaced
A single crimson drop forms
It slowly paints a stripe
Down that stainless skin
It rolled along the hairline
Over the cheekbone to the jaw
In a moment of uncertainty
It clung there at the edge
With no alternative to release
The final hold was given up
Like a rose petal it fluttered down
Gently landing in dampened earth
Where sweat and tears first fell
At this silent touch of crimson
Broken crystal drops transformed
Color slowly deepening
Dirt glittering with garnets
Each hearts' filth was covered
But their purity had this stain

FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
3 days ago

Thinking about the condemning of a woman in the news for up and leaving her husband and older teenage children...


Growing up alone was not difficult comparison.  
You don't speak of things that happened in that house.

Knowing what neighbors and even family have said despite your innocence stops hurting long before you mature.

You learned to live with the fact that you'll be judged and sentenced based on the decisions and mistakes of the one to whom you've been bound.

You understand, though sometimes in shock, that you've given your entire soul, your very breath to others.
Others who will show no appreciation for the life you have surrendered.

Then after decades of giving, trying to understand why you can no longer hold your head up, it becomes clear.

...what's maddening, what's killing you, is being surrounded by people who've no understanding of you or what you have sacrificed and realizing how truly
lonely you are; while never being able to have a moments peace.

Never think you are alone
                                                     ~FJ Thomas

Cry, scream, break something ...then breathe. Speak your pain even if you feel there's no one to hear you in the emptiness. But think with a calm heart before doing anything.
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
3 days ago

I remember those days when I'd pray it would rain
My heart then a vibrant flower in full bloom
I recall the drops hiding tears from unending pain
Trying to mask the scent of betrayal's perfume

My heart then a vibrant flower in full bloom
She forgave freely without regard for her sanity
Trying to mask the scent of betrayal's perfume
Her petals slowly petrify surrounded by vanity

She forgave freely without regard for her sanity
Though that flower still holds her beautiful pose
Her petals slowly petrify surrounded by vanity
They can no longer get to that perfect stone rose

Though that flower still holds her beautiful pose
I recall the drops hiding tears from unending pain
They can no longer get to that perfect stone rose
I remember those days when I'd pray it would rain

FJ Thomas

Form: Pantoum
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
3 days ago

But tame
Your flame
Within the lamp
Shedding its light
Invite, and arrange
The room, the hearth,
Lace the food with love
Cage your tears with calm
And center yourself on Him
Trust that the words will come
The hearts will open and fear
Will be displaced by truth
Careless of self offer
Effort and intent
Will come in time with patience
Transformation time is near

Inspired by this beautiful prayer :

O my Lord!  O my Lord!  This is a lamp lighted by the fire of Thy love and ablaze with the flame which is ignited in the tree of Thy mercy.  O my Lord!  Increase his enkindlement, heat and flame, with the fire which is kindled in the Sinai of Thy Manifestation.  Verily, Thou art the Confirmer, the Assister, the Powerful, the Generous, the Loving.

Baha'i Sacred Writings
7 days ago

I live in a dying vessel

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All I wanted was to be the lad who
moves the mountains in your life
into the valleys in your Heart.

the lad who wraps the bandage
of joy about your sores of sorrow

I wanted to be an orb of hope that
lights your way through dark times

the road that guides you home
to love you in all ways that
I could, to find you a forever
in every now, to fight your
wars so that you never bruise...

To be your co-driver on this
unpredictable journey of life

To pick up the pieces all
who came before me left
scattered all over the floor

I wanted to be the courteous
palms that hold your hand
and wipe your tears, and though
not so strong, the shoulder
on which to lean

I just wanted
to be yours.

The First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden

Shortly before his death, Jesus goes to the garden to pray for grace and strength. He tells his disciples "Watch and Pray" Jesus enters into prayer so deeply that his sweat is as drops of blood mixing on the ground with his tears. Even in the great darknss and desolation, he finds strength to say: "Let this cup pass before me. But not my will, but as you will it Father."

Jesus tells us as he told his disciples "Watch and Pray". It sounds like a pretty simple task, but it's hard. In the midst of the darkness and despair, Jesus found strength and grace in prayer to his Father. In our darkest times, we can also call on our Father in heaven to sustain us. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane was as the Garden of Eden after the sin of Adam and Eve. Blood was used to cover sin and wash it away. The blood, sweat and tears in the garden are a reminder of our fallen state as well as an example of the Eucharist with blood and water.

We Pray: Jesus, help us to remember that whatever we go through in life, even and especially in our darkest times, remind us of the strength and grace we receive from our Heavenly Father. Help us also remember of your great love for us in your suffering and agony. Even when we fail, when we sin, when we turn away, you are with us. You love us, you forgive us, you run out to us and take us back. You counted up the cost and we are worth it. It cost everything and you paid the price so we wouldn't have to. Nothing we could ever do could amount to what you gave The best I can do is offer my life for you and my neighbor and try to die to myself daily. I am truly and eternally grateful, for by your amazing grace, I have the opportunity to be with you for all eternity. Thank you Jesus!

Would you like me better if I dressed in all pink?
Would you think I was pretty in ribbons and bows?
Would you finally love me if I remade myself?
If I hid my true self and it never showed?

I know that you’d prefer a porcelain doll
But here’s the thing about ceramic masks
Those delicate ornaments seem beautiful-
But they are the ones that are easiest to crack

and yet, for all my brave words, I'm willing to sacrifice myself for more unrequited feelings
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Jan 29

You're 1, you made it past.
You're 10, you made the pass.
You're 20, you didn't pass.
You're 30, that was your past.
You're 40, you walked past.
You're 50, you get a pass.
You're 60, you let it pass.
You're 70, you should pass.
You're 80, and now you're passed.

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