Riverside, CA    1992 -   
pseudo-poet, scapegoat, barfly

lost laureate of yet another lost generation
pseudo-poet, scapegoat, barfly

lost laureate of yet another lost generation
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 14      Sep 16

something reenergizing flows
do you feel it? can you sense it now?
the air carries scent
of optimism, the
faint hint of brighter tomorrows
bells and chimes- rustled gently,
swayed by our Mother Earth's
graceful twirls-
sweet peaceful rhythmic
vibrations in perceivable distance

birds are curious creatures
they sing so beautifully
though their beauty is
known to them
this wind rings in my ears
the birds that are singing
now intertwined with it
their melody has become my own
yet they do not know the soul
they've shown such beauty to
they do not know it any more
or any less than they are
aware of their gift
they just are

and so like the winds
and so like my friends
who gift beauty to grace
the flow of energy
i will be but one
with the breeze & flow,
i will intertwine
so graciously with the gift
i will transcend
                           i will be

appreciation leads to inspiration leads to enlightenment leads to...
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 14      Sep 14

I feel I'm coming down
from your caress
could you be any more
pleasantly malicious?

I feel nails like
rain drops
scratch down my back
yet we've even yet
to get to that

I've not had shivers down my spine
go so incredibly well timed
with the lucrative gaze I  find
effectively consuming mine

I'm coming down now, it's true
though this is no motel bow out
or curtain call

once near severe drought
finds near pleasant
raindrops in the fall

no nicer vice
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 12      Sep 12

Left to wonder where
the feeling comes from

sitting with a turning
stomach, brimming
with last night's
bad choices

I went home
with loneliness again

I wake to see her
turned away from me

Loneliness has been
my constant companion
the one I know
I should be leaving
yet I sit with her in
self-induced exile

I won't ever be
the first to say it
it's in hand and mind
but I won't acknowledge that

where is the voice to whisper
my wishes & give flight
to a fleeting feeling?

where is the softness to soothe
where it hurts?

The stomach pains will go
away as surely as they
will come back again

But my soul suffers open
bitterness keeps sickness
though more so
I need the assurance
the comfort

oh, loneliness,
your hair in bloom
upon the pillow cases

my frail hands are grasping
onto whatever they can
they are losing their grip
on the tangible

loneliness, my love,
why do you turn from me?

Shaking arms longing for
warm body go unsatisfied
they only hold own weaknesses

they cradle nothing more
than what isn't there

feeling something like the weather

feeling something like nothing

"LOL rectify sounds like rectum"

sums up the voice of our generation

laugh out loud; laughing out loud

rectify -
to make, put, or set right; remedy; correct

rectum -
the final section of the large intestine, terminating at the anus
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 2      Sep 2

missing stupid
little things

room for two

I find myself
the littlest

empty words,

sexual favors,

tally marks
of headaches
instigated &

i dream of
willingness to
sit in silence

loving a stranger
who feels every
day like new
kindred spirit

eyes wander
eyes erupt
& emancipate
soul from body

the gentle
my hands

kisses across
collar bones

blissful negligence

I miss it more
than I could ever anticipate

I still don't know

where it all comes from

you were never
anything more
than "there"

a scent makes me
sick with memory
the sea
surrounds me
aural bliss
amidst what's amiss
pounding keys
i'm down on
weakened knees
tones twist
fates mix
yours a mine
I will be fine
in due time
the sound
will be fine

beings around me
fall short of
feeling like
what I once knew

I see beautiful faces
I feel shared laughter
presently palpable longing
intensely do I long

I wish to converse
swap brain waves
mimicking the water

it crashes upon
the flashes of
smiles, teeth
of pearls,
slow connection
with slow hands
to pick the brain of
the flowers pretty
enough to pick

I want to be soothed
with this ocean view
by the voice of one who
moves with the moonlight

one who wears lunar grace
softly around the wrist

I'm wrapped around

the idea of your silhouette
your hair raining
a sensation
skin on skin

sand between
toes between
souls under
brighter than
warning, waning
throughout the night

yet it can't come to be
because like the very
sand I sit on
my insignificance is

a million grains of
what would be
deemed desirable
crash, drip and slip
through your
dainty hands

i'm cast about
from fingertips

I am the very grain of sand
recycled by being
sapped through experience of
unobtainable beauty

waves crash over me
clumped together with the rest
I am of one entity

waves continue
waves will carry me away

waves however misguided
waves will carry me back home

new levels of lonely

new layers of lovely
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