Riverside, CA    1992 -   
Lost laureate of yet another lost generation.

beautiful bastards, the lot of you.
Lost laureate of yet another lost generation.

beautiful bastards, the lot of you.
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
2 days ago

i'm all sorts of inebriated
but you need to know something

i think i love you
and it's funny

i know nothing of you,
you're far above me

but i think about those
words you write,
every day
and every night

how do you do it, dear?
how do you make such
beauty so?

i read my tears
and fears and all

there on the page
in front of me

& your signature
is signed at the bottom

i know nothing of you
but i love you

and i would tell you if
i could

but i have nothing but
this mediocre chorus

drenched in the harmonies
of my heart and mind

and it will forever pale,
always fall short

you are a poet
i am a fraud

yet regardless,
i know only the shadow
of your profile,

& the singular
heart that colors
in the black &
white lines

i love you so
and you need to know

i wonder what would happen

if i had the courage to hit "send"
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Dane Perczak
Dane Perczak
7 days ago      7 days ago

A dime on the floor is dirtier
than a penny on the table
Another race that's only run
By who is young and
Who is able, and
It's hard to differentiate
Who is tied up
in a stable
As all our backs are sore
And our losing legs are shameful, but

Let it not discourage thee, thou, or
There's a faster racer running
Passing, beating without shoes
There is no flag attached
No podium or pew
Just some blood
Some wood and ash
Running through and through

There is a sun
And it rises
Or rather,
The world still spins
We run around it for
Gold and prizes
But our own strength
will never win

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Dane Perczak

Well then
Let's hear it
But Please

Don't say my eyes
Or anything else
Are like the stars

Are they balls of hot gas -
Hydrogen and helium - exploding
in nuclear fusion reactions?
Is this to what you compare?

You blindly mold prose
To things you do not

Surely there is beauty in a star
But not the kind you mean
You are letting Nature and God
Do all the work for you

And Please
Don't compare my hair
To a river flowing-
Or my voice to a Summer's

Yes I'm aware that the moon
Is glowing but
My skin being a cold rock
Is without flattery

Real me in like Shakespeare's
Not the same ten words
In a different dress


Large vague concepts
Attached to my exterior

For it is only the exterior from
Which your words are forming

But your poems have a lot of Instagram likes so what do I know, really

EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Feb 22      Feb 22

a jester for a messenger
such irony fate practices

and as i numb the mind-
less banter of one i would
rather hate, i'm lost in
vague recollection of you

there's nothing special
about a bar
archers with no sense of
aim, arrows falling short
of the mark, passive
sadomasochists drinking
away some sort of pain

you floated around the room
and you knew my name
after the first time i came
around that place nearly insane

i felt memorable

i will remember you

i'd like to think every
little pill stood testament
to that pain you dealt
with every day
you will not suffer
defeat in solemnly
slow decay

there's things you can
explain away and much
more still that you can't
there is no real answer
& that much is only that

you took the pain you
faced daily with graceful
stride and i can't wrap
my head around the fact

but that is only and only that

the veil is softly thrown over
the guiding light that failed

you've created my song

you deserve your rest

life is peculiar

very peculiar
#poetry   #sad   #depression   #pain   #death   #dark   #you   #memory   #elegy   #neorealism  

I made a mistake
I'll say it

You lit up
comfortable darkness

and I traded that light
for one that I knew

without fathomable

would fade into
unforgiving black

you were much too
woman for me anyhow

but it is you
who will keep this
soul from growing

a world of mirrors

I'll be happy with
your reflection

the thought of you
is tangible

in spite of the fairer
of the sexes

there was nothing
artificial about you

I held beauty in
my arms

in spite of what
I thought was ideal

being infinitely out
of longing grasp

thank you
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Feb 17      Feb 17

the obvious tragedy
torment me torment me
light rain to torrent
puddle to sea
it lines up so

these are just some
lines in place of those
I'd rather have led
up my nose
or is it lead?
oh well, who knows
there's sun draping
the flowers that grow

that is what should be
the focus now, those
flowers literally
let it resound
they reach pretty finger
into the ground
embrace the earth
let it resound

the goal is to rise far
above, the putrid petty
pushes and shoves
a pitying glance from
the woman you love
your pride, starved for
romance, worn like
a glove

it's reachable in some
context, though those
roads aren't
illuminated yet
but they lay still
tread-able and you
have able step
light your own way
illuminate yet

it's hard to convey
the meaning, of
this whole mess
feelings and things
I myself don't know
what good it brings
this whole mess
feelings and things

drunk among other things
#poetry   #drunk   #life   #lonely   #thoughts   #things   #other   #among   #neorealism  

I wish to be repulsed by you
like those few angels before
how easily I dismissed their
care, ignored how they implored

I'd give all to be filled with contempt
but you can do no wrong
your judgment and criticisms
in my heart turn into song

the sky won't turn blue in
spite of you, it will slowly fade to gray
there is comfort in the darkness
of the shadows of brighter days

I don't what it is that makes me yearn
for a caress and sure sentence to burn

old school, new flavor
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