Riverside, CA    1992 -    
lost laureate of yet another lost generation

somehow it got easy to laugh out loud
lost laureate of yet another lost generation

somehow it got easy to laugh out loud
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
8 hours ago

I breathe in the ocean waves

The rolling and tumbling of my feelings
Echo the flickering lights above me

Dim and dimmer

Sea breeze sings to me
As the moon cradles me in my
Wondrous lonely

I am within sure embrace;
I am overtaken by the waters

Lights flicker till I can only
Feel dimmest in her moonlight

Do I dream or wake?
Where now has my spirit gone?

Somewhere, out there,
Dancing with the night sky,
Arm to eye, hand to cheek

I lay ever still

The ocean waves breathe me

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i dote on thee

if I had to summarize

Even now I see your face:
That strained yet honest smile,
The deadened twinkle in your eyes
Your deliberate words and style

I've known you for many lives
I felt it in our strolling miles
Brothers for longer than time
I'll see you in a while

I dreamed I would write something Tennyson-esque for you (see "In Memorium A.H.H.). But this is the most I can bring myself to do. Perhaps someday I will be able to write on what you mean to me. Until I see you again, my friend.
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Dec 25, 2016

Astronomical solitude

Pinpointing the proximity
Between you and everyone else

The biting cold the perfect compliment
To the warmth that never felt so lacking

It's the most lonely time of the year

Merry Christmas.
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Dec 24, 2016

I made you something pretty
The only way that I know how

And if only it could but a reflection
Of the beauty you emanate
The earth around would shine brighter than the sun
In the glory of your resplendence

I stabbed my emotions into computer keys

I projected my innermost desires onto a white screen

I shivered in repose as the world outside my window grew colder
And I warmed myself with your memory

I was foolish to think I could convey
The cathartic rush of my soul experiencing your own

There are no words for something so otherworldly
Something from the eternal
Something beyond all reason and limitation

I tried best I could to capture your essence
To crystallize all I'll know of you in poem

But there is no reconciliation with the impossible

That poem is gone and the introspection with it

I'll be the only one who knows how deeply I feel for you

There will never be a sufficient way to explain

"I made you something pretty with my words today
  I heard you gasp because you lacked the words to say
  Something you were feeling in the worst way
  I made you something pretty with my words today"
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Dec 11, 2016

an interesting development
this festering sense of irrelevance
even though all things are irrelevant
and nothing stays the same

there is no real cure for pain
no true shelter from the rain
the hunger and the sadness pangs
the dropping water soaks our brains

and no words can even dare to claim
the glory held within your name
when it's all that i can say
to take the floods and fears away

there's no certainty but touch
whether is soothes or hurts too much
all lives in darkness otherwise
there's no truths beheld in tired eyes

there's no hope but hope for hope's sake
as hard a pill it is to take
but braving the bitter now
makes it easier to wash it down

so heart first I charge the night
with nothing near or dear to hold tight
but with open arms one must charge on
transcribing nightmares into song

so drink and eat and feel we must
in cities accumulating rust
to live and be in uncertainty
and smile in the face of misery

to embrace in unforgiving cold
while time drains the world of soul
there is no secret to our fate
there's no longer a reason to wait

let us be closer, let us be true
lift me up and i'll carry you
for there's not much more we can do
but wither slow and let our hearts burn through

i feel nothing and i feel it all
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EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Dec 9, 2016

I'm higher now because of you
& the lows subside because of you
My feelings are fresh, senses renewed
I woke up smiling because of you

Sunlight is brighter in these eyes
That have since been stolen within your gaze
Music is sweeter, the mundane is song
The air around is charged all day long

Nothing makes any more sense
But the unknown is no longer the enemy
It is an acquaintance of mine
I shake its hand with eagerness

I look to the stars
I confide in the darkness around
In whispering moonlight I hear your voice
I am filled with warmth

Wherever it comes from,
Wherever it's going
Is not for me to ascertain

I only wish to keep this warmth with me
As long as it sees fit to soothe

I only ask you to warm your hands
Interlocked within my own

I long only to learn how well they fit
In between spaces I can create for you

I want you to teach me,
I am willing to learn

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