Riverside, CA    1992 -   
pseudo-poet, scapegoat, barfly

lost laureate of yet another lost generation
pseudo-poet, scapegoat, barfly

lost laureate of yet another lost generation
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
1 day ago

the scent of cold
in the air
pine needles press
sensitive skin

nauseating sentimentality
returns with
wanting to see you again

I've missed the feeling
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Nov 19      Nov 19

loneliness has come once more

the bite in the air
the similar nipping at my heart

with the drop in temperature
comes a lowering of defenses
i am overcome by vulnerability
i feel so many things i've ignored
for half a year or more

why must things be this way?
i'm invigorated by the cold,
i am human in my shivering
in this loneliness there is
love i've yet learned to embrace

just like i feel the air around
you've completely enveloped me
though just as the cold
knows not who she caresses,
you hold no particular favor for me
your embrace will permeate
absolutely and impartially,
it is far too vast for i

i've yet to feel the tingle
of sweet summer on my skin

i've reveled only in winter
now i long for you to let me in

i shiver in my longing
dreaming only of your warmth

there's a certain kind of romance
in the turmoil you've brought forth

i feel that this is only the beginning
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Nov 3      Nov 3

i'd ask for more if
you'd hear me say
things of depth and circumstance
in ways i can't convey

within earshot
i would hear the whispers
from a divine warmth
underneath sheets
near-silent songs
of how you
think you could love me

arms length could
have us close enough
to hear hearts beating
between the both of us

rain storms
bringing closer
rhythmic patterns
with the drops
skin serene
& soft

but impartial is the universe
our minds distractible
our feet hardly
ever on the ground

& these words i write
could never capture
the essence i dream you portray

these miserable hands
that lament loss
of a thing yet even obtained

they don't know how
to grasp gently enough
the hands of grace
& divine warmth

when i feel lonely
i'll conjure your caress

it was time hardly spent
but well spent nonetheless

& i never really even met you

i was emotionally unavailable
You said You would be fine
and settle for my body
while aiming for heart and mind

You just wanted someone near
You're scared to be alone
but darling i've since tamed the fear
it was once all i had known

emotionless, nonetheless
You stayed persistent
with Your rough tenderness

loss of feeling, yet
You took comfort in the tangible
& that inevitably changed
it became something else

now lured into this house
You built for two
with Your dreams in mind

You set ablaze
with me inside
there's no way out that i can find

i was transparent

i am troubled

i was a blank canvas
You painted me in anger
splashes and swipes

you are projecting from within

i am now spite-ridden

i stop & think about the time
You said You would be fine

EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 14      Sep 16

something reenergizing flows
do you feel it? can you sense it now?
the air carries scent
of optimism, the
faint hint of brighter tomorrows
bells and chimes- rustled gently,
swayed by our Mother Earth's
graceful twirls-
sweet peaceful rhythmic
vibrations in perceivable distance

birds are curious creatures
they sing so beautifully
though their beauty is
not known to them
this wind rings in my ears
the birds that are singing
now intertwined with it
their melody has become my own
yet they do not know the soul
they've shown such beauty to
they do not know it any more
or any less than they are
aware of their gift
they just are

and so like the winds
and so like my friends
who gift beauty to grace
the flow of energy
i will be but one
with the breeze & flow,
i will intertwine
so graciously with the gift
i will transcend
                           i will be

appreciation leads to inspiration leads to enlightenment leads to...
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 14      Sep 14

I feel I'm coming down
from your caress
could you be any more
pleasantly malicious?

I feel nails like
rain drops
scratch down my back
yet we've even yet
to get to that

I've not had shivers down my spine
go so incredibly well timed
with the lucrative gaze I  find
effectively consuming mine

I'm coming down now, it's true
though this is no motel bow out
or curtain call

once near severe drought
finds near pleasant
raindrops in the fall

no nicer vice
EJ Aghassi
EJ Aghassi
Sep 12      Sep 12

Left to wonder where
the feeling comes from

sitting with a turning
stomach, brimming
with last night's
bad choices

I went home
with loneliness again

I wake to see her
turned away from me

Loneliness has been
my constant companion
the one I know
I should be leaving
yet I sit with her in
self-induced exile

I won't ever be
the first to say it
it's in hand and mind
but I won't acknowledge that

where is the voice to whisper
my wishes & give flight
to a fleeting feeling?

where is the softness to soothe
where it hurts?

The stomach pains will go
away as surely as they
will come back again

But my soul suffers open
bitterness keeps sickness
though more so
I need the assurance
the comfort

oh, loneliness,
your hair in bloom
upon the pillow cases

my frail hands are grasping
onto whatever they can
they are losing their grip
on the tangible

loneliness, my love,
why do you turn from me?

Shaking arms longing for
warm body go unsatisfied
they only hold own weaknesses

they cradle nothing more
than what isn't there

feeling something like the weather

feeling something like nothing
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