Riverside, CA    1992 -    
lost laureate of yet another lost generation

somehow it got easy to laugh out loud
lost laureate of yet another lost generation

somehow it got easy to laugh out loud
  20h  EJ Aghassi
1 day ago

And I will tell you to live
Not as if it were the last day
But though it were the first

With the same ferocity
That brought you screaming
Red faced and bloody into this world
Kicking and wailing and
Punching the sky with your fists
Damning the devil
And blaming god for it
Ripping the noose from your neck

Because you wanted to survive
To breathe, to cry, to experience
With passion and fire and
Reckless abandon all this earth
Had to offer you in its newness
And endless possibility
To be wild

That is what this is
There is no meaning to this life
But to exit the blackened womb
Every single morning still burning
Charred but born again
From the chaos
With a fury

  23h  EJ Aghassi
Rustle McBride

Somewhere in the Eden,
where man has lost his right to even go,
somewhere in this Garden
man killed all that once did grow.

To prove we are pathetic
we invade lands that have no walls
Claim the land, and all its living
and make them subject to our laws.

Now, the water dark with death,
and the shore line rich with crude,
and its the men who now can't fish
who are the one's so quick to sue.

But, who speaks for the otters?
or the eagles?
or the land?
What attorney represents them
in the unnatural court of man?

Yet, to even just repay them,
for destroying their families, lives and homes?
The best way we could start?
Is just get out. Leave them alone.

On the Exxon Valdez oil spill
#nature   #destruction   #oil   #eden   #exxon  
  3d  EJ Aghassi
3 days ago

My blood doesn't transport nutrients
Or oxygen to my lungs.
My blood transports carbon monoxide,
and worn out love.

#dark   #blood  
  5d  EJ Aghassi
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
5 days ago

I caught the glad eye you gave me by chance,
as I realize I mark the moment  with a  smile,
you, mirth quotient high,caught my eyes as well,
this,  it strikes me is more than mere chance!

It's a warm sunny day I didn't have any plan,
to meet someone like this and fall for her at once.
Life keeps so much unexplained, but we aren't aware
the roots of karma is so long, too tangled to discern.

Swift wind  goes past shaking trees, singing tunes,
ripe fruits get caressed by the wind, some fall too,
fruits of your actions invite you from afar with it's scent,
do your deed and walk on,  fruits will chase you from behind.

I sit and wonder at times, in life what lasts, at the end?
even the fleeting moment effulgent, has  deep  impact,
in a moment of candor you lovingly pat my cheeks,
we forget all else, who we were,  and melt like wax.

Stardust in my bones has music from far away light years,
in your core you still keep a ray of light from long past,
it's effect is a wave in my veins, I feel each  moment,
what lasts is the wave that binds us as one and transcends.

#love   #life   #eyes   #stardust   #wave   #maritallove  

It's almost redundant
When the needle breaks skin

Art creating art
Defined by hair tied-up
And a mastered craft

Deliberate movements
Of a wrist near broken
Through creative necessity

Many strive to create
Most feel obligated
To spread influence

But there is a something
Different, something strange
In the way one endures the pain

It takes to make
A canvas blank transform
Into something more

Only made tangible
By your will and your
Martyred time

There is something
About redundancy

Witnessing art

The creative forces
In front of me

words struggle to describe
#love   #poem   #self   #broken   #pain   #lust   #art   #thought   #creative   #different  
  May 12  EJ Aghassi
Ellie Ann
Ellie Ann
May 10

pitch black night light
screen taps, too bright
eyes squint blink tears
swallow, sigh, hold fears
one sob empty throat
alone, aloof, alone, alive

And I know that when you call
You won't have me at all in mind
And that's fine, that's fine

There are other more
Important things
To talk about this time

You did not ask
For me to exist
And trust me neither did I

So swallow your shallow
To bring that fact to mind

happy birthday 2 me
#poem   #poetry   #life   #death   #thoughts   #silly   #birth  
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