14 minutes ago

Won't you go to someone else's dreams?
Why keep me awake every night
Do you like hearing my screams ?
Do my cries gives you a delight ?
Aren't you bored yet ?
Why not find a different victim?
Just spare me tonight.,
Let me sleep this time.

#dream   #sleep   #nightmare  
Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
2 hours ago

It feels like I'm high,
Don't try to comprehend.

It's a vast sea, a deep ocean
It pulls you in; thoughts
They drown you!
You gasp for breath.
Wide awake,
I plead:

Oh sleep! please come
I'm waiting
for you
My sweet, sweet love,
Let me rest.

Let me catch my breath, and
Please, Oh! Please;
Let it be. Let it be.

Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - The 3rd" (part 3/4)

The second poem, in the Insomnia series, from a total of 4 poems based on the topic of Insomnia, of course.
#poem   #feelings   #poetry   #life   #sleep   #night   #writing   #insomnia  
N H Nabass
N H Nabass
13 hours ago

endless contortion creeping closer
wrists snapping, dead hands reaching
for ankles, thighs, they

slide up to her neck
force down on her lips. a reminder
she is confined to this penitentiary

eyes roll back, swallow their sins
cannot unsee the terror so palpable she
awoke trembling prayers to her god

to rather remain awake for all eternity
than face the grip of guilt that
torments her so, is but feeding

the zombies and letting them grow

The fact that something as temporary as dreaming can illicit such sheer fight-or-flight fear scares the shit out of me.
#poetry   #fear   #god   #sleep   #holy   #nightmare   #insomnia   #evening   #day51  
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
14 hours ago

Stink bugs sit on the toilet seat

Their fat bodies hide in the shadow cast by a bar of soap

Thumping against the mirror, the light bulb

Hiding in cabinets

Waiting for me, dead on counters

#sleep   #angst   #insomnia   #tired   #gross   #horror   #sleepless   #bathroom   #bugs  
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
14 hours ago

I used to go to bed at eight, and wake up at six.

I used to play hopscotch and leapfrog, and believe in magic tricks.

I think I've changed.

It's 2am

The back of my phone is hot

My eyes are burning and tired

My mind is wired


#sad   #sleep   #teen   #growingup   #change   #insomnia   #tired   #phone   #kid  
Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards
2 days ago

I'm not afraid of the darkness
For only in the dark can one truly see the light.
Our eyes will adjust to see the stars painted in the sky at night.
Im not afraid of sleep
For through sleep the body gets a chance to heal.
Reducing the aches and pains imperfection forces us to feel.
So don't feel grief if I slumber awhile
For I shall awake refreshed and new.
Do not feel alone for you don't have to wait long before I come back to you.
Don't shed any tears for I am not lost forever
My story has not ended I'm just on a different chapter.
I fought a good fight and ran a good race all thats happened is I just finished a little faster.

#death   #sleep   #darkness   #grief   #heal  
Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
1 day ago

When did I last sleep?
I do not remember.
I try to recall
Where am I? oh yes!

I'm here. I'm home.

Good, Good. Take a breath.
Take your time.
It happens as such;
Every now and then
Breathe and let it be.

It's an overflowing sea
My mind just can't stop
Spilling fluids, neurons
Firing. Ah! it stopped
I wonder! I think and think.

What was I thinking?
Are you really reading?
Should you read?
Should I write?
Does it matter?

Take a breath.
Let it be.

Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - Back Again" (part 2/4)

This is the first part in a series of poems that I wrote all under the heavy influence of an Insomnia spell, I had a month back or so.
#poem   #poetry   #poet   #life   #sleep   #night   #insomnia  
Ryan Hoysan
Ryan Hoysan
1 day ago

This morning I thought
I had found the girl of my dreams.
And then I woke up.

Turns out, she was just that.
#dream   #girl   #sleep   #her   #she  

Sleep quietly
through the night
let not a troubled thought 
occupy your mind

Dream sweetly
dear one
though a storm might
be raging outside
you need not worry
you need not fret

Nighttime was made
for rest of 
heart and soul 
body and mind

You can face 
the challenges of a new day
upon your waking

But for now
close your eyes
let go
breathe deep
be at peace

For the night
was made for sleep

© Michael Lechner

#peace   #heart   #sleep   #mind   #night   #soul   #body   #rest  
emme m
emme m
1 day ago

i didn’t sleep last night
i don’t know why
feeling empty inside
but i don’t want to cry
i’m looking at the sky
at the starshine
in the morning, at the sunlight
but i don’t know why

#confused   #sleep   #why   #night   #sky   #last   #know   #sunlight   #dont   #starshine  
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