Shaniqua Johnson
Shaniqua Johnson
11 hours ago

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
whispering tender words
cushioning the erratic thoughts within my head.

Sleep sings a sweet lullaby,
resting a gentle hand on my thundering heart.
Be still my love.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that coils itself around my fingertips
Gracing them with a numbing pain.

Sleep sings a soft tune,
that stills my heart until the beat becomes a
thud of the past.

Sleep is gentle and welcomes me to
The life thereafter.

Sleep is sweet, soft and gentle -
Waking up is not an option.

This is a poem taken from my Creative Writing portfolio ' Time is of the essence '
#love   #life   #death   #sleep   #sweet   #song   #soft   #lullaby   #gentle   #tune  
18 hours ago

Slowly I see the sun go down, and I know what's coming . As I sit at the foot of my bed,  I hold my head.  I scream internally.
"LET ME SLEEP! ""LET ME SLEEP! ""LET ME SLEEP! "  I lie down and close my eyes, trying to sleep.  My mind won't let me,  my mind won't let me.  I try my hardest to not think of anything, but my mind continues running around.  I scream internally again
"LET ME SLEEP! ""LET ME SLEEP! ""LET ME SLEEP! "   But my mind don't let me.

#anxiety   #sleep   #brain   #mind   #insomnia  
Regan Collins
18 hours ago

My soul yearns for what I do not have,
And I am most inspired by nightfall.
Father asks why my light remains on until 2am;
He says I’d feel better if I got more sleep.
But I like to speed on the freeway
Until the flashing headlights become blurs,
And I prefer to dance alone in my room in the dark
Than allow my dreams to be made on autopilot
Behind my closed and negligent eyelids.
There are endless things I’d like to do:
Like sing in front of people, and write songs
And novels to be made into Hollywood films,
And a dark-haired boy I don’t know,
But with whom I think I’m in love.
If I learned to be content with what I have,
I’d never feel resentful towards myself
For not being as perfect, polished, and spotless
As I desire every day to become.
But gratefulness is something to be learned,
And I’d rather learn to write stories so profound
That one hundred years from now,
Students in whitewashed classrooms
Will complain about reading them for homework.

#dream   #dance   #sleep   #dancing   #sleeping   #awake   #thankful  
T      A
1 day ago

It's cold and warm but neither really wants to connect which is understandable really who wants to give 100%
so go back and forwards it's rocking horse hopes and flag posted dreams fluttering in the grey breeze named
it's not forgetting to remember,
it's about remembering to forget.

#sleep   #remember   #speed  
Buddy T
Buddy T
1 day ago

bu-dump bu-dump
my heart beats
slow and constant
never stopping
never skipping
the same rate

bu-dump bu-dump
on my chest
I hold my hand
the feeling lulls me to sleep
it's my music
my reassurance

bu-dump bu-dump
I know I'm alive
I know I'm beating
I can feel it through me
I count the time why my beats
my heart beats

Julia Mae
Julia Mae
2 days ago

all of those lonely times where i crept down to the couch to sleep,
though you were lying in bed next to me
yet you weren't actually there
and i couldn't sleep
next to a body that no longer wanted me

title taken from "swim down" by moose blood.
#love   #lonely   #pain   #alone   #sleep   #hurt   #you   #sleeping   #loneliness   #unwanted  
Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
2 days ago

I have never felt so sick in my life.

Eating feels like a necessary torture, and sleep feels like an unwanted evil.
Stuck in the same cycle of waking up feeling disgusting, and not wanting to sleep because the longer I stay awake, the better I feel.

But even I can't stay awake forever.

But I try, God knows I try.

So I still live in these infected clothes in this infected house and I can't help but wonder where the hell my conscience went.

I feel weak every single day, and I can only hope that this week...

Can change everything.

So if I'm crying out to the TV watchers and the music citizens. To my best friends... some of which who won't even talk to me...

Help me.

I can't wake up tomorrow thinking that this will not pass us by like the sickness it is.

Or was...

But if somebody else is crying out, I will drop this sickness like a ton of bricks and run to wherever they are.

I won't feel sick if somebody needs me there.

So I can put a lock on the medicine cabinet. Not because I won't be able to pry myself away from it, but because I will believe with the entirety of my whole body that I don't need anything.

My family is made up of some of the strongest people on this planet.

I will not be an exception by any means.

So maybe I can wake up as a medical zombie, filled with my own drop dead weight.

I am tired.

But not tired enough.

Unlike the first wave of sick.
This one cannot be cured by any amount of overdue sleep.

Why do you think I write into the abyss of every night?

Because there is nothing more for me to gain from saying that I am helpless.

So I won't...

Wake me up when it's all over.

And then I can live again.

Time to live like you have something to gain.
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis
3 days ago

I want the life I once had,
waking up to the warm smell of coffee in the morning.
With my tired brown eyes gazing up at you from the bedsheets.
And your smile just makes everything in the world seem right again.

I want the midnight feasts, sharing stories,
And me falling asleep on your chest
And just listening to you heart race in my ear.

I can fall asleep now, I'm not so frightened of the dark anymore,
But I sleep on your side of the bed, so I don't end up looking over before I go to sleep expecting to see you there.
So I stop dreaming I'd woken up before you in the morning when in reality you left a long time ago.

I know we can't be together.
I know I can move on, be with someone new.
But I'd rather live my whole life alone than share it with someone who isn't you.

The truth behind the truth is,
I don't want to move out of this bed.
I just want to fall asleep,
and be with you,
even if it's just in my head.

But now I'm awake again.

#love   #sad   #heart   #sleep   #happy   #memories   #dreaming   #you   #missing   #felt  
4 days ago

Sometimes I want to float out my bedroom window;
Past the unkept yellow bungalow,
Past the fir trees and the winter carcasses of rose bushes,
Past all the street lamps and their glow.
It's time to go.
I feel tired and torn and the soles of my shoes are worn.

#pain   #death   #sleep   #away   #help   #high   #float   #torn   #bedroom   #yound  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
4 days ago

Sleep my child
Please do not fear the monsters outside
You will live to see another sunrise
I promise

Don't hide from the darkness
It can't hurt you

And let your lucid dreams take you to somewhere we do not know
I'll be here
And I'll greet you again by the morning

Because the world will protect you
And you're safe until morning
The sun will still shine for you like the smile you always have

Like a mother loves her child
And know she does love you

From the world for a few hours
Let it take care of you
Because we all need time to refresh out mind

Drop your shoulders and open your fists
Allow your mind to go blank and

Because if you don't
The sun will no longer be as bright to me
The world won't be safe

Just sleep
And know that the world will still be here in the morning
Your eyes will open and your body will move again

You're safe
Just breathe in this moment and



Allow yourself to sleep
And wake up tomorrow knowing you are loved
You are alive
Breathing, living, loving
Living in your dreams
And building a world you want to love

A world where you sleep
Knowing the world will protect you,
That there are people who love you
And knowing that you'll release another breath come morning

So sleep, my darling
And dream

This goes out to all the thanatophobiacs who turned into insomniacs because of their fears. Just remember to breathe
#love   #friends   #sleep   #dreams   #breathe  
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