Wyatt R
Wyatt R
5 days ago

How do I keep getting people to look at
the same things written over and over?
I only flip the words a little bit every time.
I guess my creativity's run out and gone dry,
I'm a has-been who hasn't been called out yet.
Longer I write, the more I look like a lazy politician.
Keep hearing me talk while I make no action.

Typing's even cheaper than talk. Pennies to dimes.
#no   #dry   #same   #creativity   #lazy   #politician   #has-been  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

You took something from me,
something you were not allowed to take.
You walk around like it was nothing,
when it was everything.
Your carefree persona provokes me,
you gave me nothing not to care about.

All you gave me was fear, anxiety, worries and doubts.
All you did was make me lose my trust.
All you were was just a demon,
a demon disguising yourself as an angel,
to get what you needed.

you didn't care the outlook,
you didn't feel my pain,
you just felt your urge,
your urge to release your sperm.

You lied to me in my most vulnerable state,
to get what you wanted and not what I wanted,
when I suddenly said no,
you took it anyway,
because demons don't listen,
demons don't care,
for demons ''no'' doesn't count,
demons call the shots.

I hope you're happy,
because I am not.

#fear   #depression   #pain   #sadness   #anxiety   #demons   #no   #rape   #injustice  

My mind wanders,
As my body longs to stay put,
To sleep,
Load the batteries up

My depression stops by to say hi,
Remind me of everything hard,
Tells me I'm not good enough,
That nothing matters,
Or make sense anyway

As I try to close my eyes,
Forget the pain,
And break through the chain,
I'm chained so hard that I can't get through...

I can't breathe properly,
I can't close my eyes,
I can't relax,
I can't smile

All I can is cry,
Feel hopeless,

"What's the point?" goes on repeat in my head,
I try to make it stop
But it won't shut up,
It won't leave me alone.

It makes me wonder how you know,
How you can,
And why you always want to bring me down.
You come to me in my weakest moment,
When I can't escape,
When there's nowhere to hide,
Noone to hug,
Noone to confide in.

Why do these moments never stop?
Why will it continue in an evergoing everlasting loop?

You tell me there is so much to live for,
As I try to see it,
Try to break free,
The chain holds me captive in my own negativity,
It feeds me just more and more,
Till everything I see, feel and hear is darkness,
Everything I breathe is poison, everything I eat is death and everything I drink is blood.

Only love can save me now,
But then again, what is really love?
What is love? Real love?
How do you know?
"If you know, you know" they say
But is it for everyone?

These are the nights that murder my being,
The nights that make me lose all hope I ever collected,
The nights that make me lose my will to survive,
The nights that kill me.

I have had better nights and probably will,
If not these nights take over,
Then I don't know if I'll be able to see the light
that awaits in the other end,
Because when all you feel, see, hear is darkness, how can you imagine to feel, see, hear the light?
And how can you be able to wait when your current state is unbearable?

Tonight I just can't sleep,
I can't shut off and dream,
I can just lay awake and feed on misery,
Just one of those nights...
Those nights that are all dark,
not just because the sun is gone,
But hope and all life too.

I need someone to come save me from the darkness.

Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
7 days ago

It's when the morning gray
bleeds into my eyes through blinds
that the night concedes
to day, officially
Under the bare cover
through dead trees, slice power lines,
growing, connecting
meats virtually
It's with the rising steam
from porcelain go all dreams
Coffee will run through you
fast as the day
When the light is on,
we're finally done
Words will not come
Words will not come

#sleep   #coffee   #day   #night   #insomnia   #no   #distant   #motor   #leaf   #blower  
WJ Thompson
WJ Thompson
7 days ago

The question respirates
the acrylic aperture
behind the eardrum.
A responsive tongue to the palate
taps out the consonant.
But before the note descends
with musts in the glass-
The cathartic statue
refracts the
synapses stretching
to grant a
minuscule autocracy.
Already charting north,
fingers fluently gather
ego between the
sundered reverb of the vowel.
Already twisting key,
pressing restive feet
to acquiescent gasoline.

Working on my vocabulary.
#question   #no   #abstract   #yes   #conversation   #gas   #keys   #autocracy  

No one ...
only you  ...

if all women's fell ...
in front of my eyes ...
as the the rain ...
if they all runs ...
as the rivers ..
in front of me ...
will never any of them ...
to get my attention ...
no one will get to seduce me ...
no one will fill in my eyes ...
no one will get up with my heart ...
even if they were the greatest poets ...
because you are the poem...
which i write always ...
and live within all my life ..
through all my dreams ...
and keep hoping ...
with every day ...
day by night ...
just to get you ...
here with me ..
into my world ...
to be the poem to my life ...
and the great lady ...
whom fill up all my heart ...
and fill in my eyes ...
while no one could do ...
only you ...
you whom i loved ...
from so long years ..
and keep on this love ..
and will do ...
only for you ...

so please all ladies ...
women's world ...
i have no heart for you ...
i just get a one heart ...
and it's only for her ...
only her ...
and no one has a place ...
into my heart ...
only she ...
whom i adored ...
and still do ...

hazem al jaber  ...

#you   #one   #no   #only  

I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my mind
went blank
at the sight of a seductive
white paper

I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my mind
was abandoned by
its muses
leaving cobwebs
but taking away
all sense
of inspiration

I have never felt
the cold chills
of loneliness
until my heartbeats
beat for no one
but for a

#poem   #poetry   #sad   #life   #lonely   #inspiration   #no   #trigger  

I do pray for something but
in the end, nothing comes
I fight the urge while waking
through the tepid days,
that I deserve the specific
happiness of feeling hand
and mouth to skin
The wish,
ceaseless, I crave nothing more
And I
do pray for nothing so
in the end, all is dust

In the end, I
Means altogether nothing
Baptize me with water, then
Waste washing downward from heaven in rain

Ascetic by accident, boiling over
Up from down below
#prayer   #in   #i   #heaven   #wish   #no   #dust   #team   #ascetic  

As I floated in the darkness,
trying to find any trace of  consciousness,
I let relief wash over me,
as I realised I was dead.

There was no more work,
no more traffic,
no more bickering family,
no more waking up.

No more listening to a fool give their opinion,
when the truth's begging to be said,
no more offended peoples,
who are hurt by a breath.

No more listening to my faults be told,
by being yelled at in the face,
no more worrying,
about any shred of "fate".

Then I realised I was thinking,
which the dead do not do,
and I felt the depression, the stress,
come back as life dragged me into existence.

#life   #death   #stress   #no   #relief  

stupid girl is me.

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