Matthew Washington
Matthew Washington
19 hours ago

There came a love of truest and fair,
In a town I came to know,
A girl my heart she did bear
With a love that filled my soul;
To her, I would give my life
Without a single doubt be told.

She sat gracefully upon a lonely bench
In this town I came to know,
I adored her more than life itself
As her beauty lit a-glow;
And her essence came from a heavenly place
As she laced her grace of snow.

Her beauty spreads across the skies,
In this town I came to know,
Spreading love about her goes,
To nurture my love and grow;
So that the abundance of my burning passion
Can murmur and run, just as the rivers flow;
And to an end my dream will come
In this town I’ve come to know.

Her raging light, blazing bright,
Lit my heart a-glow,
For its power completes the monarchy
In this town I came to know,
And binges across the galaxies, spreading love,
To and fro.

I call to her spirit beckoning songs,
For my love to her I must show,
And my passion I must show,
Before my dream is just a dream
And my soul sinks below;
She is the dream of love I dream
In this town I came to know.

She too knows of me and the love inside that grows,
In this town I’ve come to know,
The sun never settles caressing the red rose peddles,
In this town I’ve come to know,
The birds will chirp a sounding song of mirth,
To the heavens above till love gives birth
To a love packed passion as all men know
The love that was found
In the town I came to know.

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Kevin Cote
Kevin Cote
1 day ago

if i lived in a world where dinosaurs roamed
as beasts of enormous size,
i would be a fern.
and if you lived within this world
and drank from the purest springs,
we would never meet.

if i were a cake of velvet frosting
with many layers to make my shape,
filled with jelly of dark fruit
preserved beyond their days,
you would cringe at my appearance
and never know my taste.

if i remained myself,
and you remained as you,
we would be these things,
and know not what to do.

#love   #desire   #cake   #circumstance  
1 day ago

I know you've been yelling at him all night, oh girl, you're here because I've been doing it right.
But I'll pretend like I've no clue so just wrap your legs around my waist and we can keep going till his memories hit you.


#love   #poetry   #sad   #life   #desire   #pain   #reality   #new   #longing   #forever  
Sound Of Rain
Sound Of Rain
2 days ago

Not just the blue river of endless desire,
but the stark redness of the burning fire,
eating up the logs; the flames swallowing them,
like what I do to get rid of the dry throat
I get just from seeing you.
You stop in front of me and let your eyes wander
and I look at you as you quietly will me to
do things I've never thought of doing.
You pull my shirt off over my head and our
arms tangle into each other as though we're playing
a two player game of knots. We try to untangle
our hands but instead our legs get involved, and our
bodies are a mess on your bed as I pull your shirt off
over your head. Our breathing flows on in rapid gasps as
if we're scared we'll somehow get so caught up in each other
that we'll forget to breathe.
Your hands on my body as it roams everywhere, stroking every
flaw on my body, and suddenly, they start to feel beautiful. And
like that fire, your touch burns my body, leaving a trail of
tingle wherever you touch, and I knew right then that the
only thing that'll make this burning better is more of that
very same touch.
And maybe I'm a masochist because I like this pain you inflict
on me and I know I can't have you but I can't stop myself
from wanting you.
And I know I might be selfish 'cause this blue river that flows
on, I don't want to share it's water with anyone in this world,
except for you.

#fire   #desire   #lust   #emotions   #like   #confusion   #intense  

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Here is the poem of the title...


My lower lip swells gently
Like a rose in bud after a summer shower
I have what I
need, I am ready to be opened
I am opening already
And inside, an invitation
That can only be read by


Oh, I came
Here ripe and ready as
the swollen summer moon.
On a sweet, still moment
our fates linger, waiting
On a pregnant, prescient pause.
Quiet, comes the
Quivering storm.

#love   #desire   #loss   #longing  
M Harris
M Harris
3 days ago

Electric Fire
Liquid Desire

Purged Mists
Lost Restrains

My mind was born in dark abysses
From destructive rebellion inside of me
I see the world in colors of traitorous death
I can feel a brotherly hand of the devil

I've thrown off the shackles, shackles rounded by the thorn
I've killed the weakness, weakness designated to commoners

The covenant signed in childish ignorance
Broken as a fruit from paradise garden
I've entered the palace of free hellish elites
Living behind a grey, wormy nest

I've cut the umbilical cord, an umbilical cord filled with venom
I've thrown away my memories, cursing all the past.


#desire   #memories   #mind   #grey   #venom   #mist   #crystals   #nest   #restrains   #covenant  
Dawn of Lighten
Dawn of Lighten
4 days ago

The heavens stood in blue,
Just as water mirrors it's hue,
And ocean dawn reflects the sky anew.

Time and stars light the darken space,
As if catching illumination with our pace,
But hands reach out to finish the race.

Race without a face in the life of maze,
Remembering the face upon your gaze,
A sincere warm smile that would haze.

Heart's tug of war,
The unspoken lore,
And it's forgotten core.

Yearning for two voices to weld
In solidarity beats would of held,
And united minds would meld.

The one way ticket always looking back,
But struggles to find the words to pack,
And in honest words it seems to lack.

Trying to piece every sense
Why miss your presence,
Trying to understand your essence.

Hands stretched,
Mind etched,
I seek only upon thee.

Wanting is a desire,
But desire is unwanting,
The truth of unrequited.
Xoaquín Oznian
Xoaquín Oznian
5 days ago

Lay down for me baby
Spread your legs
Let me get you off
Let me lick that pretty pussy
With my tongue I'll melt all of your worries away
The way my tongue is sliding up and down your slit
I see that it has your body slightly shaking
I'll have you crying rivers of pleasure
Thicker than the ocean that your pussy is about to become
Just let me add a little bit of pressure to your clit
You like the way that feels?
Well I like the way you moan and toss my hair
I slide one of my fingers into your butthole
You let out a sudden but sexy little gasp
I start fingering your sexy, tight little butthole
You moan louder as you squeeze my head like a stress ball
As I continue to lick your pussy
And that's when you cum so intense, so fast, so hard
All I can do is sit there and stare deep into that pretty crevice between your legs as I bask in the after effects of my work
I then finish the job by softly kissing you along your inner thighs and give you one more deep, wet kiss on your pussy as I close the gap with a trail of kisses across your hips

#desire   #sex  
Xoaquín Oznian
Xoaquín Oznian
5 days ago

Your lips they felt so nice
They felt so fucking nice
As you pressed them against my neck
You gave me a deep, wet, intense, sexy, little kiss
My gosh I love the feeling of them
The way your lips trailed
Slipping and sliding
Up and down
It made me moan uncontrollably
The power of your lips... Oh fuck
They fucking turned me on so fucking much
Especially when you hugged me so tightly and intensely as if you didn't want to let me go
It amped things up even higher
I lost my breath in the moment
And my heart stopped for a few seconds
Damn baby you know just what I like
I just wanna squeeze and suck those sexy titties of yours
I love how your nipples grow erect to my touch
Makes me feel like a man
Makes me feel special
Fuck... I....
I want more....
(licks lips)
Come here baby

#desire   #sex  
Tamanna Gogia
Tamanna Gogia
5 days ago

I feel like jumping, in your arms.
Into the pools of desire that your eyes are.
Your beautiful, soulful eyes that make me look at myself in the mirror,
A few seconds longer than usual.
I want to jump, at every opportunity life ever awarded me with.
To grab it and seize the best before anyone blinks.
I want to dive, whilst I can,
In a room full of balloons,
Burst a few while I am at it and laugh endlessly at my childish behavior.
But I can't.
I don't want to, anymore.

And here I stand, with a swollen face.
Eyes that have jumped deep into a tear pool before any slumber engulfed them.
Heart that has long forgotten to skip a beat.
Legs that have forgotten to sprint behind friends in a tickle battle.

I stand here, ready to jump.
From the edge of end into the waters of another world.
Will the other world give me what I crave for.
I'll have to jump and see.

#desire   #pool   #depth   #jump  
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