It's summer I know,
Yet my soul is frozen cold,
Oh how juxtaposed.
Yet I've found some burning coals,
In an abandoned coal mine.

It was the three of us
In a booth
In the V.I.P.
Her pussy in my face
Your ass ferociously squeezing and sliding up and down my dick
And her touching and stroking my legs
I had such a fun time
I felt like I was in sexual heaven
As she kept riding my face with her pussy
As you kept riding my dick with your ass
I couldn't help but moan into her pussy
As you continued to pleasure my cock so intensely
While she continued to rub my body
I felt so much pleasure from all over
I was about to cum
Never felt pleasure quite like that
And on top of that I had a 5th of pineapple Ciroc
Oh the feels
Oh the fucking feels...

#desire   #sex  

You make my dick so hard
All the fucking time
You make me moan
You make scream
You make me cry
You make me feel free
I never have to worry
About anything with you
I can be my dirty, freaky, nasty, sexual self around you
When me and you talk our conversations get so intense
Things get heated so quickly and we end up getting off so fucking much
Our bodies speak to each other on a level I have never felt before
You make my soul beg for more of your sweet, sexy words
Keep giving me what I want
And I'll keep giving you what you want
Keep turning me on
And I'll keep turning you on
Don't stop
And I won't stop
Let's continue to be sexually free together

#desire   #sex  

So much excitement fills my body
When we sext
Looking at photos of your beautiful, naked body
Makes my cock want to explode
So much pre-cum around the head of it
Your skin is so flawless
The shape of your curves just drives me wild
I think about touching, licking and sucking them
and fucking every orifice of your body
Until a waterfall of pleasure erupts
From between your tan, sexy thighs
It looks like home to me
A very, warm, wet pleasurable home
So let me bring unspeakable pleasure to you baby

#desire   #sex  
2 days ago

Now in the darkest nights when i think about it
He was never mine
but he never was hers too.
He only belonged to his desires and anyone and everyone who was willing to fulfill them

#love   #sad   #desire   #lust  
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
2 days ago

It is called 'The Painting'
& begins with a line
containing the word

which made me think of charcoal,
which then led to the drawings
composed by students
when I modeled
in art school,

& then the poem goes on
to speak of
'a delicate lock of blond hair'

& I picture the fair-haired girl
who I never spoke to
but whose shy & inviting smile
haunts me now,

& I wonder how it might have been,
our friendship.

2 days ago

bury me with the shameful ashes of our past
drown me with your passionate kisses and whisper me that we'll last

take the one last innocent glance
before i drink the liquory glass

i'm on ceasefire
so ready to conspire
baby, hold me tighter and
share me your drunkful desires

#love   #drunk   #desire  
3 days ago

I want to learn your secrets;
hear the things you've never told;
reach inside and prod your mind,
burn the things that make you cold.

I wish to know your dreams,
those that keep you awake;
peak inside and try to find
a way to give your worrisome mind a break.

I need to know your sins,
the ones you're ashamed to speak;
hold your hand, comfort them away,
reassure you that they don't make you weak.

I hope to know what haunts you
in the silence of your days,
do you think of me, do you think of her?
What words do you wish you could unsay?

I yearn to know your desires,
fetishes that make you tick;
grasp your heart, feel your skin,
discover the way our bodies click.

I crave to love your soul
in all the ways a person could;
hold your fears, kiss your tears,
adore you the way a lover should.

#love   #desire   #tears   #hope   #thoughts   #hold   #spilled   #hearts   #fears   #yearn  
Iris Madden
Iris Madden
4 days ago

barely conscious
out of me,
A lost of grounding
to bind me to these moments
as i take my daily walk through dreams
past the present,
past all focus
and soon I'm lost
and where is Me?
time and time again
half-finishing thoughts
while starting another,
the memories are hardly grasped
through the fog
of this unexplainable crippling
of mind, of me
as every present moment
becomes the past
no sooner than your hand
has left the first trail down my curves,
maybe your eyes
will fill the blotches
become a cure
and help me focus,
I'll soon be longing
to grasp your fingers
and remember the feel
of their smooth calluses,
relieve the burn in my chest
from the lack of your breath
blowing gently against my face
as you claim my lips,
maybe you'll save me this time
maybe you'll save me...

*"Don't let me fall through, as I crash into you"
-"Crash" by Great American Canyon Band*

Stay with me, somehow,
and see the world as I see it,
pretty and dreary,
though more dead than alive,
and squint your eyes into the sizzling desert,
riddled with hollow bones,
and look further to the flowering cacti;
then maybe you would see me reflecting back
in its fruit and know that it is my life;
I tempt death's grip,
but he cannot reach one so destined to survive
regardless of such extremes of hot and cold
or of such arid landscapes,
but I musn't sip at the clouds searching for water,
and maybe I'd admit I've tried,
so stay with me, somehow,
and discover me for yourself.

okay so maybe I am in a bad state but at least I haven't died yet
#self   #desire   #stay   #me   #free   #begging   #reflection   #myself   #with   #plea  
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