Glenn Currier
Glenn Currier
2 days ago

Dragonfly lights on the lily  
her veined wings translucent
morning sun on the shimmering dewy grass
seeps through seducing my eyes
drawing me in to this delicious glory.

Looking at a stained glass dragonfly plant decoration in our garden room I was reminded of one of my favorite poetry books, Ode to Common Things by Pablo Neruda who is one of my all time top poets.  He could inhabit the essence of a chair to make you think you were friends if not intimate with it.
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Not a poet.
Not a poet.
Not a poet.
And I know it.

I wrote this last year... I think I had some poetic problems.
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
3 days ago

Needs to be done to be something
But if not done it will be nothing
It could be everything
If only you'd start writing
And the words would fall into place
Leading down to anything


Whatever your heart wants most in life...

The kind of things that you do not get
Which might just depress or even make sad

Whatever your heart can desire like this
It couldn’t possibly have

Which is why in the first place
Your blasted, bloomin, beggin heart
Most definitely wants but cannot have
Whatever it is it’s desires so bad

And you don’t have to quote me when I say that
Just go ahead and trace one of your heart-strings back
To the unwinding thing which you couldn’t have

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I'm just a working man writing the way I saw it done in a movie
It's time to end the day but my brain has only started waking up again
I look forward to a long walk in the neighbourhood and making connections, imagining the families in each house and how they built it.

Metaphors fill the imminent twilight, the ever-succumbing day settles into the boring dark. It is boring because I enjoy the dying but not yet dead sun even when it's not really struggling at all with any fight of the earth's rotation, it just is as it was and will be until I am long gone.

© Johan Nel 2017.03.06
May 14, 2016

Party: Republican
Fav. Food: bleach
Girlfriend: your mom
Job: illegal dolphin trafficking
Birthday: 40,000 chromosomes ago
Fav. Musician: israel kamakawiwo'ole
Real name: Mickey Mouse
Fav. Game: battletoads for PS4
Fav. Actor: Bill Cosby
Fav. Number: 666
Fav: Movie: sex tape of your mom and my friend, Carl.
Fav. President: Not Obama, that's for sure.
Fav. Gun: one that Obama doesn't take away from me.
Fav. Car: not a Subaru

Your mom says hi by the way.

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By Arcassin Burnham

Your love for me,
Is not right for me,
I could see our dreams,
floating into little pieces,
You need to be,
Away from me,
I don't want to
The epitome,
of your love that is not right for me,
I don't want you to fight for me,
You're just a memory,
Get off of me,
Your the past to me,
Please understand my plea,


No future is upon us nor has God even spoken,
About the ones who made it,
Only a few have been chosen,
I'm talking about the rapture honey,
I'm not a scientist,
If you pay me enough I'll be your personal

are you listening
is there something in your mind
the skies are clearly brightening
love we're running out of time.

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Feb 26

I believe
with such remains
along with the slothful mellowness that follows
they’ll soon hatch into whirls of wild,
endless, livable things
one that might calmly keeps burning
but warily, coats the skin
shifting my cold feet to a mild surface
as I attempt
to simply walk my own mess
as softly as possible
before they start to starve me over
in their pockets


Do I have some things to say
Sex is just sex
Hanging out is just hanging out
Sex is not hanging out
Hanging out is not sex
Do I have some things to say
There is so much so I'll just say...
The world can be a sexiest place
But maybe one day
This day
Will live to tell the day

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It is crazy to think about...
that will never happen again.
When I sit down to contemplate,
there are so many surprises
inside of me;
it startles me,
but then later on,
on the outside,
I am never surprised,
while others sit in wonder,
because they never took the time
to think
about things.

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