Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
18 hours ago

They ran through the cold fog;
hearing nothing, seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

I watched them with keen eyes
as they clambered through the haze
which once stopped us in our tracks.

The mist turned to rain as a river
formed beneath them and took
their souls of youth away from them,

And as they cried in fear,
I breathed in the cold fog;
hearing nothing, seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

~~ Numb. ~~
#fear   #pain   #loss   #dark   #hear   #blind   #cold   #sense   #feel   #see  

I was silly to think that maybe there was something
here and I was enough for you.
My poor, numb heart needed someone
and I thought you could be the firefly
to thaw me, but now I only feel
the stupidity of my actions,
of how unapologetically I pursued you
with so much blind hope.
I waited. I waited and waited
and boy, did you have me fooled,
because I thought you were going
to wait for me too.

~~ You have humiliated me. ~~
#love   #lies   #sad   #heart   #eyes   #stupid   #loss   #relationship   #breakup   #feel  

God made each and every one of us into Genuine precious diamonds.
Then delivered us to earth to stand out as his creation.
Knowing that the earth was evil he made us beautiful;and Strong as the lord wants us to be.
To stand out as difference to the world to shine the light of his glory through the son.
The earth began to grow with in  us  with minerals,dirt and mud made up by evil trying to turn us into its own creation.
and to convince us we are just dirt that belong to the earth and nothing more; also to distract gods propose of life.
Over time we got so used to belonging to the world we forgot who made this ball of battleground; we began to only see what the world see’s us as. but the world lurks with evil.
we saw the world as it is and not what it could be.
We began to see only  what evil had told us,
and convinced us of.
so we forgot our father who created us and let doubts run through our spirits.
  We Slowly started to forget we were priceless diamonds and treasures of god.
and began to let people who seam to have more wealth in false success walk on us.
  and eventually for people to be so focused on them selves in this world they lost sight on the real idol.
  because they didn’t see as god did because evil took over there eyesight,
Evil convinced us of what we weren’t and was only their to bring us deeper and farther into the mud to be blinded of gods  true perpouse for us. God only wants to unburry us &lift; us up to be shown of what we really are again “Diamonds” and to be baptised washed and cleared off of all the mud on us that the world has thrown at us.
he want’s us to bring light for the hidden diamonds thats are still stuck in the mud;
and to recognize each other as precious diamonds of god and  not of mud or a stain that left a mark.

Only evil fills you with doubt and tells you what you aren’t the devil in greek is accuser.  God is always there to tell you what you are and can be.
He’s trying to Defeat the purpose of gods work.
What would a this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
If more people would stop stepping on what they thought was dirt and would think;

“ what does god think? is this dirt I’m stepping on or  are they actually diamonds of god that I’m being told aren’t worthy?  Is evil causing me to walk a life of judgments?,
Am I unknowingly  listening to evil and convincing people they are nothing more then dirt on this planet?
  evil has put wrong upon my eyes, I need to walk for god or am I walking against him.”

What would  this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
It would be tremendous but horrible for the devil… Because he would have to give up Every one would realize he was a liar and that they were diamonds of god all along.
He would be losing and god would be winning.
This would be the cure every one’s eyes would be filled with love and acceptence of each other and the eyesight of evil would disappear.
God wants you to represent him. he want’s  to tell you that you may look like dirt to evil ,
but you are in fact a valuable unique gem he made strong under pressure to be a soldier.
He want’s you to go into the world to convince people of him.
He want’s you to be a soldier  and if a mans down don’t convince him theres no hope but bring him with you to the other side. To love

and to shine a light of hope for  a hopeless world and be the cure that victims of evil still suffer by.

please give me some feed back on your views! much would be appreciated. Enjoy! <3
#love   #depression   #world   #hope   #friend   #real   #light   #jesus   #feel   #relax  

You are,
               what you feel.
You are,
             what you think.

But you
                    change how you feel by changing what you think-

I think.

Do you agree?
#change   #think   #feel  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 18

Lighter, flames,
Another ounce of nicotine in me,
And you're the one to blame,
For the way my heart feels,

And I crave for more of it,
The way it burns in my lung,
I won't care of the demise I'll meet,
Its the one thing I understand,

See you're just like nicotine,
Both suck the life out of me,
But at least with a cigarette I'll be,
High for a while and stress free,

It kills I know,
But so is the milk from which you could choke,
I'll die, yes I know,
At least I'll know its my fault,

#die   #you   #me   #feel   #blame   #nicotine   #fault  

I feel homesick for a place that doesn't exist.
I am homesick but I am at home.
Why am I homesick in my own home?
Where will I stop feeling homesick?
Everyone else feels safe at home.
When will I stop feeling homesick?
Do I even need a home?

#home   #need   #stop   #safe   #sick   #exist   #feel   #place   #homesick   #everyone  

tell, how you feel
they said
so I did
and you got mad

it’s worth to try
they said
nothing to lose
if it’s the end

love doesn’t rust
they said
it can’t be true,
cause yours is dead

#love   #end   #breakup   #try   #feel  

I had to call the cops on my ex-boyfriend last Thursday:

Stop looking at me like I did something to you.
I have campus police on speed dial, if you do not leave, I will call them.
You need to stop pretending like I did something wrong to you.
I am dialing the number right now.
Look at me. Look at me! Stop looking at me like you're a victim! I didn't do anything wrong to you. I don't deserve this.
Look, it's ringing. You need to leave.
First, you need to stop looking at me like I did something wrong to you.
No. Leave.
Look at me!

You feel a special kind of guilty when you have a stalker. You don't want to believe that someone you ever loved would to this. You really don't want to believe that someone you were ever intimate with, or someone who has pictures that you painted for them in their room would do this to you. You don't want to feel vulnerable. And you really don't want to feel that every few seconds, you need to be looking over your shoulder for them. You just want them to leave you alone.

This is pretty personal, but whatever.
#feelings   #boyfriend   #leave   #stress   #feel   #phone   #crime   #stalker   #stalking   #campus  
Mar 10

My blood is pulsing
her blood.
it's pulsing, hot and hard.
she's screaming and only i know why.
i wanted to make her stop, but i can't.
she's hurt, i know that.
i feel her hurt, i feel her hear shattering.
i am her.
but it doesn't feel like it.
it doesn't feel like me.
no matter how hard i close my eyes
im still me.
im still her.
im still here.

#heart   #hide   #cry   #scream   #blood   #her   #me   #feel   #shattering  

I know it's stupid

and I know I shuld stop

but you are my cupid

while I feel like a prop.

It's been said you like me

but you never seem to show it

it felt like it's meant to be

and believe me I would quit

if I knew how, to be free

#stupid   #stop   #me   #never   #know   #feel   #english   #cupid   #aid   #prop  
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