Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
2 days ago

I promise
I won't ever break your heart again
Take advantage of your devotion
Razors up through my throat
the verses I sweetly lie through
secret smiles, my seething teeth vibrate
The weight of words in pixel and ink
May keep the cold truth freezing
The virulence hiding behind
what once were naive eyes
fed and sleeping in chains

One sweet word,
Is all I have left
If it's even that
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
4 days ago

Young but assume self mature,
Over the love put your desire,
Unlike me, you're weak here.

Listed in your service I had for life,
Onto another you moved your fife,
Selfish you were, so I bear this strife,
Exhausts my love & you won't be my wife.

All the best with your experiments in love,
Love you posed much as ideal dove,
Love flowed inside instead of blood.

Maybe you will succeed this time,
You say he is just like you & it's fine.

Lost in your memories my love is,
Only you have I ever loved I feel,
Victory will be mine one day soon,
Enter I will a world of true love.

Selfless love was what I dispensed,
And cheating was what I received,

Like that part-timer,
I appeared the same once upon a time,
I say that with you all may remain fine.

I always lose myself in love and get a cheat in the end.

My HP Poem #1467
©Atul Kaushal

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Zoe M Cripe
4 days ago

You'll always be my entire world,
Even if you'll never be my girl.
You'll always make my heart whole,
Even if you never know.
You'll never be all I need,
Because you and I just cannot be.
You'll never make me cry at night,
Because I realized you're not worth the fight.
You'll always be the one for me,
Even if you're deadly.
You'll always make the end known,
Even if the beginning is shown.

#always   #her   #him   #you   #together   #never   #us   #forever   #deadly   #mine  
The Silence
The Silence
5 days ago

It falls heavily, it falls softly, it falls...
Each carving of nature, formed by divine hands,
Made to its own unique shape,
A pebble, a stone, a monument.
Attacks free of arms, escapes free of guilt.
Leaving its mark on history without a trace.
A simple charm of luck, a complex sign of love.
Holding up the world, until the moment it must fall.
Expanding the limits to block out what once was.
A brave mountain, a gentle church,
Offering open sanctuary like a warm embrace;
Delivering gelid confinement like an icy prison.
It is abundant.
It is forever.
And always.

#always   #falling   #rock   #abundance  
Mar 6

Thank you
for understanding when I mess up
and slowly teaching me
the right way to love you.

Even when you weren't okay,
you've treated me with so much patience
I'd feel as if I cheated you
if I did anything less to repay.

I'm so sorry
that I fall short sometimes.

There will be moments where
I might do or say
that makes you doubt that I care.

I regret all of those times, honestly
and I always will as long as they happen.
"It's never my intention-"
How could it ever be?

If there's a better way to love you
than I already do,
bring it into my view.

I don't care how difficult it may be
because I know it's worth
all the effort it takes
to love you unconditionally.

Just to see your joyful eyes,
to hear your sincere laughter,
for me to know your mind is at peace-
those would be rewards in disguise.

Thank you
for understanding when I mess up
and slowly letting me learn
through and through-

You're showing me how to love you
with a love that only we will ever understand.


let's take great pain
not to build a castle in the Spain
we are what we feel
if we think it and  dream it, then it's real
in my heart you are and there will remain
I hold you in the expanse of my heart
We will be together and never apart
your kind heart is eternally mine

Mar 4

Regret all you want
You'll always remember and
I'll never forget

#regret   #haiku   #betrayal   #always   #shame   #forget   #remember   #coward   #traitor  

26 letters
Would you trust me?
Dance with me? Dance with me.
Lets dance to music only we can hear
We moved our feet to the tune of a harp so delicate
That it didn’t even feel like dancing
It felt like floating so high up
We could’ve French kissed the heavens
Leaving our bodies behind
Soaking in our surroundings
Soul on soul
And that’s when I fell so hard in love
I was drawn right back into my body.
At that moment I knew
I knew that the hanging gardens of Babylon were hidden in the plums of your cheeks
The lighthouse of Alexandria was dug deep into your iris
That who ever built the temple of Artemisia was inspired by the wonders of your mind.
I was never good at dancing,
You didn’t mind at first
But I stepped on your toes one too many times,
And with every apology I blurted,
I watched the light in your eyes grow brighter
That’s when I knew,
That’s when I knew that all that radiating light wasn’t the lighthouse of Alexandria
It was just reflections off all the exit signs
All the stop signs
Turn back signs
Dead end signs
You’ve always had one foot out the fucking door,
You were a runner and you were always ready
Ready to sprint so far across the country at the slightest scent of commitment
And so you ran and I followed
Until my legs felt like twigs that can no longer support me
Until my heart couldn’t beat any harder
I chased after your trail of dust until there was no trail left to follow
You’ve always had such a light step to you,
I used to love it when we’d dance
I used to love it before it had me chasing ghosts across a dessert so empty that it starts to look like the grains of sand were shards of my heart.

“I water my plants until they drown & this is the only way i know how to love”

#always   #her   #him   #you   #missing   #separated   #alwaysyou  

Just because to love,
someone completely,
is not an easy thing to do,
it is no good reason,
to stop doing it all.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Ugh!! ❤
#love   #poetry   #good   #always   #reason   #noteasy  
Feb 26

Okay, now we start fixing.

#love   #life   #always  
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