3 days ago

You spake words that had no meaning.
You gave kisses that had no feeling.
You gave love with no heart or soul.

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it’s hard to love
it’s hard to deconstruct the
nihilism and the
consumerism of it all -
so this is for you
the eternal believer with the kind soul

never supine in the face of
diving head first into
calamity by the name of

and maybe you’re right;
we’re built for it
machines oiled by romance and
perhaps there is only
one true meaning.

how many hands do I have to touch
to connect to the world?
how long till my heart

because, it’s the small things
and so:

love is the blanket
love is the month old birthday balloon still valiantly afloat
love is the dog greeting you at the door
love is his first breath, the gasp of new lungs,
is the grasp reflex of a tiny hand around your calloused finger.

and would you believe?
love is waking up thinking it’s dawn when it’s
2am and you can fall back asleep
love is a meal when you’re starving and
water when you’re parched
love is watching your friend do well because
they deserve it.

and love is lust realised
love is her perfume
love is the kingdom of infinite wonder and
love is like coming home.

love is love is love;
find your corner of the sky and
fill it with precious things.
rest easy.

new friends giving me new ideas about how to live. turns out happy poems don't leave a bitter aftertaste after all.
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Feb 8

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those foggy old eyes
When you're smiling at the girls
Do you even realise?
When you walk down the street
And those people you meet
It's not you that they see
But the shell of what you used to be.

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those tired old eyes
When you forget what you were about to say
And you don't remember half of yesterday
When your bones creak
Because your back's weak
It's not you that's there
But the ghost of what you once were

Old man what are you seeing?
Through those wise old eyes
The soul that sailed the ocean
The force life set in motion
The hero when it told
The heat when it was cold
Remember it was you life found
It's for you alone the wheels go round.

© Copyright SE February 2017

Playing with the idea that we are all the centre of our own universe.
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Things are strange.
Call life vain, wild and confusing.
We are born with choice, grow up to decide and sway with the impact of emotion.
You develop an idea, share it, make it real, then become so consumed with it that it replaces what we hold close to our heart.
I overthink things at night, I fight with thoughts and cry, waking up to a body battered and bruised by my mind.
They are looking at me, they see me all the time but I hope they know what I'm not trying to hide.
Think about your raw state, think of the choices you make,
do they all really mean anything?
Are they impacting and important, are they for your benefit and only yours, are they dependent on a Higher Source or are they as unknown as a conversation about the crease in my eyelid?

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T      A
Feb 7

i guess

meaning no more

is somewhat better than;

meaning nothing, anymore.


Is a bunch of wild guesses
Strung together with long bouts of monotony
A spiral labyrinth winding endlessly
Round and round and up and down
Dizzy and lost
Desperate for direction
Hopeful for destination
Seeking validation

All while

#love   #life   #living   #death   #hope   #lost   #purpose   #live   #meaning   #destiny  

is an overflowing
abundance of inadequate language.

As few will fathom
the misleading of those in lead,
and those who think they see
may be mislead;
even more than those who don't.

Our ends
are never the beginning
madmen are not our conquerors
but instead the folly of commoners.

It was our lack of a auspicious aptitude
that begets us to lament
even the foggiest of concepts
beyond our notion to conceive even simplicity.

It was only eager creatures
that  yearned for the world to be theirs
so instead of uniting the kingdom;
we were segregated into classes
and left without language to communicate.

Bad things happen, because we've allowed them too.

Who needs contentment.
Let's burn this fucking house down
so our skin swelts from the heat
and our egos can cry for our lost possessions.
Who am I without my Things?
Who is Sisyphus without his boulder?
A man now content with only himself?
Goddamn Absurdists.

I was lost in the darkness,
Overwhelmed by sadness,
Life lost its meaning,
And became depressing;

I was a terrible fool,
To think the thoughts are cool,
That says only you,
Can make me whole and new,

But i found a way,
Grew stronger everyday,
The darkness is over,
I've found another lover.

I am losing years to complacency.
Adrift in a city I don't understand.
Without those I love,
With none holding my hand.

When I wake each day,
The sun is still bright.
When I lie down to bed,
I can still sleep at night.

I do not dream anymore.
Good nor bad.
I do not experience as strongly,
Feelings of happy or sad.

So though the sun rises,
And the night falls,
I am lost in my own chaos,
Trapped behind these walls.

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